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  • LEADTOOLS OCR Module by LEAD Technologies

    平均評分: 基於 3 評分


    One of the major features in our application is the ability to scan and recognize different types of images with different formats. We tried some OCR engines, but most of them are hard to implement with many limitations. We tried leadtools OCR features and it helped us to accomplish our goals. This is a great product with many features. I strongly recommend it for any programmer.

  • LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK by LEAD Technologies

    平均評分: 基於 3 評分


    We bought the toolkit to support scanning features in our application. We faced some problems at the beginning because we were new to the toolkit. We had to learn a couple of things about what functions to call and how to put that in our main project, but after a couple of hours, we were able to do it with the help of documentation.

  • ChartDirector by Advanced Software Engineering

    平均評分: 基於 3 評分


    Great product. Does everything you need, easily.

  • Codejock Toolkit Pro by Codejock Software

    平均評分: 基於 1 評分


    The Xtreme Toolkit has saved us many development hours when creating software projects. The variety of included object classes are robust and easy to implement. The products offered by Codejock Software are well worth their price in all they provide and the development time they save.

  • LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK by LEAD Technologies

    平均評分: 基於 1 評分


    I used their Multimedia toolkit in my development of our own conference application. Since I was new to multimedia arena, I found a hard time at first in understanding some of the requirements I'm required to implement. However, the guys in LEADTOOLS have helped me improve understanding of Multimedia, how it works in general and how their functions fit-in with my understanding. Now the conference ...


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  • LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK by LEAD Technologies

    快照LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK

    Build powerful document imaging and recognition into your applications. The LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK's and features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications as part of an enterprise level document automation solutions that require capture, classification, forms processing, archival, annotation and view functionality. This powerful set of tools utilizes LEAD's image processing technology to intelligently identify document features that can be used to recognize any type of scanned or faxed form image.

  • BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional) by BCGSoft

    快照BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional)

    用類似與微軟Office 2007/XP/2003/2007、微軟Visual Studio、微軟IE以及其他著名軟體產品類似的介面創建應用程式。 BCGControlBar Library 專業版(BCGControlBar Pro MFC) 是一個MFC 擴展庫,擁有200多個靜心設計、測試和帶有全套文檔的MFC擴展類例如 工具條、功能選單、控件及定制化和可視化功能,可加入您的應用程式,增加類似Office和微軟Visual Studio的用戶介面。 BCGControlBar Library 專業版 (BCGControlBar Pro MFC) 支持Office 2007 (Office 12)的ribbon控件、皮膚介面、 Vista Aero, Gantt等介面。 BCGControlBar Library 專業版的License包括源代碼和一年免費的使用,提供電子郵件技術支持、補丁和升級。

  • /n software Red Carpet Subscription by /n software

    快照/n software Red Carpet Subscription

    通信、安全和電子商務構件。 /n 軟體 IP*Works! Red Carpet (tm) Subscriptions 可在一個軟體包內為您提供所有功能: 所有主要與聯網協議的通信構件、SSL和SSH安全、S/MIME加密、數字認證、信用卡處理、ZIP壓縮、即時資訊,甚至是電子商務(EDI)交易。 .NET, Java, COM, C++, Delphi, 所有功能均包括,還可根據開發License,每季度提供一張免費更新光碟,並且在訂閱期內提供免費升級服務。

  • LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK by LEAD Technologies


    Develop audio and visual applications across a wide variety of industries. LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK is designed for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries including defense, broadcast and security. This collection of powerful multimedia products from LEAD Technologies provides everything a developer needs to create enterprise level multimedia applications, bundling features from the Multimedia SDK, DVD Module, Video Streaming Module, MPEG-2 Transport Module, Imaging Pro SDK and Cloud SDK.

  • Codejock Toolkit Pro by Codejock Software

    便於開發專業級的圖形介面應用程式。 Xtreme Toolkit Pro 可為Windows程式員提供一套先進的構件,從而使您的應用程式具有專業的、現代感的外觀。 Xtreme Toolkit Pro 結合了8個構件,Xtreme CommandBars, Xtreme Docking Pane, Xtreme Property Grid, Xtreme Report Control, Xtreme Calendar, Xtreme ShortcutBar, Xtreme Skinframework, 和 Xtreme Task Panel。 有了Xtreme Toolkit Pro,您可以創建企業級的,結合全套高度定制化用戶介面構件,包括微軟風格的工具條和功能選單的應用程式。 包含幾種流行的外觀風格,例如微軟OfficeXP、Office2003、OFFICE 2007和Visual Studio.NET。

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作為官方發行商,ComponentSource 提供 250 多家專業從事應用軟體開發和運營的軟體出版商的一站式便利購物。





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  • /n software Red Carpet Subscription by /n software

    快照/n software Red Carpet Subscription

    通信、安全和電子商務構件。 /n 軟體 IP*Works! Red Carpet (tm) Subscriptions 可在一個軟體包內為您提供所有功能: 所有主要與聯網協議的通信構件、SSL和SSH安全、S/MIME加密、數字認證、信用卡處理、ZIP壓縮、即時資訊,甚至是電子商務(EDI)交易。 .NET, Java, COM, C++, Delphi, 所有功能均包括,還可根據開發License,每季度提供一張免費更新光碟,並且在訂閱期內提供免費升級服務。

  • SharePoint Integrator C++ Edition by /n software

    快照SharePoint Integrator C++ Edition

    Add Microsoft SharePoint integration to any desktop, Web or mobile application. SharePoint Integrator contains easy-to-use components for connecting with popular SharePoint Server constructs like Sites, Lists, and Documents. The SharePoint Integrator components enable access to SharePoint objects, allowing applications to easily query and modify lists, access hosted documents, and even make dynamic modifications to SharePoint configuration programmatically.

  • Azure Integrator C++ Edition by /n software

    快照Azure Integrator C++ Edition

    Straightforward and easy-to-use components for integration with Windows Azure Services. Azure Integrator includes implementations of standard Windows Azure structures such as Table, Queue, and Blob, which enable developers to quickly and easily add cloud based data storage, queue management, table configuration, and more to any Desktop, Web or Mobile application.

  • Amazon Integrator C++ Edition by /n software


    Leverage always-on access to Amazon's online storage, messaging, and e-commerce services. Amazon Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), SimpleDB, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and E-Commerce Service (AWS). Amazon Integrator’s components can be used to add, modify and delete objects stored on S3 or SimpleDB, add or remove messages from SQS, integrate with ASW e-commerce services, or control EC2 instances.

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