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    授權: Server License - A Server License is required if the product will be used on a Server. A Server is defined as any machine where more than one person can simultaneously access the computer, either through direct or remote access. This definition includes, ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Connect to Amazon Marketplace data from anywhere. Amazon Marketplace Drivers help you connect to live Amazon Marketplace data from reporting tools, databases, and custom applications through standards-based drivers. Amazon Marketplace ODBC Driver Query ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Connect to MariaDB data from anywhere. MariaDB Drivers are easy-to-use wire-protocol Drivers for accessing MariaDB databases. You can easily access live MariaDB data from BI, Analytics, Reporting, ETL, and Custom Apps. MariaDB ODBC Driver The MariaDB ODBC ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Connect to SFTP data from anywhere. SFTP Drivers gives you SFTP Client account access through easy-to-use, bi-directional drivers. You can integrate with BI, Reporting, Analytics, ETL Tools, and Custom Solutions. SFTP ODBC Driver The SFTP ODBC Driver is a ... 閱讀詳情