Visual C++ 2013 / AIT Software / Flexera - 最暢銷的

  1. 客戶評比: InstallShield still seems to reign as the top tool for constructing Microsoft Windows application installers. It does still remain a bit tedious to use though. If it were a bit easier to use I would give it 5 stars. Norm 4 USA ... 閱讀詳情

  2. 2. PCPANEL 存檔

    描述: A WPF component library for visualization, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and automation applications. PCPANEL is a rich set of visual WPF controls that can be used to create Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications that help your customers visualize ... 閱讀詳情

  3. 3. Versatile Serializing 存檔

    品牌: AIT Software
    主要類別: 資料層元件

    描述: Finely tune raw data formats. Versatile Serializing is a .NET class library that can serialize and deserialize objects. You can use it to comply with data communication protocols, data exchange specifications and prescribed file formats all without any ... 閱讀詳情