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AdminStudio Professional

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Prepare reliable applications and patches for enterprise use. With AdminStudio you can customize installations without having to edit Windows Installer database tables, or even write a single line of script. Developed specifically for System Administrators, Desktop Engineers and Corporate IT Project Teams, AdminStudio provides a wizard driven interface to navigate the repackaging process. Repackaging can be done with the standard default options or tailored to meet specific needs via detailed exclusion lists, the option to capture application or system-level changes, output preview, registry settings, and more. Buy AdminStudio with Annual Maintenance to obtain updates and AdminStudio upgrades for one year.

$ 9,750.00

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AdminStudio Professional 2014 with Silver Maintenance

Add to Cart $ 9,750.00 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Silver Annual Maintenance Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: BAJUD
Add to Cart $ 6,964.01 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Silver Annual Maintenance Upgrade from AdminStudio Standard 2014 Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: BAJUDU1

AdminStudio Professional 2014 with Gold Maintenance

Add to Cart $ 9,949.00 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Gold Annual Maintenance Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: BAJ3D
Add to Cart $ 7,163.01 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Gold Annual Maintenance Upgrade from AdminStudio Standard 2014 Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: BAJ3DU1

AdminStudio Professional Maintenance Renewals

Add to Cart $ 1,292.51 1 Bronze Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
Mfr. Part No: KBAPDK1
Add to Cart $ 1,790.01 1 Silver Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
Mfr. Part No: KSAPDK1
Add to Cart $ 1,989.01 1 Gold Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
Mfr. Part No: KGAPDK1

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What’s new in AdminStudio 2014?

  • Support for Public Store Mobile Apps.
  • Support for Google Android Mobile Apps.
  • Integrated with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager’s Mobile App Support.
  • Support for Apple iOS enterprise policy configuration files.
  • New OS compatibility testing of Google Android and Apple iOS Mobile Apps.
  • New risk assessment testing of Google Android and Apple iOS Mobile Apps.
  • Metadata extraction and analysis for Mobile Apps.
  • Enhanced Mobile application reporting.
  • New Internet Explorer 11 browser compatibility tests.
  • Perform express conversion to virtual packages from the Application Manager.
  • Ability to upgrade multiple App-V 4.x packages to App-V 5.0 format.
  • Full support for conversion to App-V 5 on Windows 7 machines.
  • Support for Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP2.
  • Support for VMware ThinApp 5.0.
  • Enhanced OS security patch wizard.

What's new in AdminStudio 2013 R2?

  • Standalone Tuner - The Tuner is now available as a standalone download, allowing customers to create transforms in the same clean environment they use with the standalone Repackager.
  • Publish applications to Symantec Altiris Server - Publish applications to a Symantec Altiris Server directly from the AdminStudio Distribution Wizard. In addition, customers now can view and edit Altiris deployment data in AdminStudio.
  • Enhanced App Portal Integration and FlexNet Manager Platform Integration - App Portal catalog setup tasks can now be done directly in AdminStudio. When applications are deployed to SCCM or Altiris and App Portal they will be fully ready in App Portal for users to request them.
  • More Flexible and Configurable Application Compatibility Testing - In AdminStudio 2013 R2 with Application Compatibility Pack, you can now select tests to execute by choosing a compliance level.
  • New Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 Application Compatibility Tests - In AdminStudio 2013 R2 with Application Compatibility Pack, new OS compatibility tests are available to support the latest Microsoft releases of Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2.
  • Support for App-V 5.0 SP2 - AdminStudio 2013 R2 with Virtualization Pack supports the conversion of applications using App-V 5.0 SP2, which includes the extraction of shell extensions.
  • Manage and publish internal Apple iOS mobile applications to AirWatch - AdminStudio 2013 R2 with Mobile Pack, seamlessly integrates with this additional distribution system to eliminate manual steps. Customers can now publish internal Apple iOS applications to an irWatch Server as well as view and edit a package's deployment data.

What’s new in AdminStudio 2013?

Enhanced support for Microsoft App-V, including App V 5.0

  • Support for Conversion of Windows Installer packages to App-V 5.0 Virtual Packages.
  • Support for Converting App-V 4.5, 4.6 Packages to App-V 5.0 Format.
  • Ability to Edit App-V 5.0 Packages using the Virtual Package Editor.
  • Enhanced support for Microsoft App-V 4.6, adding.
  • Additional tests to better assess an application’s compatibility with App-V 4.6, conforming to Microsoft’s new recommendations for App-V 4.6.
  • New  Operating System Compatibility testing on App-V packages for Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012.
  • Publish App-V packages directly to XenApp servers to streamline the application management tasks for VDI and hosted virtual sessions.

New Platform API Commands

  • AdminStudio Suite 2013 includes new Platform API commands for selecting tests and resolving issues, creating and upgrading application catalogs, and deleting packages, applications, and groups (Enterprise Editions only)

Enterprise IT departments are under constant pressure to quickly deploy new applications, updates, and patches. But failing to properly prepare these packages for deployment poses serious risk. Deploying bad packages can crash critical applications and cost enterprises dearly in terms of help desk costs and lost productivity.

AdminStudio solutions enable enterprise IT departments to prepare reliable packages for deployment quickly and correctly. Whether you have one packaging team or multiple IT centers around the globe, FLEXnet AdminStudio standardizes and streamlines your software packaging process, improving the reliability of your applications, reducing desktop management costs, and increasing IT productivity. Admin Studio provides IT with one of the most advanced solutions for quickly preparing reliable software packages for enterprise use. Admin Studio combines automated software packaging technology with centralized process management tools to ensure the packages you deploy install successfully and behave reliably. Admin Studio combines powerful software packaging technology with centralized process management tools to speed you through the packaging process.

AdminStudio PRO Benefits:

  • Reduce your organization’s application management costs
  • Improve the reliability and availability of your applications
  • Increase IT productivity and collaboration across your organization
  • Help eliminate expensive and embarrassing deployment disasters
  • Make pre-deployment patch testing far more efficient and manageable (Professional Edition and above)

AdminStudio Professional Feature Highlights:

  • ENHANCED! Speed packages through a proven, standardized process with intelligent, automated tools
  • NEW! Centrally manage your environment and the packaging process with new enterprise-class tools
  • ENHANCED! Convert any application, even InstallScript MSIs, to reliable Windows Installer packages
  • ENHANCED! Customize MSIs to meet the needs of any user group
  • ENHANCED! Identify and eliminate software conflicts before deploying applications and patches
  • ENHANCED! Run pre-deployment QA tests to ensure the reliability of new applications (Professional Edition and above)
  • ENHANCED! Hand off deploy-ready packages to any deployment system, including SMS, ZENworks®, LANDesk®, Tivoli®, and ManageSoft®

Maintain Reliable Software
From large corporations managing hundreds of applications to small companies looking for a simple way to migrate software to the Windows Installer (MSI) standard, AdminStudio InstallShield makes it easy for any organization to maintain reliable software.

Migrating Applications to Windows Installer
Don’t let converting legacy applications to Windows Installer (MSI) hold up your OS migration. InstallShield AdminStudio automated, intelligent tools make it easy to quickly convert any application to MSI and take advantage of cost-saving benefits such as self-healing, rollback, and install-on-demand.

Centrally Managing Resources and Packaging Projects
Besides powerful software packaging technology, enterprises looking to standardize packaging across their organization need centralized management tools. InstallShield AdminStudio has the enterprise-class functionality organizations need to effectively manage all the people, projects, and data involved in the packaging process.

ENHANCED! Quick and Easy MSI Repackaging
AdminStudio InstallShield can convert every setup, even InstallScript MSIs, into 100% pure MSI packages. InstallShield Admin Studio is the only tool that can see inside native InstallShield setups, capture all their information, and convert them into MSIs. The Repackager does the work for you, saving you significant time without sacrificing accuracy.

ENHANCED! MSI Customization and Validation
With InstallShield Admin Studio, you can quickly customize any MSI package to meet the needs of every user group in your enterprise. The Editor is now powered by InstallShield, the world’s standard in MSI authoring and editing, making it even easier to directly customize MSIs and author transforms.

ENHANCED! Conflict Identification and Resolution
Every time you distribute applications and patches you risk creating conflicts that crash other applications and disrupt systems. AdminStudio automatically tests your applications and patches for conflicts against the applications and operating systems in your enterprise and helps you eliminate any problems before you deploy.

ENHANCED! Quality Assurance Testing
AdminStudio automatically tests your packages to guarantee they will work — and continue to work — as expected once installed. It can also simulate the deployment of an application or patch without physically installing it on any machine. Deployment results are reported back without risk to your environment, enabling you to make corrections before actual deployment.

ENHANCED! Hand Off Packages to Any Deployment Solution
For organization using software deployment solutions, AdminStudio not only prepares reliable packages for distribution, it also automatically releases them to your system. AdminStudio is fully integrated with every software deployment solution – including SMS, ZENworks®, LANDesk®, Marimba®, Tivoli®, ManageSoft®, and Active Directory® – saving you time while ensuring an error-free package handoff.


The Maintenance Plans annually include:

  • All software upgrades for your product
  • Unlimited telephone access to Technical Support (Silver)
  • Unlimited telephone access to our Senior Support Engineers exclusively (Gold)
  • Unlimited requests using mySupport (interactive, web-based access to Technical Support)
  • Protection against price increases for the duration of your plan
  • Renewal notices sent automatically, to insure your plan against expiration
  • Guaranteed minimum of one major upgrade to your AdminStudio product, no matter the time frame
  • A Maintenance Plan Card detailing all benefits and plan specifics
  • Invitations to product beta programs (Gold)

The Bronze Maintenance Plan includes:

  • All available paid upgrades to your product, guaranteed for twelve months from purchase date
  • 24 x 7 access to Knowledge Base
  • 24 x 7 access to product Web Communities
  • Sample Code, Sample Projects, and White Papers
  • Technical Webinars / Online Product Demonstrations
  • Unlimited Web-based requests using mySupport

In addition the Silver Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Unlimited telephone support requests

In addition the Gold Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Priority queuing through dedicated channels
  • All issues addressed by senior support engineers
  • Priority involvement in Beta Programs

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