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SourceGear SourceOffSite patched

SourceGear SourceOffSite is an Internet access tool for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. With SourceGear SourceOffSite, distributed development teams can have secure access to a SourceSafe database using any TCP/IP connection. SourceGear SourceOffSite integrates into the Visual Studio environment, uses encryption to protect data transfer and does not require the use of RAS. With data compression and cryptography, SourceGear SourceOffSite provides fast and secure access to your SourceSafe database. SourceOffSite consists of a Server and a Client. They can communicate over any standard TCP/IP connection, including a PPP connection over a modem, an ISDN line, or an Ethernet connection on the same LAN as the Server.

Updates in 5.0.1

SourceOffSite Client

Adding files with SourceOffSite's WordController demo.

Adding files with SourceOffSite's WordController demo.

  • Get latest on a folder now correctly retrieves missing files in the immediate folder
  • Project History maintains History options for "Include Files", "Include Labels", and "Labels Only" between client sessions
  • View/Edit tool has been corrected to save the settings in the User options
  • The IDE can be configured to not emit a disconnect message which may crash IDEs such as VB 6.
  • The Auto connect option used from within the IDE client now connects upon opening a project

SourceOffSite Server

  • The server corrected a problem where project history incorporating a FROM or TO label to sets the boundaries for the History results

About SourceGear Corporation

SourceGear Corporation is a leading provider of Internet Collaboration tools for Visual Studio users. The company, founded in 1997, offers the most popular remote access solution for users of Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe, SourceOffSite Classic. SourceOffSite Classic is widely used at companies with remote development teams and tele-commuters that need fast and secure access to a centralized SourceSafe database over the Internet. SourceOffSite Collab is designed for remote teams who use SourceSafe and need more than just remote access to the VSS database. This solution provides a rich collaboration environment which combines source code control and bug tracking with team communication tools such as chat, discussions, groups and instant notifications.

Published in Development Tool News & Software Component News, December 08, 2009

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