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Create advanced XML applications. Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition is a leading XML editor and XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging all XML-based technologies. Altova XMLSpy provides intuitive views and powerful XML utilities to model, edit, transform, and debug XML related technologies. In addition to the XML editor and graphical XML Schema designer, Altova XMLSpy offers file converters, debuggers, support for XSLT, XPath, XQuery, XBRL, and all major databases, plus Visual Studio and Eclipse integration. Develop higher-quality, standards-conformant XML based applications more quickly than ever before with Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition XML Editor. Buy Altova XMLSpy with SMP to obtain priority technical support as well as major and minor Altova XMLSpy upgrades and maintenance releases at no additional cost throughout the Altova XMLSpy SMP period.

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Altova XMLSpy 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition SMP renewal (1 year)

Add to Cart $ 111.34 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (1) SMP Renewal (1 year) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M1-I001
Add to Cart $ 524.32 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (5) SMP Renewal (1 year) Delivered via Download + Email
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Add to Cart $ 945.96 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (10) SMP Renewal (1 year) Delivered via Download + Email
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Add to Cart $ 1,838.89 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (20) SMP Renewal (1 year) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M1-I020
Add to Cart $ 4,461.90 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (50) SMP Renewal (1 year) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M1-I050

Altova XMLSpy 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition SMP renewal (2 years)

Add to Cart $ 178.14 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (1) SMP Renewal (2 years) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M2-I001
Add to Cart $ 838.92 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (5) SMP Renewal (2 years) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M2-I005
Add to Cart $ 1,513.53 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (10) SMP Renewal (2 years) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M2-I010
Add to Cart $ 2,942.23 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (20) SMP Renewal (2 years) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M2-I020
Add to Cart $ 7,139.04 Altova XMLSpy Professional - Installed Users (50) SMP Renewal (2 years) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: SP+M2-I050

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What's new in XMLSpy 2015 Release 3?

  • Support for XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1 - Enterprise and Professional Editions.
  • Significantly extended XPath/XQuery tab - Enterprise and Professional Editions.
  • Support for custom fonts in Output Windows - Enterprise and Professional Editions.
  • Support for Web Services Security and other security extensions - Enterprise Edition only.
  • Support for XBRL Extensible Enumerations 1.0 - Enterprise Edition only.

What's new in Altova XMLSpy 2015?

  • Intelligent XML file modification with XQuery Update Facility 1.0/3.0.
  • Support for XQuery Update Facility via XQuery execution.
  • Enhanced XSLT 3.0 support XBRL Table layout preview.
  • Building XBRL Formulas visually, via new XBRL Table Preview.
  • Support for US GAAP taxonomy updated to include 2014.
  • Significantly optimized support for EBA 2.1 (COREP/FINREP) taxonomies.
  • Inclusion of UBL 2.1 Schema.
  • Support for Eclipse 4.4.

What’s new in Altova XMLSpy 2014 Release 2?

  • XSL Speed Optimizer.
  • Large number of new Altova extension functions.
  • Additional support for XSLT 3.0.
  • Completed support for XQuery 3.0.
  • XBRL Table Linkbase editor. 
  • New commands for XBRL Formula execution and XBRL Table generation.
  • Ability to provide custom error text for XML Schema assertions.
  • Support for integration with Visual Studio 2013 (adds to support for previous versions).

What's new in Altova XMLSpy 2014?

  • Complete support for XML Schema 1.1.
  • Integration of RaptorXML.
  • Ability to display multiple validation messages at once.
  • Smart Fix validation available in XML Schema Editor.
  • Support for XPath 3.0.
  • Support for XSLT 3.0 (subset).
  • Support for XQuery 3.0.
  • Support for XBRL Formula and XBRL Concept Types.
  • Support for new databases.
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3.
  • Ability to generate sample XML instances with all schema choices.

What’s new in XMLSpy 2013 Release 2?

  • FOP 1.1 support - New processor for PDF generation.

What's new in XMLSpy 2013 SP1?

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Visual Studio integration now includes Visual Studio 2012.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 10 (in desktop mode).
  • Chinese language version of XMLSpy 2013.

What's new in XMLSpy Enterprise 2013?

  • Smart Fix: automatic correction of validation errors
  • Seamless integration options in Java applications
  • Support for embedded XML Schemas in WSDL files
  • Enhanced WSDL documentation options
  • Flexible integration of external programs
  • Support for CamelCase words in spell checker
  • Option to strip unnecessary whitespace
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.2 (adds to support for earlier versions)
  • Support for US GAAP 2012 XBRL taxonomy (adds to support for earlier versions)
  • Support for Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010 for version control systems

What's new in XMLSpy 2012 Release 2?

  • EPUB 2.x support - EPUB (electronic publication) is an open standard from the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for creating and distributing digital publications such as e-books. The files that are encapsulated in the EPUB file are zipped, so EBUB docs open in the XMLSpy Archive View. Here, they can be validated, and the included files can be added, opened, edited, and/or deleted. EPUB files are validated directly inside XMLSpy using, which checks for OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency. With built in validation and support for editing XML, XHTML, CSS, and other Web standards, XMLSpy is a great choice for creating and working with EPUB content.
  • ZIP and OOXML support in Professional Edition - Starting with v2012r2, XMLSpy Professional Edition includes the Archive View for working with OOXML files and other zipped archives, functionality that was previously only available in the Enterprise Edition. This support allows users to access data in zipped files such as Microsoft Office documents, which, in versions 2007 and higher, is saved in Open Office XML (OOXML) format.
  • Support for logical files in IBM iSeries databases - XMLSpy now includes support for logical files specific to IBM iSeries databases.
  • Ability to escape/unescape XML characters - Sometimes it’s necessary to escape characters normally parsed as part of XML code to include them as text in an XML document. Now, it’s very simple to do by highlighting the XML in Text View and using the right-click context menu to escape the characters.

What’s new in Altova XMLSpy 2012?

  • HTML5 support - XMLSpy has long supported HTML4 and XHTML editing, and even includes an intelligent CSS editor. Now, with Version 2012, XMLSpy introduces intelligent support for editing HTML5 code and CSS3 stylesheets. It’s easy to write code in the XMLSpy HTML5 editor, which provides context sensitive editing help in both static entry helper windows and drop-down menus that offer allowed element and attribute choices as you type. Code completion also helps speed editing and ensure closed elements. As you’re working, the integrated Browser preview in XMLSpy lets you opt to view your HTML code and the resulting Web page side-by-side, so you can see the results of your edits immediately. In addition to viewing the Web page in XMLSpy, you can instantly open the active file in your choice of browser. The XMLSpy Info window will list all browsers currently installed on your system, and you can manually add other applications if required. To view a file in a particular browser, simply double click it. For example, double-clicking Google Chrome opens an instance of Chrome and loads the active HTML document. This is much quicker than manually opening the HTML file in multiple browsers as you test compatibility.
  • CSS3 support - The XMLSpy CSS editor now supports CSS3 in addition to CSS2.1. Syntax coloring, context-sensitive entry helper windows and drop-down menus, screen tips, and more assist developers with writing CSS code to style their HTML pages. Similar to working in the HTML editor, you can opt to view your CSS code and resulting HTML page side-by-side as you edit.
  • JDBC database driver support - As with other database-enabled MissionKit tools, XMLSpy 2012 supports JDBC drivers in addition to existing ODBC and ADO options. JDBC connections are easily configured in the Database Connection Wizard.
  • Java API - In addition to the existing COM API, XMLSpy 2012 includes a new, native Java API, giving Java developers an easy way to automate XMLSpy and integrate its functionality in their applications. This adds more flexible options for developers to efficiently access XMLSpy functionality from their preferred platform.
  • New samples for API use - As with other MissionKit tools that include a COM API and the new Java API, XMLSpy 2012 ships with code samples in JScript, C#, and Java to demonstrate how to utilize an API to automate XMLSpy from different development environments.
  • Find in Project - The power of the Find in Files and Find in Schemas functionality in XMLSpy has now been extended to XMLSpy Projects: simply enter the name of files(s) you need to find, and XMLSpy will locate them instantly. This makes working with even the most complex projects that much easier and efficient.

What’s new in XMLSpy 2011r3?

  • Digital XML signatures for XML documents - Enterprise Edition only
  • Support for PXF (Portable XML Form) file format 
  • Support for .NET 4.0 scripting 
  • Ability to add additional .NET assemblies for scripting 
  • New spell checker with improved dictionary support 
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 in Browser View 
  • Shortcut for selecting entire XML element

What’s new in XMLSpy 2011r2?

  • Embedding external files in XML
  • Customizable documentation generation
  • Enhancements to chart creation functionality
  • Sorting of elements and types in schema view
  • Refactoring support for XML Schemas
  • Intelligent support for changing element types and base types

What’s new in XMLSpy v2011?

Chart creation - Enterprise only
Chart creation in XMLSpy 2011 brings a whole new dimension to working with XML data. XMLSpy 2011 makes it easy to create eye-catching, compelling charts for displaying XML data. Now you can visualize and analyze numerical XML data – and XBRL data – directly inside XMLSpy with just a few clicks. No more exporting to Excel. The following types of charts are available:

  • 2D & 3D pie charts
  • 2D & 3D bar charts
  • Category line graphs
  • Value line graphs
  • Gauge charts

You can create up to nine different charts on the available tabs in the Output Window, and you can save each as a custom-sized image file with just a click or print it directly from XMLSpy. You can also copy it to your clipboard to paste it in another application, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. What’s more, you can copy the XSLT or XQuery code to create the chart to the clipboard for use in your own stylesheet or application.

Validation of SOAP against WSDL - Enterprise only
This new feature will be very useful for Web services developers, as it allows them to ensure their SOAP messages are valid against the SOAP specification as well as any XML Schemas referenced in the corresponding WSDL definition.

Schema flattener -Enterprise and Professional
The new Schema Flattener in XMLSpy 2011 allows schema designers to write all the dependent files that are included in a schema into one file. This way, you can use the flattened schema without having to rely on a network connection to access the required files. This could be especially important when shipping a schema within an application.

Creation of schema from subset - Enterprise and Professional
In addition to flattening schemas, XMLSpy 2011 allows you to create a schema from a subset of a larger schema. Many schemas are quite large and contain more types and elements than are required for a particular application or information exchange. Furthermore, the larger a schema is, the longer loading and validation may take. The ability to create a new schema from a subset means a developer can select some global elements or types from a large schema to create a smaller one, using just the elements required. This feature is especially useful for working with NIEM information exchanges, but has also been requested by other users for a variety of applications.

Altova XMLSpy includes English, German, Spanish editions. Altova XMLSpy delivers all the power you need to create advanced XML applications, yet at the same time it’s flexible enough to allow you to work with XML using the views and options that best suit your business needs and working preferences. Altova XMLSpy increases productivity by allowing you to develop higher-quality, standards-conformant XML-based applications more quickly than ever before. Designed to increase your XML development productivity from start to finish.

Altova XMLSpy abstracts away the complexity of working with XML-based technologies through its intuitive user interface and rich variety of editing views and options. Five synchronized editing views allow you to work with any XML technology in a way that best suits the complexity of the document and your preferences, for instance, if you prefer to develop in a text view, graphical view, or switch back and forth between the two.

The intelligent editing features of Altova XMLSpy support auto completion, context sensitive syntax help, entry helpers, syntax coloring, and more to aid you in creating valid XML documents. Altova XMLSpy views and intelligent editing functions are designed to make working with documents as easy as possible. When working with XML is easy, productivity increases, saving money and decreasing time-to-market for your applications.

Develop Advanced XML Applications
In addition to its powerful XML modeling, editing, validation, and debugging capabilities, Altova XMLSpy supports the complementary technologies required to build advanced XML-based applications. Because XML documents must be bound to an external software application or runtime environment, Altova XMLSpy includes automatic code generation of Java, C++, or C# class files based on data elements defined in a schema.

Altova XMLSpy is the only tool on the market that lets you tackle Web services development on all of the major Web services platforms, including Microsoft .NET, J2EE, and Eclipse. Support for integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse allows you to seamlessly access the powerful Altova XMLSpy features from within your choice of multi-purpose development environment. You can also access many of the powerful Altova XMLSpy functions in a programmatic way using the Java or COM systems integration API.

In addition, most advanced applications require interaction with relational databases, Altova XMLSpy supports the most popular relational databases in their native interface languages, allowing you to generate XML Schemas based on database structures, import and export database data and generate relational database schemas from XML Schemas.

To see the differences between the Professional and Enterprise Editions please see the Feature Matrix in the Evals & Downloads section.


Altova provides free technical support for all customers for 30 days after the date of purchase.

If you wish to receive priority technical support beyond that date and receive software updates throughout the year, you need to purchase a "Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)" for your software. The Support & Maintenance Package is available in a one- or two-year plan. Please note that you can only add Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) to a product at the time you purchase the license (or up to 30 Days after you purchase).

Services included:

Priority Technical Support - Priority Technical Support is provided via a Web-based support form. Altova will respond within 1-2 business days during European or US business hours (MO-FR, 8am UTC - 10pm UTC, Austrian and US holidays excluded).

Free Minor & Major Versions - You will receive all maintenance releases and major software versions that are released during your Support Period. Updates that you receive cover the specific edition of the product that you have purchased and typically include many additional features.

Maintenance - During the Support Period you may also report any software problem or error to Altova using the same support process described above. If Altova determines that a reported reproducible material error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, Altova agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to correct or provide a usable work-around solution in an upcoming maintenance release or update, which is made available at certain times at Altova's sole discretion.

Support Period

The Support & Maintenance Package that is currently offered with Altova products covers the product for which it is being purchased for a period of either one or two years. The support period begins on the day you purchase the product license and extends for a period of exactly 12 or 24 months, depending on whether you purchase the one- or two-year option. SMP may be purchased at the time you purchase a product license and during the 30 day period immediately thereafter. You may also renew an existing SMP for an additional one- or two-year period. During the Support Period, you will receive Support & Maintenance services from Altova as defined in section "6. SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE" in the Altova end-user license agreement ("EULA") or in the SMP Terms of Use, as applicable.

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