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FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms - Summary

by Fast Reports - Product Type: Component / Application / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / 100% Managed Code / Developer Application / Server Application


FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms by Fast Reports

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Create application-independent reports. FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent reports. FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool. You can connect to any database, use any table from it or create a query. Add dialogue form(s) to your report to ask some parameters before running a report, using built-in script, you can manage interaction between dialogue form’s controls, perform complex data handling. You can view the result, print it and export to many common document formats.

FastReport.Net Features

FastReport.Net is written in C# and contains only managed code. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. .NET Framework 1.x is not supported.

Full source code is available. You can customize your copy of FastReport.Net to match your needs.

Report Designer. You get a full-featured reporting solution with runtime royalty-free report engine and designer!

Extendable FastReport.Net architecture allows you to create your own objects, export filters, wizards, DB engines. If existing abilities are not enough for you - extend it.

Very compact and really fast.

FastReport.Net is available in 4 editions:





Feature:BasicWinFormsWin + WebFormsProfessional

Windows Forms Components••••

ASP.NET Components ••

Source Code •

Run-time report designer •••

Report script •••

In-report datasources •••

In-report dialogue forms •••

Export the prepared report to other formatsImage export only•••

Report objectsText, Picture, Shape, Line•••

FASTREPORT.NET - Report Elements

FASTREPORT.NET is a band-oriented report generator. There are 13 types of bands available: Report Title, Report Summary, Page Header, Page Footer, Column Header, Column Footer, Data Header, Data, Data Footer, Group Header, Group Footer, Child, Overlay. In addition, you may use subreports which are fully supported. Wide range of band types allows you to create any kind of report: list, master-detail, group, multi-column, master-detail-detail and many more.

Wide range of report objects available: text, picture, lines, shapes, barcodes, matrix, table, rich text, checkbox, chart.

Report can consist of several design pages. Thus you can build a report that consists of cover, data and back cover - all in one file.

The Table object allows you to build a table-type report with variable number of rows and/or columns, just like in the MS Excel. Aggregate functions are also available.

Powerful, fully configurable Matrix object that can be used to print pivot tables.

Powerful Chart object that uses Microsoft Chart for .Net (based on Dundas charts). More than 30 series types, 3D support, powerful data processing fetaures and many more.

FastReport.Net uses GDI+ rendering, so you can use all nice GDI+ features such as smooth fonts and graphics, semitransparent fills, gradients. This will help to create very nice looking reports.

Report inheritance. You have many reports with common elements such as titles, logos, footers? Put the common elements into base report and inherit all other reports from a base. This feature also may be used to create localized versions of your reports.

FASTREPORT.NET - Report Designer

FASTREPORT.NET does not use MS Visual Studio IDE to create and modify reports, like many other reporting tools do. Instead, it contains powerful visual report designer that supports zooming, undo/redo, guidelines, rulers. It has fully customizable interface with MS Visual Studio look. Report designer can be used in run-time, so you can give your users the ability to modify existing reports and create new ones. Report designer is run-time royalty-free.

The Report Structure control visualizes the logical structure of your report. It helps you to better understand the report (especially if you are not its author).

Standard Report wizard. Perform 5 steps and get well-shaped, ready-to-use report.

Label wizard supports most of label types and helps you to create label report in a few mouse clicks.

The report designer can be used in MDI (Multi-Document Interface) mode to allow work with several reports at one time.

FASTREPORT.NET - Data Processing

FASTREPORT.NET works with data from ADO.NET data sources. It has ability to sort and filter data rows, to use master-detail relations and lookup data columns. Everything can be done with a few mouse clicks.

Direct connect to ADO, MS SQL, xml-based databases. Other connectors available as plug-ins.

Ability to get data from business objects of IEnumerable type.

Report can contain data sources (tables, queries, DB connections). Thus you can not only use application-defined datasets, but connect to any databases and use tables and queries right inside a report.

FASTREPORT.NET has a built-in script engine that supports two .NET languages, C# and VB.NET. You can use all .NET power in your reports to perform complex data handling, manage the interaction with dialogue forms and many more.

Report can contain dialogue forms to ask for some parameters before the report is run. Dialog controls have built-in data filtering feature that allows you to view the data from a report data source and filter it in a few mouse clicks without writing a line of code.

Using visual query builder, you don't have to learn the SQL language to create a complex query from several data tables.

FASTREPORT.NET - Preview, Print, Export

Handy MS Word-style preview window.

Ability to search text in the prepared report.

Ability to modify the prepared report pages.

Navigation in the preview window. When you design a report, you may define elements that will form a document outline. The outline will be displayed in the preview window. When you click an outline item, the preview will be scrolled to specified item. You also may define active items that will receive mouse clicks. It can be used to navigate to another report element or to external URL.

Interactive reports. You can define an action that will be performed if a user clicks an object in the preview window. For example, you can build and show another report with detailed information about the item that was clicked.

Rich printing abilities: cut big pages to several smaller ones, print several small pages on one big, print on specified paper size using scale. You need to print A3 report on A4 printer? It's not a problem anymore!

Add watermarks to your report with minimum efforts.

Export filters allow you to export your report to many supported formats (PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, HTML, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TXT, CSV, Open Document Format).

Send report by email with one mouse click.

What's New in FastReport.NET 2015.1

New interface styles and Ribbon toolbar. New styles: Office 2010 (Silver), Office 2010 (Blue), Office 2010 (Black), Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 (Light), Office 2013.

Added RESTful service in FastReport.Service.dll

Added new Aztec, Plessey barcode

Added GS1-128 (formerly known as UCC-128 or EAN-128) barcode.Currently supports only numeric values.

Added new properties in WebReport: DesignReport, DesignScriptCode, DesignerPath, DesignerSavePath, DesignerSaveCallBack, PrintInBrowser, SinglePage

Added property CSVExport.NoQuotes that disables quotation marks in CSV export

Updated demos

Updated japanese, greek resources

Reduced memory consumption in WebReport

What's New in FastReport.NET 2014.4

Added an AutoSave feature in a Designer, you can enable it and set a time interval in View-Options-Saving

Added picture editor in a Designer, now pictures can be resized, cropped and modified to grayscale or monochrome

Added "Enable Code Completion" checkbox in Code Page Options in a Designer

Added selection of multiple objects with CTRL key in a Designer

Added proportionally scaling of objects with SHIFT in a Designer

Added selection of barcode type on a toolbar in a Designer

Added text editor for barcodes

Added support of encodings Windows-1251, cp866 in QR-code object

Added transparency of the image in PDF export

Added compliance of PDF/A-2a,b and PDF/A-3a,b in PDF export

Added new property PDFExport.PdfACompliance (can be selected from PdfAStandard.PdfA_2a, PdfAStandard.PdfA_2b, PdfAStandard.PdfA_3a, PdfAStandard.PdfA_3b)

Added options for selection of PDF/A compliance, Jpeg quality, Initial Zoom in PDF export dialog

Added support of dialog objects ListBoxControl, CheckedListBoxControl in WebReport

Improved speed of PDF export with transparent images (now it three times faster)

Fixed bug in Designer with save from code editor (save icon is not active after code change)

Fixed bug with band break

Fixed bug with single page export in PDF

What's New in FastReport.NET 2014.3

Added QR-code editor in designer

Added import from List & Label report template

Added vertical linear gauge

Added simple gauge

Added vertical simple gauge

Added new properties AllowExpression, Brackets in Barcode object

Added new property Inverted in linear gauge

Increased customization options of scale in simple gauge

Added new property DefaultZoom in PDFExport

Added new property DefaultPage in PDFExport

Added WebMatrix demo (\Demos\C#\WebMatrix)

Added CSV export in WebReport

Added processing of event handlers Load, FormClosing and FormClosed in DialogPage in WebReport

Added MonthCalendar object in WebReport

Updated German, French, Japanese resources

Fixed bug with scaling of linear gauge

Fixed bug with spaces in file names in exports in WebReport

Fixed bug with metafile size in RTF export

Fixed bug with line spacing in RTF export

Fixed bug with HTML-tags in RTF export

Fixed bug with landscape pages in Word 2007 (docx) export

Fixed bug with selecting all text (Ctrl+A) in the object inspector in designer

Fixed bug with refresh of DateTimePicker in WebReport

What's New in FastReport.NET 2014.2

Added connector Google BigQuery \Extras\Connections\FastReport.GoogleBigQuery

Added an example of Google BigQuery access \Demos\C#\GoogleBigQuery

Added save to Box cloud from preview

Added support of line-spacing in RTF and DOCX exports

Increased speed of database access (up to 6 times faster)

Changed output of language names in an interface language selection dialog

Updated German, Japanese resources

Fixed bug with fonts in SVG export

Fixed bug with default message in ProgressBar window

Fixed bug with AVG function in Map editor

Fixed bug in font packing subsystem (in some rare cases the OS/2 table was overlapped by other tables)

Fixed bug with artifact lines in RoundRectangle with big Curve value

Fixed bug with ParagraphOffset in RTF export

Fixed bug with hints in WebReport toolbar

What's New in FastReport.NET 2014.1

Added compatibility with Fips Algorithm Policy (with limitations: encryption of PDF export, encryption of report)

Added support of PDF/A in PDF export

Added export in SVG

Added support html tags <B>, <I>, and <U> to RTF export.

Added localization in WebReport (property WebReport.LocalizationFile)

Added custom icons and background in WebReport toolbar

Added new demo of localization and customization in Webreport (Demos\C#\MvcCustomization\)

dded default action to the Print buttion in WebReport when WebReport.PrintInPdf = false;

Fixed bug with paragraphs in RTF & Word2007 exports

Fixed bug when inserting gauge

Fixed bug with bookmarks in PDF export

Fixed bug with an additional empty page in the export to the MS Word 2007

Fixed bug with borders in XAML export

Fixed bug with rendering of ASP.NET WebReport control in design-time

Fixed bug with showing of invisible dialog pages in WebReport

Fixed the line spacing in a layered export to Word 2007

Fixed bug with incorrect server address in save to FTP server

What's New in FastReport.NET 2013.3

Added new object SparklineObject (compact chart based on MSChartObject)

Added save to FTP from preview

Added Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Library FastReport.Service.dll

Added demo of Windows Service \Demos\C#\WCFWindowsService with WCF Service Library

Added demo of WCF web-service \Demos\C#\WCFWebService

Added demo of WCF Windows client \Demos\C#\WCFClient

Added demo of WCF web-client \Demos\C#\WCFWebClient

Added new methods WebReportGlobals.ScriptsWOjQuery() and WebReportGlobals.StylesWOjQuery() for disable jQuery in WebReport (MVC Razor)

Added property WebReport.ExternalJquery (default: false) for enable or disable jQuery in WebReport (ASPX)

Added WeekOfYear function

Added Slovenian localization

What's New in FastReport.NET 2013.2

Added support of ASP.NET MVC framework (ASPX, Razor) in WebReport

Added new demos using WebReport in MVC - \Demos\C#\MvcDemo, \Demos\C#\MvcRazor

Added save in cloud Google Drive from preview

Added Greek localization

IMPORTANT! changed extension of WebReport handler (from FastReport.Export.aspx to FastReport.Export.axd), please check existing web.config

Fixed bug in Dropbox export when Application Key and Secret

Fixed bug in Dropbox with NullReferenceException

Fixed bug with encoding when importing dDase file of Map in DBX export

Fixed excel numeric formats bug

Fixed bug with broken formats after matrix optimization in Excel 2007 export

Fixed bug with font transparency of empty cells in Excel 2007 export

Fixed bug with cell duplication on merged cells in Excel 2007 export

Fixed bug with embedding of monospaced fonts in PDF and XPS exports

Fixed bugs in WebReport with styles

Fixed bug with WebReport.RepotDone

Fixed bug with MasterPages in WebReport

Fixed bug with printing chart legend

Fixed bug in PictureObject

What's New in FastReport.NET 2013.1.25?

Added demo using WebReport in MVC (C#)

Added support of MVC in WebReport

Added save in cloud Google Drive from preview

Added Greek localization

Fixed bug with WebReport.RepotDone

Fixed bug with MasterPages in WebReport

Fixed bug with printing chart legend

What's New in FastReport.NET 2013.1?

Added dialogs in WebReport

Added Map object

Added map editor in designer

Added save in cloud Dropbox from preview

Added save in cloud SkyDrive from preview

Added AJAX in WebReport

Added new customizable toolbar in WebReport

Added AdjustSpannedCellsWidth property in Matrix and Table objects

Added Wysiwyg property in Word 2007 export

Added PrintOn.SinglePage to the PrintOn property (doublepass must be enabled)

Added anchors support in the PDF export

Added Armenian localization

Added Label property to chart series

Fixed bug when saving report to .cs/.vb file

Fixed drag&drop bug in the code editor

Fixed bug in the TXT export

Fixed bug in the Word 2007 export in layer mode

Fixed bug with number format in Excel exports

Fixed bug in VB.Net code generator

What's New in FastReport.NET V1.9?

Added QR Code barcode

Improved WebReport

Added Exportable property to all report objects

Now compatible with MS Visual Studio 2012

Added support of UNC paths in WebReport storage (web.config)

Added Config.PreviewSettings.PreviewOpened event

Added BackPage property to the report page

Added WebReport.XmlExcelDataOnly property

Improved TableObject performance

Improved printing of data in the headers/footers

Fixed bug with subreport & databand columns

Fixed bug with subreport & band that can break

Fixed bug with multiple preview tabs

Fixed bug with Config.DesignerSettings.ApplicationConnection

Fixed bug with pictures in PDF export

Fixed bug with TableObject border when exporting to some formats

Fixed bug in WebReport with multiple instances in one page

Fixed bug in WebReport with cleanup of internal storage

Fixed bug with data filtering with NumericUpDown control

Create application-independent reports.

Pricing: FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms 1 Single License (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms 1 Team License (for up to 4 developers) (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms 1 Site License (allows unlimited developers within one organization at a single physical address) (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net Win forms + Web forms Subscription Renewal 1 Year Subscription Renewal for Single License, FastReport.Net Win forms + Web forms Subscription Renewal 1 Year Subscription Renewal for Team License, FastReport.Net Win forms + Web forms Subscription Renewal 1 Year Subscription Renewal for Site License, FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET Basic 1 Single Upgrade License (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET Basic 1 Team Upgrade License (for up to 4 developers) (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET Basic 1 Site Upgrade License (allows unlimited developers within one organization at a single physical address) (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET WinForms 1 Single Upgrade License (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET WinForms 1 Team Upgrade License (for up to 4 developers) (includes one year subscription), FastReport.Net 2015.1 Win forms + Web forms Upgrade from FastReport.NET WinForms 1 Site Upgrade License (allows unlimited developers within one organization at a single physical address) (includes one year subscription)

Evals & Downloads: Read the FastReports.Net Class Reference Documentation, Read the FastReports.Net Programmers Manual, Read the FastReports.Net User Manual, Download the FastReports.Net VS2005-VS2010 .NET 2 Evaluation on to your computer - Output Displays Evaluation Label, Download the FastReports.Net for VS2010 .NET 4 Evaluation on to your computer - Output Displays Evaluation Label

Operating System for Deployment: Windows Vista, Windows XP

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Component, Application

Component Type: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS), .NET WinForms, .NET Class, 100% Managed Code

Application Type: Developer Application, Server Application

Built Using: Visual C# .NET

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic 2012, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 2.0

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