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Graphics Mill ActiveX

by Aurigma - Product Type: Component / ActiveX OCX / ActiveX DLL

Graphics Mill ActiveX Edition was discontinued in 2008, only Graphics Mill is available for sale.

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Add comprehensive imaging functionality into your applications. Graphics Mill 2.0 is a set of powerful, fast and memory-friendly components which resolve most image processing requirements: load/save files of most popular formats, enhance, transform, display, reduce colors, combine images, draw imagery, etc. It includes a handy control which allows you to zoom, pan, scroll image, select areas of the image and so on. Graphics Mill 2.0 also allows you to apply color management (using ICM 2.0), so you can handle CMYK images gracefully.

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Main Principles of Graphics Mill Design

  • Provides rich imaging capabilities for developers. Impliments most features necessary for the development of imaging applications
  • Fast and memory-friendly image processing. No implied conversion between pixel formats is made, thus you will never have unexpected extra memory consumption
  • High quality image processing (thanks to various interpolation techniques)
  • Reliable architecture which prevents memory leaks and deadlocks
  • Intuitive API which is easy for ASP and Visual Basic programmers to use
  • Use modern Microsoft technologies such as drawing via GDI+. In fact, GDI+ is one of the most high-quality and powerful drawing engine nowadays.

Imaging Core Features

These features can be used when developing both Web applications and desktop software:

  • Load and save images:
    • Support of various formats:
      • JPEG, PNG, GIF, WBMP, TIFF, BMP - read and write
      • PCX, PSD - read only
      • PDF, SWF - write only
    • Capability to load (as well as save) images from various sources: files, streams, arrays
    • Loading thumbnails on-the-fly from huge images without heavy memory consumption. For example if you generate 100x100 thumbnail from 4000x4000 image, Graphics Mill allows you to avoid occupying 64 megabytes (as would happen if you first loaded the image, then resized it). It can create thumbnail while reading image from file, so you will never consume extra memory
  • Process images in their natural formats:
    • Graphics Mill allows you to load and save images in their natural pixel formats: 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 bits per pixel. So if you load a 1-bit image, it won't be converted to 32-bit image (which avoids occupying 32 times more memory space). Most effects can be applied directly on RGB, Grayscale and CMYK images without conversion
  • Color management:
    • Load and save embedded ICC profiles in files
    • Conversion between color spaces (RGB, CMYK and Grayscale) based on ICC profiles
    • Display images on screen using device profile. Ability to use two profiles together (to see how the image will look on the target device)
  • Color reduction to 2-256 colors:
    • Generate different palettes:
      • Windows
      • Macintosh
      • Web Safe
      • Adaptive
    • Various dithering techniques:
      • Error Diffusion (8 algorithms - Floyd Steinberg, Fan, Jarvis, Original, Stucki, Sierra, Burkes, and Stephenson)
      • Ordered Dithering (2 algorithms - Bayers and spiral)
      • White Noise.
  • Combine images with full support of alpha channel and various combine modes (such as Add, Xor, Substract, Texturize, Screen, Overlay and others - 22 modes)
  • Use various metrics when applying effects, get dimensions, draw lines, curves, shapes etc. You can use the following measurement units: pixels, points, inches, document units, millimeter and percents (relatively image dimensions).
  • Provides various events, including progress notification (which allows to display progress bar). You can display progress bar not only in desktop software, but also in web application.
  • Ability to interrupt all operations using timeout. It is especially important in ASP preventing excess load on server (and thus denial of service).
  • Apply various transforms:
    • Resize (12 interpolation algorithms, including Scale-To-Gray for 1-bit images displaying)
    • Rotate (precise rotation on small angle, antialising, fast rotation on 90, 180 and 270 degrees)
    • Crop
    • Flip
    • Swirl
    • Wave
    • WaterDrop
    • Cylindrize
    • Skew
    • Custom affine transform
    • Custom projective convex transform. It allows you to produce perspective effects, etc.
  • Adjust image colors:
    • Hue/Saturation/Lightness
    • Brightness (both automatic and manual)
    • Contrast (both automatic and manual)
    • Levels (both automatic and manual)
    • Channel Balance
    • Desaturate
    • Invert
  • Apply different effects:
    • Add Noise (with uniform and Gaussian distribution)
    • Blur (Gaussian blur and fast implementation)
    • Edge Detect (9 different filters)
    • Maximum Filter (also known as Erosion)
    • Median Filter
    • Minimum Filter (also know as Dilation)
    • Sharpen
    • Unsharp Mask
    • Waddle
  • Apply artistic effects:
    • Buttonize
    • Emboss
    • Glow
    • Mosaic
    • Page Curl
    • Shadow
    • Solarize
    • Spray
    • Texturize (neighbour images are connected seamlessly)
  • Display image statistics such as image histogram
  • Provides low level access to pixel data (allows you to create fast custom effects on image)
  • Powerful drawing features:
    • Support of two drawing engines:
      • GDI - provides high speed output
      • GDI+ - provides high quality output
    • Draw lines, curves (bezier splines), shapes (as rectangles, ellipses, polygons and more)
    • Ability to use various pens to outline shape (you can specify width, color, style)
    • Ability to use various brushes to fill shape (you can change color, specify whether brush hatched and so on)
    • Work with True Type, Type1 and OpenType fonts. Can retrieve font metrics (ascent, descent, em square and so on)
    • Ability to draw outlined text (for creating artistic captions and so on)

ActiveX Controls and Dialogs for VB

For those who build applications in VB, VC++, Delphi or other languages and environments supporting ActiveX, Aurigma has developed convenient controls and dialogs which will greatly improve your application:

  • Scrollable viewport control with the following key features:
    • Rubber-band selection and zooming
    • Auto zoom
    • High-quality zoom in/out display, supports scale-to-gray resize techinque for bitonal images
    • Displays semi-transparent images (with alpha-channel) correctly
    • Applies color management
    • Displays images at actual physical size (in device-independent units as inches). It is expecially important for images which have different horizontal and vertical resolution (for example fax images). Such images are displayed properly
  • Improved Open/Save dialogs:
    • Image preview. Memory-friendly thumbnail extracting technique is used
    • Displays basic information about image (such as width, size, and color depth)
  • Color selection dialog (in various color models)
  • Powerful demo application (all the source code is included) which can be used as the perfect starter kit. Includes dialogs for all the effects and many other features

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