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FlexGantt 2.0 released

Adds selectable links (relationships), menu support for links and new animated tree node expand / collapse operations.

Navigation sample included with FlexGantt.

Navigation sample included with FlexGantt.

FlexGantt is an advanced Gantt chart user interface component for Swing, which allows its users to interact with project plans and scheduling results. Applications using FlexGantt can customize the Gantt component in almost any way. Not only the rendering and editing of timeline related data can be modified but also the behavior of the entire component. This is accomplished by pluggable policy implementations, where each policy controls the behavior of a certain aspect of the Gantt chart. FlexGantt uses a very high abstraction level, which allows it to be applied in various and often very different domains such as project planning (resources, people, tasks), ERP systems, production planning and scheduling applications, manufacturing execution systems or project portfolio management applications.

Updates in V2.0

  • Selectable links (relationships)
  • Menu support for links
  • Different relationship types (start - end, end - start, start - start, end - end)
  • Improved graphics performance
  • Animated tree node expand / collapse operations
  • All bug fixes from the 1.1.x releases
  • Macintosh (glossy) style Gantt charts
  • Easier editing of timeline objects (percentage complete, linking)

About DLSC

DLSC provides Java consulting and implementation services. They also develop software products with a focus on frameworks and tools for user interface design and implementation. Their product catalog currently includes a Java class library for creating professional Gantt charts and a free plugin for the Eclipse development environment, which enables Eclipse to render scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Published in Development Tool News & Software Component News, September 08, 2011

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