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by Theobald Software - Product Type: Component / .NET Class / Managed/Unmanaged Code - without COM

Easy SAP R/3 Interface Programming. is a .NET component that offers several classes for client and server communications with SAP R/3 systems including RFC function modules, BAPIs, receiving and sending Idocs, RFC server functions and Batch Input functionality. Besides standard classes for RFC server and client functions there a several special classes to perform functions like create and execute ABAP code dynamically or control SAP transaction in the SAP GUI. can execute and extract SAP queries. Visual Studio for .NET 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 compatible (VS2008, VS 2008). C# ( CSharp) and VB.NET examples included.

What's New in ERPConnect 4:

  • SAP certified - ERPConnect is certified as "SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver".
  • Visual Studio 2010 compatible - ERPConnect 4 is compatible with VS 2010
  • .NET 4 Support - ERPConnect 4 adds support for .NET 4.0
  • LinqToERP VS 2010 compatible - ERPConnect 4 is compatible to LinqToERP Visual Studio 2010
  • Advanced Datatype processing
  • Performance Improvement

What's new in V3.0?

String, XString and XML data types

String, XString and XML data types are supported. These data types doesn't have a defined length as the traditional data types like CHAR or NUMC. They may grow to an unlimited length. As the String data type is created for delivering textual content the XString data type may be used for binary data.


LINQ to SAP and the Visual Studio 2008 integration.

Support for .NET 3.5

Besides the well know assemblies ERPConnect.dll (for .NET 1.1) and ERPConnect20.dll (for .NET 2.0) there is a new assembly ERPConnect35.dll which is optimized for usage under .NET 3.5.

Performance improvement by caching

With the help of the property R3Connection.CacheMetadata (true/false) there might be a performance boost in some situations. When the same connection calls the same function module thousands of times and the cache is enabled the meta data will be reused and not requeried from SAP.


What's new in V1.6?

Connect to SAP BW / BI

A newly created namespace (ERPConnect.BW) provides a complete API for executing and retrieving data out of BI cubes or BW queries. All resultsets can be processed using a common .NET DataTable object. According to the CreateFunction, CreateIDoc and CreateBAPI methods and new method called CreateCube will grant access to the new features.

Changing Parameter

With newer SAP releases not only import / exports parameters but changing parameters can be accessed using ERPConnect.

Nested Structures

From v. 1.6 on nested structures und Type Pools are supported as import / export parameters.

Binary Data

Improved handling of binary data types. Binary data will be exchanged by Byte[] data types. This fact is very important for aplication which exchange files with SAP.

.NET 3.0 support

Besides .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 there will be support for .NET 3.0 as well.

SSO - Single Sign On

Creating SSO tickets and using SSO tickets for user authentification is supported.


What's New in V1.5?

  • Execute and extract SAP queries
  • Performance improvement for BAPIs and RFC function modules
  • Execute function modules which are not RFC enabled

What's new in V1.4?

  • Full support for using XML schemas and XML data for IDoc communications (including a tool for generating the schema files)
  • Support for ADO.NET DataTable objects when exchanging tables
  • Optimized background processing for Batch Input provides you with an easy SAP R/3 interface programming.

These are some of main features:

  • RFC Server
    Besides the client function it is also possible to create RFC server functions. Of course transactional RFCs are also supported.

  • Calling BAPIs and Function Modules
    Function modules are single functions that are managed by the SAP Function Builder (Transaction SE37) and developed in SAP's own programming language ABAP. The function module should have the attribute Remote Enabled to be called from outside the SAP system via the RFC protocoll. It's very easy to call these functions with the help of

  • Recieving And Sending Idocs
    Idocs are electonical documents that can be sent from or to SAP systems. It is possible to exchange Idocs between SAP system or between one SAP system and an external application. provides a set of classes to send, recieve and construct Idocs very easily

  • Special Classes
    Besides standard classes for RFC server and client functions there a several special classes included in the toolkit. These special classes encapsulate recurrent taks and are all located in the namespace ERPConnect.Utils:
    • ReadTable - reads data rows directly from tables located in the SAP database
    • ABAPCode - makes it possible to create and execute ABAP code dynamically. The result is passed back to your .NET application and can be analyzed
    • Transaction (Batch Input) - with the Transaction classes you can control SAP transaction in the SAP GUI. It is possible to do this in visible or background mode


Every license includes 6 months update subscription and support.

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