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Founded in 1988, combit GmbH develops and markets developer components as well as standard software for small and large corporations. combit has achieved brand name recognition and international success with its leading developer component, report generator List and Label. List & Label has been integrated in numerous custom software solutions and standard software applications around the world and is based on 19 years of expertise in the reporting sector.

We love List & Label! It's a fantastic tool to create sensational reports.
Alexander Kollin, KingBill, Austria


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Untere Laube 30
78462 Konstanz



List & Label adds Shapefile Charts
Present information on maps and create color-coded diagrams per country.
List & Label improves Performance
New version prints up to 50% quicker.
List & Label improves designer features
Version 17 adds Gantt charts, automatic table of contents, PDF objects, data graphics and several new chart types.
combit joins ComponentSource
List & Label makes it easy to enhance your applications with a wide range of reporting functionality.