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Reports Designer.Web adds data adapters

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web 2010.3 adds new data providers for dotConnect Universal and Microsoft Access.

Designing a report in a Web browser with Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web

Designing a report in a Web browser with Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web allows you to edit reports completely via the Web. There is no need to install the .NET Framework, ActiveX components or any other special plug-ins on your client’s machine. All you need is a Web Browser. To add Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web to your ASP.NET application all you need to do is place one non-visual ASP.NET component on your form. Then it only takes one line of code to run the designer in a browser. The following features are available: visual component builder, undo-redo functions, functions for working with clipboard, tabular editing, zooming, and many more.

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web requires Stimulsoft Reports.Net or Stimulsoft Reports.WPF.

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web is also available as part of Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate.

Updates in 2010.3

  • New data adapters - The new version provides two new data adapters. The first adapter is designed for the dotConnect Universal provider. The second adapter is designed for accessing MS Access databases. The adapter is built into the report engine and can be used without additional configuration.
  • HTML Tags in Designer.Web - Designer.Web can now show HTML tags. These tags are for setting text color, font face, and font style.

About Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft specializes in the development of components for the Microsoft.NET Framework. Customer satisfaction is the company's first priority and as such it aims to produce top quality software. Application development is not always easy, but Stimulsoft does its best to help developers to incorporate the most advanced technologies available on the market today into their applications.

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