Oxygen XML Web Author 新版本发表

Released: Oct 18, 2021

V24.0 中的更新


Merge Tool

  • New Merge Tool for Resolving Conflicts - A new visual Merge Tool has been integrated into the commit workflow for organizations that have the Web Author integrated with a Git repository. It can be used to resolve conflicts when multiple users commit changes simultaneously. Features include:
    • Shows incoming changes, outgoing changes, and conflicts as a visual representation of the differences between two commits.
    • Users can resolve conflicts by editing the local version of the...

Released: Jul 12, 2021

V23.1.1 Build ID: 2021070608 中的更新


Concurrent Editing

  • Concurrent Editing has now passed the BETA phase and is now a fully implemented and permanent part of the visual editor in Oxygen XML Web Author.


  • Customize the Authoring Experience During Concurrent Editing Sessions - A new sync.api.ConcurrentEditingManagerEventType.ROOM_CREATED event is now triggered when a Concurrent Editing Session is created. Integrators can use it to customize the UI or the state of certain functionality when concurrent editing is triggered...

Released: Apr 22, 2021

V23.1.0.1 Build ID: 2021041612 中的更新


Web Author PDF Plugin

  • Fixed an issue where the editor was blocked after the Print PDF action was invoked via its corresponding shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue where the Export as PDF and Print actions led to corrupted PDF files.

Web Author

  • Fixed an issue where the logging configuration was ignored on WebSphere Liberty.


  • Fixed an issue where the WebappEditingSessionLifecycleListener extension was not invoked when another extension threw a runtime exception.

Monitoring Plugin

  • Fixed a WebSphere...

Released: Mar 4, 2021

V23.1 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Outline Pane Supports Maps Opened with Editable Referenced Content - When opening a DITA map with all of the referenced topic content expanded and editable, the referenced topic content is now also displayed in the Outline Pane. This is helpful for visualizing the XML structure and offers a quick way to navigate through content of the entire map.

Concurrent Editing

  • Concurrent Editing Support Optimized - The Concurrent Editing feature that provides the ability for multiple...

Released: Dec 22, 2020

V23.0 Build ID: 2020122201 中的更新


  • Toolbars: When in Review view mode, with a hidden app bar, the built-in toolbar is now displayed next to the Review toolbar.
  • Component update: Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.7.0.


  • Test Server Add-On: Fixed issues regarding the compatibility of the add-on with older versions of Oxygen XML Editor.
  • Shared Editing Session: Fixed an issue where deletions failed on large documents while in a shared editing session.
  • Shared Editing Session: Fixed an issue where the name of the...

Released: Nov 19, 2020

V23.0 中的更新


General Editing

  • Concurrent Editing Support - Authoring teams now have the ability to edit and review content concurrently. You can share your editing session by sending its URL to other collaborators and then you and your colleagues can edit and review the same document simultaneously. Each user can see the changes made by other users, and vice versa, in real-time. The concurrent editing session continues as long as you keep the document open and the person who originally shared the session...

Released: Sep 4, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020090400 中的更新


  • Added a new option force.cookies.samesite.none that allows users to host a Web Author server inside an iframe even when it is on a domain different from the parent page. This option was added as a result of the new default cookie policy in browsers that sets the SameSite attribute of cookies to Lax.


  • Author/DITA map: Fixed an issue where changing the display mode for a DITA map stopped working after a new topic reference was inserted.
  • Author/DITA map: Fixed an issue where changing the...

Released: Jul 30, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020072412 中的更新


  • Component update: Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.5.3
  • Web Author/Git: Added support for the "." special branch name in Git submodules.


  • Author/Rendering: Fixed an issue that appeared when content was copied from the editor and a StylesFilter set through the API returned null styles for pseudo-elements.
  • Author/Rendering: Fixed a rendering issue that happened when text was inserted inside a review comment.
  • Author/Rendering: Fixed an issue where the mutated nodes reported in...

Released: May 19, 2020

V22.1 中的更新


Outline Pane

  • General - Web Author now includes an Outline pane that offers a quick way to navigate through the document, gives you insight about the location of your modifications, shows the hierarchical dependencies between elements, and makes it easy to visualize the XML structure.
  • Display Modes - The Outline pane includes two display modes that can be selected using a drop-down menu at the top-right of the pane. Contents mode displays the information in the pane like a table of contents...

Released: Apr 2, 2020

V22 Build ID: 2020040221 中的更新


  • Security: Updated Apache Tomcat to 9.0.31.
  • Git plugin: An admin can now provide a list of default Git repositories that will be presented to the users who connect to Git using the generic Git connector.
  • Git support: Web Author can now follow relative links pointing to different Git repositories.


  • Author/Rendering: Fixed an issue where sentinels configured using "-oxy-display-tags: none" (in a CSS) were rendered after a document was edited.
  • Author/API: Fixed an issue where the API used to...