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  • InstallAnywhere 2014 Premier by Flexera Software

    快照InstallAnywhere 2014 Premier

    将您的应用程序在任何平台上部署。 InstallAnywhere 企业版可用于将任何种类的软件 -- 桌面系统, 企业, 或多模式Web服务- 安装在任何平台上,并对这些应用程序进行配置,以获得最佳的性能。 无论您创建用Java、C++、PERL或C#编写的应用程序还是部署EJB或.NET的Web 服务,所有的安装详细要求都是自动处理的。 InstallAnywhere 企业版可简化复杂的安装并可为程序员提供最大的定制化,同时还有大量的用户交互、客户端/服务器功能和29种语言的本地化。

  • Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server by Visual Software

    快照Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server

    将LaserJet PCL 打印文件转换为PDF(便携式文档格式)。 Pcl2pdf 可快速将HP PCL打印文件转换为紧凑符合行业标准的PDF。 可用Adobe Acrobat产品系列对文档进行查看和打印,并通过互联网或电子邮件进行分配。 Pcl2pdf 可以生成可进行全文本搜索,且可以随时进行索引化的PDF文档。 可应用数据加密、密码和访问控制。 Pcl2pdf 适用于PC和UNIX,带命令行转换器。

  • AH XSL Formatter V5.x Standard by Antenna House

    快照AH XSL Formatter V5.x Standard

    Format XML/XSL-FO documents/data/forms at high speed. AH XSL Formatter V5.0 offers GUI, support for over 50 languages, PDF generation, W3C compliance, extensions, significantly enhanced performance, vector support for EMF and WMF, new output capabilities through the new INX Creator Option and CGM Option, MathML native drawing, XSL Report Designer integration, support for SVG output with the SVG Output Option, the Standard edition can format a document of virtually any size whether it is a publication, tens of thousands of invoices, reports or personalized one to one documents.

  • SlickEdit for Windows and Linux by SlickEdit


    Write more code faster and more accurately in over 50 programming languages on 9 different platforms. Whether used as a stand alone development environment or as a complementary editor, SlickEdit provides programmers a tool to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit's useful features include Code Navigation, Preview Tool Window, References Tool Window, Syntax Expansion, Surround With, Auto-Completions and many more.

  • ScriptCase by NetMake


    PHP Web development tool. ScriptCase is a PHP generator that can build complete systems and create customized reports.  It can be used to build registration forms, customizable charts, user authentication, dynamic menus, calendars and dashboards. ScriptCase works with any Web browser and allows several developers to work simultaneously on the same project. Connect to your favorite database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server. Generate applications that run independently from ScriptCase and publish them on any PHP-enabled web server.

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