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  1. 描述: A Powerful C and C++ Image Processing SDK. ImageGear for C and C++ allows you to quickly integrate document handling functions including image conversion, metadata handling, creation, editing, annotations, and viewing to your applications. These functions ... 閱讀詳情

  2. 2. PICTools Photo 存檔

    品牌: Accusoft

    描述: Photo Editing SDK. PICTools Photo Editor SDK allows you to easily add image compression and editing to applications. Use PicTools to enhance photo management software, online photo services, kiosk applications, and more. It offers powerful compression and ... 閱讀詳情

  3. 3. PICTools Medical 存檔

    品牌: Accusoft

    描述: Medical Image Compression SDK. PICTools Medical SDK provides access to commercially-supported software development libraries to gain industry-leading medical image compression capabilities. PICTools lossless JPEG addresses the medical industry’s need for ... 閱讀詳情

  4. 4. PICTools Document 存檔

    品牌: Accusoft

    描述: Scanned Image Processing SDK. PICTools Document SDK adds powerful image compression and cleanup capabilities to your records management, forms processing, and document imaging applications. Use PICTools Document to clean up a scanned document before using ... 閱讀詳情