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Help & Manual Basic by EC Software

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Create advanced multi format help and documentation. Help & Manual is an advanced multi format help authoring tool that provides all the formatting and editing features of a modern word processor. You can output your projects to all standard Windows help formats (HTML Help, Winhelp and MS Help 2.0 / Visual Studio Help), browser-based Help, PDF and Word RTF. All output formats supported by Help & Manual are generated from the same project, you only have to edit your help and documentation once.

Help and Manual Basic Features

WYSIWYG XML Editor - Help & Manual is a WYSIWYG XML editor that feels like Word. You don't need to know anything about XML to work with it.

Tabbed Editors - Open multiple topics simultaneously in tabs to edit them comfortably side by side.

Unicode support - Full Unicode support, meaning you can create help files in up to 106 languages, including Asian languages.

RoboHelp® Import - Help & Manual directly imports RoboHelp® project files.

Template Support - Use and modify HTML templates for topics pages, layout templates for PDF and print, skins for e-books and browser-based help.

Export with skins - Use predefined HTML skins to export your documentation with professionally designed layouts at a mouse click.

Single source - Help & Manual creates all output formats (see below) from one single source without post-processing.

Conditional Output - Include/exclude conditions are supported for chapter, topic and text level. You can customize the export with an unlimited number of user defined builds.

Text Variables - In addition to include/exclude options on text level, use predefined text variables or create your own.

Dynamic cascading styles - Use text, paragraph and tables styles to format the content. All styles support different media types for screen and printed outputs.

Integrated hotspot editor - Help & Manual has a built-in hotspot editor for graphics with dedicated support for topic links, external links, file links and macros.

Comments and bookmarks - Add design time comments anywhere in topics and bookmark topics for later review. Topics also support a topic status, to highlight, filter or sort topics.

Modular help - Seamless integration of multiple projects into each other and merged ouput. Runtime merging is optionally possible if supported by the output format.

Webhelp - Platform independent HTML with Javascript, includes navigation elements with table of contents and keyword index. The Webhelp layout is fully customizable.

HTML Help (.chm) - Compiled HTML Help, the standard Windows help format.

Adobe PDF - Built-in PDF engine with visual layout designer

Microsoft Word - User manual in RTF format optimized for Microsoft Word.

Windows e-books - e-books in Windows 32 bit executable format with customizable skins.

Print Manuals - Direct printing of user manuals formatted with a visual layout designer.

Screen capture - The built-in screen capture tool creates stunning screenshots at a mouse click.

Image editor - Use the integrated image editor to resize and enhance screenshots, add annotations, callouts and text.

Context Help Tool - Support for context sensitive help is fully integrated. Help & Manual additionally can export and import help context number maps.

Project reports - Extensive reports document the status of your help project.

Syntax highlighter - Quickly format source code examples with syntax highlighting for more than 50 programming languages.

Help and Manual Professional Additional Features (includes all the features from the Basic Edition plus the following)

Multi-user editing - Multiple users can work on the same project at the same time. No special server software is required.

Edit XML sources directly - Sometimes you might want to modify the underlying XML sources directly.

Uncompressed XML data sources - Help & Manual uses uncompressed XML as project file format. The XML data source can be translated with external translation tools. It can also be created and maintained by 3rd party applications outside Help & Manual.

Localization support - Project synchronization and the option to save a project in uncompressed XML format make translation with external tools easy.

Create user defined skins - Customize existing HTML skins or create your own.

Repositories - Create and manage repositories for snippets and styles. A repository is a special kind of Help & Manual project that is used to share styles and snippets between multiple projects.

Version Control - Help & Manual Professional has active support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and 100% compatibles, plus direct built-in support for SubVersion.

Publishing Tasks - In addition to publishing your project to a single output format, you can also define "publishing tasks" with a list of multiple output formats and versions of your project. Once you have got a task set up, you just need to select it to perform all the predefined publishing operations in one automated process.

Webhelp with full-text search - Platform independent Webhelp with integrated full-text search.

iPad Export (ePUB format) - Publish directly to the Apple iPad and many other e-book devices using the ePUB standard (optimized for iPad).

Visual Studio Help - Compiled HTML Help format, mandatory for software component documentation in Visual Studio and other development tools.

Keyword Index Tool - An interactive keyword index tool helps you design the index.

Synchronization Tool - Quickly synchronize two help projects and update changes in language pairs.

What's new in Help and Manual V6.4.0?

Conditionally include/exclude entire table rows and columns.

Save image file text fields to XML, translate them, then re-import the translation into the original image. Re-import and export to another image format in a batch process, folder by folder, not image by image.

What’s new in Help and Manual V6.3?

Context numbers implemented.

After publishing automatically open selected topic in the browser (like with CHM files). This will illustrate how to use Webhelp with context-sensitivity.

Sitemaps are split if they exceed the maximum size of 50,000 urls or 10 megabytes in size.

Topics that start with an underscore "_" can be excluded from search.

Menus now use system font size instead of hard-coded font size.

Ruler context menus to quickly access paragraph options and customize the topic editors.

PNG images show alpha transparency.

A second link to the screen capture tool has been inserted in the drop-down menu for easier access.

Synchronize tool now handles repositories.

In-document links are now resolved.

Improved style handling and extended import options implemented.

What’s new in Help and Manual V6?

Updated User Interface

The user interface has been slightly redesigned. Most notably, the File menu is back. The so-called Backstage view as seen in Microsoft Office 2010 has been implemented, which replaces several dialogs. And the additional screen real estate has been used to improve import, publishing and configuration dialogs. Big dropdown menus make it easier to visually select a skin for publishing. Help+Manual 6 is a lot more "visual" throughout.

All new Webhelp 2.0

Help+Manual now creates HTML5 strict and while older templates and skins are still supported, the new standard is integrated Webhelp. The layout has become even more flexible and customizable. It is now really easy to integrate documentation into your website. The new Webhelp output fully supports jQuery and uses animations for non-static content such as table of contents, toggle text, etc. Toggle images and videos can optionally play in lightboxes. Sub-headings in topics are now exported as <h1> to <h6> headings, which increases the relevance of headings for search engines. Additionally, Help+Manual 6 creates an optional sitemap for your Webhelp output.

New publishing formats and publishing tasks

Help+Manual not only imports VisualStudio source code, it can publish the VisualStudio 2010 help format as well. Help+Manual lets you create batch jobs that combine several different outputs and/or different output formats. The publishing batch jobs are saved with the project. An additional function saves the publishing task to a command file for automated batch compilation.

Improved editor, new spell checker and a long list of new features

Help+Manual 6 has tabbed editing, so you can open multiple topics at once and easily switch between them. Help+Manual remembers which topics were open and re-opens them the next time you open the project. Images, toggle images and videos allow text flow around them (this works in PDF as well).

New File Menu replaces the Application Button (Backstage View)

Publishing Tasks for automation

Floating images, toggles and videos with lightbox option for Webhelp/HTML Help and improved spacing options (see picture below)

Automatically return to last topic and open last topics in tabs

When switching between editor and XML source tab, the cursor position is retained

Fully-configurable line spacing, new paragraph spacing buttons

Generate and insert QR codes

Baggage files can be edited directly in Help+Manual

New spell checker with support for Open Office dictionaries, including dictionaries for automatic hyphenation

Light box mode for image toggles and movies

Icons for toggle texts have a 3rd state: hide or replace the icon in PDF, RTF, eBooks and printed manuals

Improvements formatting for tables: individual cell borders, new functiosn to split and sort tables

Popup Formatter for selected text: hovering the mouse over selected text displays the Popup Formatter, with which you can apply formatting and styles quickly

Style Preview in topic editor: styles are temporily applied for preview, while you select them

Improved List handling

All paragraph styles have an additional "Next" style that is automatically applied to the following paragraph

A triple-click in the editor selects the entire paragraph

The Insert Snippet dialog was equipped with a visual preview of the snippet content

Inline snippets: snippets can optionally place inside text

Hyperlinks can automatically pick up the title of the link target

PDF improvements (gutter between columns, variables in all PDF bookmarks)

Publishing: you can publish selected TOC items and apply build options

Repositories for snippets and styles

A repository is a special uncompressed Help+Manual project that you use to share styles and snippets between multiple projects. They are quite specialized and you should really only use them if you have multiple projects that must all have exactly the same styles. This is an excellent way to ensure that your styles are standardized for everyone when you are working on a project in a team.

Publisher directly to the Apple iPad

Help+Manual can publish directly to the Apple iPad. This is not a quirky "webhelp mobile" for smartphones, it's a genuine standards-compliant e-book for offline reading on your iPad.

Create advanced multi format help and documentation.

Pricing: Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic 1 User License, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic 1 User Licence, per User from 2 to 4 Users, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic 1 User Licence, per User from 5 to 9 Users, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic 1 User License, per User from 10 Users, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic - Upgrade from Help & Manual Basic Version 3, 4 or 5 1 User Licence, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic - Upgrade from Help & Manual Basic Version 3, 4 or 5 1 User Licence, per User from 2 to 4 Users, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic - Upgrade from Help & Manual Basic Version 3, 4 or 5 1 User Licence, per User from 5 to 9 Users, Help & Manual V6.5.5 Basic - Upgrade from Help & Manual Basic Version 3, 4 or 5 1 User Licence, per User from 10 Users

Evals & Downloads: Read the Help & Manual XML Reference, Read the Help & Manual help file, View the Help and Manual Edition Feature Matrix, Read the Help & Manual section 508 - Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, Read the Help and Manual End User License Agreement, Download the Help & Manual V6.5.5 evaluation on to your computer - Expires after 30 Days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Application

Keywords: help and manual standard, help and manual standard edition

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