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Oxygen XML Web Author brings XML editing and reviewing to any modern Web browser. You can collaborate with other members of your team to contribute, modify, and compare content from anywhere on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The adaptive and innovative user interface is designed to allow you to interact with XML content in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Oxygen XML Web Author Features

  • Built-in Support for all Major Documentation Frameworks - Oxygen XML Web Author comes with built-in support for DITA, DocBook, TEI, and XHTML document types. This support includes updates to the latest version of DITA (1.3) and allows you to use the latest specializations such as Lightweight DITA or DITA Learning and Training. Oxygen XML Web Author provides features such as visual editing, document structure validation, and content completion. You can also tweak the editing experience using standard technologies, such as CSS and XML Schema languages.
  • Version Control Systems - Edit files directly from your Git repositories or Perforce depots. Oxygen XML Web Author supports any Git repository manager, including GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. The interface is very simple so your users won't need to understand advanced version control concepts.
  • SharePoint - Use Oxygen XML Web Author to edit and manage documents stored in a SharePoint library. After configuring your integration, you will have access to some SharePoint-specific toolbar actions that allow you to easily use a check-in/check-out collaboration workflow.
  • Alfresco - Connect Oxygen XML Web Author to your Alfresco content management service. The Alfresco support includes useful features such as automatically saving documents whenever a change is made and the ability to explore past versions of a file.
  • CMS Integration - Oxygen XML Web Author is integrated by many of the industry leading content management service providers. Our CMS partners providing integrations for Oxygen XML Web author include Astoria, Componize, DitaExchange, DITAworks, KGU, RSI and Vasont. A connector for IBM FileNet is also available.
  • Powerful API - Every feature is designed with customization in mind. By using the Oxygen SDK, you can add support for other XML vocabularies, connect the Oxygen XML Web Author to a CMS, or integrate it into your own application.
  • Custom Document Types - The Oxygen XML Web Author can be configured to work with any XML document type. The XML frameworks that are developed for Oxygen XML Editor can be deployed in the Web Author with a high degree of compatibility and you can customize the entire editing experience.
  • Guided Authoring - The interface supports simple and intuitive data entry in XML format using form controls (such as text-fields, check-boxes, and buttons). The Content Completion Assistant simplifies the process of adding and editing XML structure while preserving document validity.
  • Automatic Validation - Automatic validation helps to keep the document structure valid and to report spelling errors. Quick Fixes also help you to solve validation issues. It uses the same technology as Oxygen XML Editor and numerous validation engines are provided (such as DTD, XML Schema, RNG, Schematron).
  • Document Templates - Oxygen XML Web Author includes a large variety of predefined templates to make it very simple to create new documents for any of the built-in frameworks. You can also create and customize your own templates in the desktop version of Oxygen XML Editor to use them in Web Author.
  • Easy Collaboration - Collaborate with others just by sharing a link to the document. You can also use the change tracking feature to record changes so that others can review them or use the file comparison tool to see differences between two versions of a file.
  • Add Comments - Reviewers can add and manage comments directly in the document using a familiar GUI, with no XML knowledge required. Authors can use any Oxygen XML product to read and reply to the comments and adapt the
  • Single-Source Review - The Web Author offers true single-source reviewing, directly on the topic source. The nightmare of generating lengthy outputs, sending them to various reviewers, and then merging their suggestions is over.
  • Easy to Deploy - Oxygen XML Web Author can be installed in very little time using an intuitive wizard. System admins can perform maintenance tasks with an easy-to-use administration interface.
  • Easy to Maintain - Oxygen XML Web Author does not use a database, so it is easy to update or deploy in a cloud service provider. You can use the same frameworks as Oxygen desktop applications to make sure all your users have the same editing experience.
  • Runs in any Modern Browser - You can use Oxygen XML Web Author on your mobile devices or desktop browser and no setup is required. Just click on a link and you can immediately start reviewing or editing.