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Essential Studio BI adds Paging Support

View large amounts of data by breaking the data into pages.

Sample Business Intelligence applications.

Sample Business Intelligence applications.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes BI Grid, BI Client, BI Chart, BI Gauge and BI PivotGrid controls to help manage OLAP data. You can also build reports interactively with the included Report Designer.

Updates in 2012

Essential BI Grid

  • Hide Summary Elements - Hide summary elements of an OLAP grid at different levels based on the level name or level number
  • Frozen Headers - Freeze the header of a grid so that headers are always visible when scrolling through a grid

Essential BI PivotGrid

  • Show or Hide Subtotals - Enables users to have an abstract view of data
  • Persist Expand/Collapse State - Maintain the expanded/collapsed state in a PivotGrid control when the pivot schema has changed
  • Disable Grouping by Specific Fields - Restrict users from dragging and dropping certain fields in the grouping area
  • Run-Time Custom Summary Type Setting - Set custom and built-in summaries at run time using the Pivot Computation Information dialog
  • Hide Field Support - Hide unnecessary fields from the pivot schema designer by using the ShowDisplayFields property

Essential BI Client

  • Paging Support - View large amounts of data by breaking the data into pages

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Published in Development Tool News & Software Component News, February 06, 2012

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