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InstallShield Premier with Virtualization Pack

by Flexera Software - Product Type: Application

InstallShield with Virtualization Pack functionality is now available as part of InstallShield Premier.

Create strong, reliable Windows Installers. InstallShield Premier with Virtualization Pack allows you to create flexible installations quickly and easily across all Windows operating systems. InstallShield Premier with Virtualization Pack includes Microsoft App-V Support for Virtual Packages.

$ 1,740.26

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InstallShield Premier with Virtualization Pack Maintenance Renewals

Add to Cart $ 1,740.26 1 Bronze Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
Mfr. Part No: KBQHDK1
Add to Cart $ 2,486.51 1 Silver Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
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Add to Cart $ 2,586.01 1 Gold Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support) Delivered via Email
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InstallShield a leading Windows installation development solution. InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installations for PCs, servers, and Web applications. InstallShield is the only software installer that can directly convert MSIs to Microsoft App-V virtual packages.

  • Windows Installer (MSI) Installations - Quickly and easily create Windows Installer (MSI) installations with advanced support for SQL databases, IIS web sites, XML editing and much more with InstallShield's intuitive graphical development environment.
  • InstallScript Installations - Achieve maximum flexibility in your installations with InstallScript—a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language. Create script-based installations and Windows Installer Custom Actions.
  • Design DPI-Aware Installations - All InstallShield project types are now DPI-aware, ensuring an optimized user experience when your customers install software on high-DPI devices.
  • Windows Validation Testing - Validate installations against the Windows Logo tests to ensure applications follow Windows and Windows Server best practices.
  • Windows Digital Signatures - Ensure the integrity of installations and support preferred User Account Control (UAC) behavior by digitally signing installations and their files.
  • Check for the Latest Setup Every Time an Installation is Run - Suite/Advanced UI installations can automatically check for the latest version of a setup any time the installation is run, including from the installation's maintenance mode, making it simpler for users to find, download, and install your latest product releases.
  • Upgrade Multi-instance Installations - Develop upgrades that can detect the presence of multiple instances of a product on target systems, and provide end-users with options to select the instance to upgrade. Now supports both major and minor upgrades.
  • Support for the Latest Windows Editions - Confidently deploy your applications to the latest Windows versions, including Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2. Build pure 64-bit installations for Windows Server® Core configurations where WoW64 may be disabled.
  • Deploy to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases - Install databases to the cloud and support hybrid cloud scenarios by deploying database scripts directly to Microsoft Azure SQL databases.
  • Automation Interface - Support continuous integration practices and reduce manual editing by leveraging automation scripts to add files and features, change installation properties and settings, and initiate project builds.
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server Integration - Compile, build and manage InstallShield projects on TFS build servers. Use Team Explorer to configure, schedule, and queue builds for InstallShield projects together with Visual Studio solution builds.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Integration - Create installations directly from the same Visual Studio interface used for other development projects.
  • Additional Time Saving Features - Automatically extract COM information, leverage InstallShield’s extensive library of redistributables, and seamlessly upgrade projects from any previous version of InstallShield.
  • InstallShield Standalone Build - Premier Edition includes 5 licenses. Support continuous integration practices by building InstallShield projects on a separate clean build system
  • InstallShield Collaboration - Integrate installation development into agile development processes by creating a distributed collaborative team. Enable developers, technical writers and other contributors to create and manage their own sections of the installation.
  • Simplify Complex Installations with Suite/Advanced UI Projects - InstallShield’s Suite/Advanced UI projects now support installing Microsoft Web Deploy files to simplify the deployment of web applications. Suite/Advanced UI installations can bundle MSIs, EXEs, Microsoft Web Deploy files and more. They can be bundled with dependencies, server configuration tasks, database scripts, and all the required components of a complex multi-server application.
  • Convert MSIs to Microsoft App-V - Provide flexible installation options for your enterprise customers by creating both Microsoft App-V packages and Windows Installer MSI installations from the same build process. Improve your team’s ability to quickly test and troubleshoot customer issues by providing them with instant streaming access to virtualized instances of multiple product versions.
  • Application Virtualization Suitability Testing - Validate that your product is compatible with the leading application virtualization formats including Microsoft App-V, VMware, ThinApp and Citrix XenApp.
  • Multilingual Support - InstallShield’s development tools are available in both English and Japanese language editions. Localize installations using InstallShield’s default run-time strings in 35 languages, and add your own strings for other languages. Add conditions to deliver different files, registry entries and other resources for each supported language.
  • Install Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy - With the new support for Microsoft Web Deploy, Suite/Advanced UI installations give your customers the flexibility to deploy web applications to their choice of infrastructure—local machines, remote servers in the data center or to Microsoft Azure in the cloud.
  • Provision Virtual Machines from the InstallShield IDE for Testing Installations - Reduce testing time and eliminate manual steps by automatically provisioning virtual machines; choose test image snapshots, power on virtual machines, and stage setups directly from the InstallShield IDE. Supports VMware vSphere, VMware.


The Subscription Plan provides:

  • All upgrades to your InstallShield product for twelve months from the purchase date (with at least one paid upgrade guaranteed during the plan period)
  • Elimination of any extra shipping costs
  • Elimination of purchase order hassles for new releases
  • A convenient way to budget for upgrades annually
  • Plus, Subscription Plans also cover InstallShield Language Packs - possibly saving customers thousands every year, with every upgrade!

The Bronze Support Plan includes:

  • 24 x 7 Knowledge Base Support
  • 24 x 7 Newsgroup Access
  • Optimized Code and Samples Gallery
  • Technical Webinars / Online Product Demonstrations
  • Direct Support Engineer Contact
  • Web-based Support

In addition the Silver Support Option includes:

  • Telephone Support
  • Online Walk-through Project Building Assistance [Fee-based]

In addition the Gold Support Option includes:

  • Senior Level Customer-Specific Designated Support Team
  • Priority Involvement in Beta Programs
  • Priority Queuing Through Dedicated Channels
  • Dedicated Priority Telephone Support Channel
  • Dedicated Priority Web-based Email Support

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