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Add advanced spreadsheet functionality to your applications. Use FarPoint Spread 8 COM to easily incorporate advanced grid and high-level spreadsheet features into your applications. FarPoint Spread 8 COM offers unmatched flexibility at the cell level for maximum control over the display and entry of the data, plenty of events to respond to user changes and an impressive feature list for everything in between; including import/export capabilities, including the ability to import and export Excel 97, 2000 and Excel 2007 files (requires the .NET Framework). FarPoint Spread 8 COM also offers enhanced printing, many cell types, formulas, a 64bit DLL and many more features. FarPoint Spread 8 COM will allow you create a spreadsheet with up to 2 billion rows by 2 billion columns.

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What's new in FarPoint Spread 8 08.00.14 COM?

  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly
  • Files used with the DLL now have the correct information
  • Formulas now respond correctly when columns are removed
  • Frozen and hidden columns are now exported correctly
  • The SelModeSendMessage method now works correctly
  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly
  • Certain database fields now update correctly
  • Currency and float cells are now correctly exported to an Excel-formatted file
  • The SSSetData function and the SetText method now work correctly
  • Scrolling now works correctly with large column widths
  • The Spread Designer now works correctly with three state check box cells
  • The Spread control now works correctly on an MDI form
  • The MaxTextCellHeight property now works correctly
  • The ScrollBarShowMax property now works correctly
  • The SaveBlockToBuffer and LoadBlockFromBuffer methods now work correctly
  • Certain data now correctly exports to an Excel-formatted file
  • Editable combo cells now work correctly
  • The scroll bar now works correctly
  • The scroll bar works with the mouse wheel

What's new in FarPoint Spread 8 COM?

  • Excel 2007 format support (requires the .NET Framework). The source code does not include source for reading/writing the new Excel 2007 format.
  • New Formula Functions
  • Ability to create a custom cell
  • A 64-bit DLL (New 64 bit component now included)
  • Shape and color settings for cell notes
  • New OCX methods for saving and loading to/from a buffer
  • New event for circular references
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Enhanced appearance for headers and sheet corners
  • Enhanced appearance for scroll bars
  • Enhanced appearance for sheet tabs
  • Enhanced selection highlighting
  • Additional export options when exporting to HTML
  • Users can apply a secondary sort using control-click

What's new in FarPoint Spread V7.0?

  • Multiple Sheets support
  • Cross-sheet Formula Referencing
  • Unicode Support
  • Built-in Support for Moving Rows or Columns, with visual indication
  • New Scientific Notation celltype
  • Improved Number Formatting
  • Faster, improved Sorting
  • More Robust Spread Designer
  • Customize the colors, widths and the heights for the Scroll Bars
  • Double-click the header to automatically resize the column to the widest text
  • Scalable (Percentage) Printing
  • Fit-To-Page Printing
  • Center Horizontal and Center Vertical Printing
  • Control Characters (such as /time, /date) for Printing the Header and Footer
  • Enhanced image type support, including .gif and .jpg
  • Expanded Text Tips Support (allows >1000 characters)
  • LoadTextFile defaults to 32,000 characters when loading a file
  • Hide or show the focus rectangle when the cell has focus
  • Auto-Positioning of the cursor when using EditModePermanent
  • Column Labels Convertible (letters to numbers and numbers to letters)
  • Align Text and Images in the Button Cell
  • Maximum Column Width Calculations Can Include Button Cells
  • Refresh the Data Set without affecting headers
  • Check Box Cell Has Familiar Windows Appearance
  • Event for Scroll Tips
  • DataLoaded event fires when all data has been loaded from the database

What's new in FarPoint Spread V6.0?

  • Define multiple column and header rows
  • Merge columns or rows that contain identical data for easier viewing of the data
  • Create a cell span to join multiple cells
  • Use Spread's new Search feaure to find specified text or values in a column or row
  • Rotate cell or header text 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees
  • Identify any column by giving it a unique name (useful when moving columns)
  • Automatically display negative numbers as red in currency, number, and percent cells
  • Set user-defined tags for a specified cell, column, row, or the entire spreadsheet
  • Type one or more characters to automatically search for an item in the list of a combo box cell
  • New Percent cell type
  • Enhanced Currency cell type
  • Enhanced Number cell type
  • Data can overflow into adjacent empty cells while edit mode is on in a cell
  • Display a spin button in a currency, date, number, percent, or time cell
  • Copy, Move or Swap the data and formatting in a range of columns, rows, or cells in the spreadsheet

What's new in FarPoint Spread V3.5?

  • Cells in the Spread control can have notes associated with them
  • The Spread control can display scroll tips as users move the scroll box
  • You can export a range of cells or the entire spreadsheet in XML format to a file or a buffer
  • Users can sort by clicking column headers using built-in sort
  • Users can print a spreadsheet to an owner-defined area of the page, allowing you to print multiple items on a single page.
  • Cells can display ellipsis points when left-aligned text is too long to fit in the cell
  • New mathematical and other functions are provided by the Calc Engine
  • Improved Spread Designer
  • You can set the pop-up calendar text for a specific Spread control You can export a range of cells or the entire spreadsheet in ASCII text format to a file and specify the delimiters you want to use to separate your data in the file
  • 27 methods and 20 events have been enhanced for use in scripting environments

FarPoint Spread 8 COM General Features:

  • Create a spreadsheet with up to 2 billion rows by 2 billion columns
  • Drag and drop data anywhere in the spreadsheet control
  • Use the clipboard copy/cut/paste shortcut keys
  • Prevent editing of data by locking any cell data
  • Create headers by allowing cell data to overflow into adjacent cells
  • Freeze the top-most rows or the left-most columns from scrolling to allow certain data to be viewed at all times
  • Import and export spreadsheet files in Microsoft Excel BIFF8 format
  • Use the Operation modes to set Spread to read-only or let it act as a single or multi-selection listbox
  • Use the 33 Action properties to perform tasks, including saving and printing the spreadsheet
  • Cell Formatting
  • Display up to 32K of data in each cell
  • Customize your interface by changing the font and background and foreground colors of any cell
  • Highlight any cell or block of cells using six border styles
  • Provide the most popular data and database formats using 12 cell types
  • Button: Display a push button in a cell, Include text, graphics, or both
  • Checkbox: Display a check box, text, and/or picture in a cell, Allow true, false, or grayed states
  • Combobox: Display a drop-down list in a cell
  • Date: Display or allow editing of formatted dates in a cell
  • Support Year 2000 seamlessly
  • Edit: Display or allow editing of text in a cell
  • Float: Display or allow editing of a formatted floating-point (currency) value in a cell
  • Formatted PIC: Display or allow editing of a formatted PIC (mask) in a cell
  • Integer: Display or allow editing of an integer value in a cell
  • Owner Drawn: Display a user-defined picture using Windows APIs
  • Picture: Display a picture in a cell, Choose between .bmp or .ico file formats
  • Static Text: Display noneditable, nonscrolling text in a cell
  • Time: Display or allow editing of a formatted time value in a cell

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Printing

  • Create custom print configurations by specifying margins, page orientation, borders, headers, gridlines, colors, and shadow effects
  • Print a block of cells, a range of pages, or only the columns and rows that contain data
  • Use the new Print Preview control to see how your printed spreadsheet will look
  • Calculate the number of pages to print based on the current print settings
  • Query the next page break either by row or column
  • Define the starting page number to print in the header of the first page
  • Specify the order in which pages are printed (down then across or across then down)

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Sorting and Calculations

  • Use up to three keys to sort data by column or row, in ascending or descending order
  • Use the Calc Engine to perform complex mathematical functions with named expressions and relative cell addressing
  • Add user-defined custom functions for greater flexibility
  • Use one of 74 functions (includes 61 new ones) in your formulas
  • Sort with up to 256 sort keys
  • Recalculate the value of an individual cell
  • Retrieve and set data in float or integer cells as numeric values
  • Query the list of, retrieve information about, or remove custom functions

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Data Binding

  • Automatically save any user-entry changes back to the database
  • Increase control by validating when and what data gets written to the database
  • Insert unbound columns or load specified fields into a bound spreadsheet
  • Increase data access speed by using the Virtual Data Manager to control how many records are read and displayed at a time
  • Bind the spreadsheet to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.0 using OLE DB technology [still supports data binding to Data Access Objects (DAO) and Remote Data Objects (RDO)]

FarPoint Spread's Spread Designer

  • Increase productivity and decrease your learning curve by using its unique WYSIWYG interface
  • Open and design multiple spreadsheets
  • Apply any view from Spread Designer back to the original control
  • Use the user-friendly design-time interface that includes dockable toolbars and help balloons

The Excel 2007 methods require the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, must be registered with regasm.exe using the /codebase option, and must ensure that the Spread 8 module is in the same folder as the corresponding Excel2007 dll or can be found in the system path.

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