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Nevron Chart for .NET adds 2D plot aspect.

Version 2011.1 also improves legend layout to support horizontal and vertical wrapping.

Charts created using Nevron Chart for .NET.

Charts created using Nevron Chart for .NET.

Nevron Chart for .NET is a leading charting solution for ASP.NET and Windows application development. Nevron Chart for .NET has been designed from the ground up to meet your charting requirements and wrap them in a well thought and consistent programming model. Whether you need to build business, scientific, financial or presentation charting enabled applications or even full featured, integrated BI solutions, Nevron Chart will deliver data visualization to your WinForm or WebForm applications. Included is support for many advanced features including: customizable legends, unlimited axes, improved zooming and scrolling capabilities, data grouping, data filtering, full set of chart and gauge types, advanced formula support, financial and statistical functions, moving averages, trends, price/range/volume indicators and many more. Nevron Chart for .NET is available in the following editions:

Updates in 2011.1

  • Non-Overlapping Data Labels Layout - Data point labels of Cartesian, Polar and Radar charts can now be automatically rearranged in order to avoid overlaps and ensure maximum visibility for the chart elements.
  • XML Formatted Texts - The XML formatted text specification has been extended to support text background fill and stroke tags, as well as embedded images. All chart labels can now have embedded images which greatly enhances the options you have to display texts.
  • Axis Const Line and Stripe Labels - Axis reference lines and stripes can be annotated - this feature allows you to insert descriptions at important thresholds and ranges of data.
  • Label Fit Modes - The chart NLabel panel has been extended to support different fit modes. This allows you build better layouts for your charts and choose different layout strategies for labels that contain more text.
  • Chart 2D Plot Aspect - The Cartesian chart panel in 2D mode has been extended to support exact aspect ratio for the plot area. This feature is useful when you have to create chart with exact plot aspect that must be contained inside the panel content bounds, regardless of the axis annotations.
  • Chart 3D Axis Content Fit - The Cartesian chart panel in 3D mode now supports axis fitting inside the panel content area. This ensures that the chart content and axes cannot break outside the chart panel content bounds.
  • Legend Wrapping - The legend layout supports horizontal and vertical legend wrapping. This feature is useful when you have legends containing many legend items that must be constrained inside the content area designated to them by the control layout.
  • Gauge Background Adorner - The Linear and Radial Gauge panels now support background adorners that allow you to achieve more visually appealing gauges.
  • Flash Export Improvements - Flash export now regards the URL interactivity attribute if applied on chart elements.

About Nevron

Nevron, founded in 1998, has become a global leader in component based data visualization technology for a diverse range of Microsoft centric platforms. Built with perfection, usability and enterprise level features in mind, their components deliver advanced charting, digital dashboards and diagrams that are not to be matched. Today Nevron components are used by many Fortune 500 companies and thousands of developers and IT professionals worldwide.

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