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ERP (SAP) Integrator Java Edition - Summary

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ERP (SAP) Integrator Java Edition by /n software

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Native software components for connecting to SAP systems. ERP (SAP) Integrator supports RFCs and SAP services and allows developers to easily write desktop, server and mobile applications. It provides a simple way to connect to SAP R/3 and NetWeaver systems and enables applications to make remote function calls for sending and receiving parameters and tables to and from those remote functions.

The ERP Integrator for SAP features easy-to-use components for integrating applications with SAP R/3 and NetWeaver systems. No advanced knowledge of the remote functions and no WSDL, DTD, or other XML structures are required. The ERP Integrator retrieves all of the request or response parameters and definitions for each table, and provides simple interfaces for setting and retrieving data.

ERP (SAP) Integrator Features

Easily call BAPIs and function modules, no WSDL, DTD, or other XML structures required

Access and view SAP internal tables

Receive and respond to service requests from SAP R/3 NetWeaver

Supports RFC and SOAP interfaces

Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries

Native development components for all supported platforms and component technologies

Unlimited free Email technical support backed by an experienced, professional staff

Compatible with SAP R/3 and SAP NetWeaver systems

Native software components for connecting to SAP systems.

Pricing: ERP (SAP) Integrator V1 Java Edition One Development Workstation, Royalty-Free Distribution

Evals & Downloads: Read the /n software License Agreement, Read the ERP (SAP) Integrator Java Edition help file, Download the ERP (SAP) Integrator Java Edition V1 evaluation on to your computer - Expires After 30 Days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 7, Windows Vista

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: JavaBean

Compatible Containers: Eclipse V3.5, Eclipse V3.4, Eclipse V3.3, IntelliJ IDEA 6, IntelliJ IDEA 7, IntelliJ IDEA 8

Keywords: ERP (SAP) Integrator Java Edition

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Part numbers: PC-543612-450636 543612-450636

Mfr. Part No: BIJ1-V

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