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NetDiagram V4.1 introduces HTML5 "Canvas" mode

Select and edit objects on the diagram by clicking them.

Select and edit objects on the diagram by clicking them.

NetDiagram is an ASP.NET control that allows interactive creation of attractive diagrams and charts for workflow, networks, IVR systems, industrial automation processes, algorithms and flowcharts. It is a flexible component that offers a variety of diagram shapes, layout styles, properties, methods and events. It is implemented as a .NET Web control and can be easily integrated into any project targeting the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

Updates in V4.1

  • Added HTML5 Canvas client sideg mode
  • Added interactive node alignment via alignment guides
  • Added FractalLayout tree layout algorithm
  • OrthogonalLayout improved to create less link bends
  • Now specify start and end nodes for LayeredLayouts

About MindFusion Group

MindFusion Group was founded 2001 in Bulgaria. The company started operations by providing outsourcing services to clients from all over the world. Project work was carefully managed to ensure the company's stable growth and positive financial results. During 2003 MindFusion devoted resources to developing it's first programming tool - an ActiveX diagramming control. The product soon started to attract numerous clients and MindFusion quickly evolved from a outsourcing firm to an organization dedicated to the development of reusable programming components.

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