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XML 编辑器帮助您整个团队参与内容创作。

Oxygen XML Web Author is a browser-based XML editor that combines the power of Oxygen XML Author and the versatility of HTML5. It includes out-of-the-box support for DITA, DocBook, TEI, and XHTML. Features include visual editing, document structure validation and content completion. You can also tweak the editing experience using standard technologies, such as CSS and XML Schema languages.

Oxygen XML Web Author Features

  • GitHub Support - Edit files directly from your public or private GitHub repository. You can use a branching workflow to take advantage of the Web Author's automatic merging support for conflicts resolution.
  • Support for WebDAV Servers - Choose from a wide variety of servers that support the WebDAV protocol, such as Box.com, Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Subversion, and Alfresco.
  • Powerful API - Every feature is designed with customization in mind. By using the Oxygen SDK, you can add support for other XML vocabularies, connect the Oxygen XML Web Author to a CMS, or integrate it into your own application.
  • Easy to Deploy - Oxygen XML Web Author can be installed in very little time using an intuitive wizard. System admins can perform maintenance tasks with an easy-to-use administration interface.
  • Easy Collaboration - You can collaborate with others just by sharing the link to the document. You can activate change tracking to record all the changes made to the document.
  • HTML5 Interface Runs in any Modern Browser - You can use it on your mobile devices or desktop browser and no setup is required. Just click on a link and you can immediately start reviewing or editing.
  • Automatic Validation - Automatic notification is provided if your changes make the document structure invalid. Since it uses the same back-end technology as Oxygen XML Editor, a large number of validation engines (DTD, XML Schema, RNG, Schematron, etc.) are provided.
  • Add Comments - Reviewers can add comments directly in the document source using a familiar GUI, with no XML knowledge required. Technical writers can use any Oxygen XML product to read the comments and adapt the content accordingly.
  • Custom Document Types - The Oxygen XML Web Author can be configured to work with any XML document type. The XML frameworks that are developed for Oxygen XML Author can be deployed in the Web Author with a high degree of compatibility.
  • Guided Authoring - The interface supports simple and intuitive data entry in XML format using form controls (such as text-fields, check-boxes, and buttons). The Content Completion Assistant simplifies editing XML structure while preserving document validity.
  • Single-Source Review - The Web Author offers true single-source reviewing, directly on the topic source. The nightmare of generating lengthy outputs, sending them to various reviewers, and then merging their suggestions is over.
  • Browser Compatibility - All modern browsers are supported (Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 16+, Chrome on Android 4.3+, Safari iOS 6+)