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Infragistics Professional is the new name for Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET.

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Customer Reviews

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hallo-moin [Germany] 19-Aug-2009Review: 

I'm using the tools from Infragistics since a few months and saw many others. I'm still satisfied with this toolset and miss nothing. Although I'm primarily working with Windows Forms and WPF, I also tried ASP.NET and Silverlight for another project recently. ASP.NET is already very voluminous, may be a bit too much. Silverlight on the other hand has only a few controls so far, but they are very powerful compared to others. I'm really looking forward to the next SL release Infragistics announced, there will be a lot more to come.

vithocgioi [USA] 19-Jun-2008Review: 

Excellent product. Great support.
We have tried different product suites, and Infragistics' is the best so far. The components are well-designed with great functionalities. The suite covers almost every requirement that we set. Thus, our development cycle is shortened.

tj [Australia] 16-Nov-2006Review: 

The best of the best...

Excellent product, documentation and support. Sure, it is pricier than the rest, but you do get what you pay for. I initially bought an alternative suite, which is half the price of Infragistics, but got absolutely nothing out of that product. So, in my mind Infragistics is a lot cheaper than the other suite because it gets things done.

Go with Infragistics, you can't lose.

keithmdennis [Kenya] 13-Sep-2006Review: 

Fantastic product. Great set of features, although abit too heavy for light weight windows applications. Also, too many assemblies to deploy for a small app. But otherwise I like it better than the rest so far.

mauro_salvatico [Argentina] 09-Nov-2005Review: 

 *  muy bueno, de lo mejor, de lo mejor......

Translated: Very Good, the best of the best

mark [United Kingdom] 05-Aug-2005Review: 

I've had a subscription now for 2 years and have also C1 components & Janus. I think these components are the rolls royce in the market place from quality, documentation and support. I would like to a few more components around pdf/reporting and sizer. But these components are best i've used since purchasing janus system years ago. Well worth the money ! Especially if using ASP.NET version, they made my life so much easier.

webdeepak [United Kingdom] 14-Jul-2005Review: 

I'm trying to write a web based software. I have just written 4 webforms and I have 3 bugs to my name.
I'm not even a ASP.NET/ C# guru, but still have got these bugs. Its good for simple layouts but as soon you want to do anything clever it does not live upto the expectations.
Unlike the windows the web controls are not that easy. You really need to be an expert to use them and your speed will have the bumps(bugs) definitely.


Anonymous 08-Jun-2005Review: 

Infragistics it´s perfect! but why tree starts... simple this one missing report component and pocket pc component.. if infragistics include graphics and grids components to pocket pc they will be perfect with a 10 starts **********

nathon [USA] 20-May-2005Review: 

Infragistics is the best component package I have ever used. I have used the .NET component package for some time and it always delivers! The NetAdvantage Suite contains both Windows Forms and Web controls as well as the ActiveX controls. You can't beat the deal!

jbos [The Netherlands] 18-May-2005Review: 

I've worked with both the UltraGrid and the UltraChart in C# .NET. They are both quite nice and have nice features. However, if you want something out-of-the-ordinary, these are not the controls to use.

To try them out, the controls are quite straight forward and even provide wizzards. However, if you want to further customise a control, you need to change whole combinations of properties and they are NOT DOCUMENTED at all. The help file is quite empty. The few examples that are provided always show the obvious, like the method without the parameters, in stead of the difficult functionality. You can only try to browse in the Infragistics use groups. Infragistics usual reaction on questions or problem reports, is the advice to upgrade, which usually doesn't help for the problem you have. After such an upgrade some feature didn't seem to work anymore. As it turned out, the default value of some property had changed. The chart also had a thing crashing my whole app. I could program around it by disabling the whole chart before painting and then, at the Paint event, enabling it again.

The chart's arrows are very long and that doesn't make the chart easier to understand, and you can't adjust their lenght. There is no way to control the length of the labels, either on the axis or in the legend. Moreover, the spaces between the legend items are determined by the chart itself and differ for each chart. There is no way to determine how wide the space will be, it looks as if Infragistics determines it randomly. So, either I truncate it too early, leaving empty space, or the text disappears below the legend items. Infragistics told me they would improve the access to the labels in a further release, although not this actual problem. I could not get the logaritmic axis scale work; either the axis labels remained empty or the control crashed my app.

Using a PrintDialog before printing had to be implemented in completely different ways for both controls. With the chart it could be nice implemented. With the grid, strangely, I had to call Print first, and it wasn't until its InitializePrint event, that I could show the PrintDialog and adjust the settings.

mccho [NV, USA] 06-Oct-2010Review: 

I have the latest and greatest version of .net advantage and it is very disappointing to see the lack of follow up to fix various issues and limitations related to their new gridview controls. I have posted several requests on updating lookup data through CSOM and I could not believe the new control's lack of support and disappointing support. I especially dislike how data visualization is not part of the select package.

shaun.hayward [Canada] 19-Feb-2005Review: 

Another great buy. I evaluated grids and components for nearly a year before deciding on Infragistics. Let's just say that I'm not disapointed. I can overlook the odd bug or missing feature for a truly flexibly, unified, and logical set of tools designed with the rapid application developer in mind.

It was an especially great buy after wasting a LOT of money on ComponentOne's product a few years ago. C1 was buggy, hard to use, just didn't work right, and was seriously lacking in features. DevExpress's wasn't bad and would have been cheeper considering that I bought XtraReports (a great reporting tool, by the way). There are some less expensive ones out there too.

But Infragistics beats them all. The best look, the best customization, the easiest to work with, and the most features. NetAdvantage 2005 for VS.NET 2005 promises to be great as well, what with GDI Text and all! Truly awesome!

Anders Bjerin [Sweden] - Binary Industries AB 25-Jul-2004Review: 

After reading Bruce Hemmerich review I had to post my own review.

I have tested most of the "user interface" and charting components for the .Net environment - and Infragistics NetAdvantage is without hesitation the best component collection in this segment.

+ Obviously the components are great and gives your project an almost perfect user-interface without much effort – not much code is needed but the components are still very flexible.
+ It integrates itself neatly within Visual Studio and can be uninstalled correctly if wanted – something many components collections fail to do.
+ It is definitely very (!) stable, undoubtedly the most important feature!
+ Well documented with lots of examples (even if I always want more).
+ Perfect license agreement. No hidden royalties and flexible for the developer “…One developer may utilize a single license on more than one machine as long as they are not used concurrently or shared by other developers…” - excellent, no fuss.
+ The complete source-code is included – a must if you are a serious programmer.

hhfann [Canada] 26-May-2004Review: 

Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 is a quality product. I have had no problems using the controls in a Managed C++ application. The controls are powerful and flexible enough for the requirements of my project. The documentation is adequate but could be better. Most controls are easy enough to get started with; without much learning curve. Its Toolbar Manager control is one of the best implementation of the MS Office 2003 toolbar UI. I like its Appearance object and its embeddable editors architecture.

mightytda [USA] 26-May-2004Review: 

Truly the best.

I've been a Infragistics customer for almost 2 years now. I am 100% satisfied and continue to look forward to the new controls and features to come. My only complaint is that the help file is designed to be like Microsoft's VS.NET help file (which I find to be a complete waste as it doesn't offer any real useful information unless you dig deep through its vague and bulky content), but their examples and source are great! Their knowledgebase is top of the line, and their support team is just as good as Microsofts. They make developing much easier and I feel it's definitely worth the buy.

Carl [Canada] 26-May-2004Review: 

I like their knowledge base a lot, but if the controls you need are included in Janus' suite, I recommend the latter, even though their documentation is almost non-existant. Janus' support is better than Infragistics', though.

woolston [USA] 26-May-2004Review: 

Well I hated to give them a three, but I find it necessary. The controls are awesome. The scheduling components were my primary reason for purchase and they're great. The grid is great, even the editor controls are a step above the .net stock controls. so why the 3 stars? Documentation, or the lack thereof. Everything you see on the Infragistics site (help files and the incomplete "full anual" that's available to demo clients) is all that is available to even those that purchase the product (which I did, assuming there would be more for the retail customer). I even bought the subscription, because it sounded like a good idea. I guess my biggest problem with the controls was the lack of info on the UltraCalendarInfo object, which seems to be central to the entire scheduling component. But the help file is short and vague. No tutorial and barely any sample code. There is a serious need for a full and complete manual on the suite. I won't renew my subscription when it expires. And in hindsight I wish that i would have done a tad more research and possibly purchased the Janus controls. Their documentation is great and you can Print the schedule as you see it, as well as set up scheduling for multi users - both of which are lacking in Infragistics. So If you wanna throw almost $500 into a great grid, then this is the product for you. Otherwise you might want to look elsewhere until Infragistics figures out how to document their products.

haydn.robinson [United Kingdom] 26-May-2004Review: 

Tried a number of different component suites but this one really takes the biscuit. Absolutely fantastic set of controls available, with updates and hot-fixes coming out regularly to keep you up to date. Support is excellent too (and no I don't have the Enterprise License!).

Get it - you won't get better than this.

smatzen [USA] 26-May-2004Review: 

I have worked with the Infragistics controls extensively when I discovered the COM UltraGrid a couple of years ago. The extensive appearance model and almost unlimited capabilities of this grid control peaked my interest to the point that I converted all of my COM projects to Infragistics (Sheridan and ProtoView) controls and got involved in their beta programs. I published three major projects based on the Infragistics COM Controls in an Outlook Style interface before switching to .NET.

When the .NET controls started coming out and my COM projects were completed, I started all of my new projects in Visual Studio .NET using the Infragistics .NET controls. .NET was a tough conversion for an old man like me, but I struggled through it and with the excellent assistance of Infragistics Support I am now publishing both Win Forms and Web Forms applications using the latest NetAdvantage Suite.

I recommend the Infragistics controls to any serious developer who is trying to create robust mission-critical applications for either Win Forms or Web Forms (ASP.NET).


Sam Matzen

lucianpacurar [Canada] 26-May-2004Review: 

few problems when you try to use the UltraGrid (COM component) in the browser; Everything works great in VB.

david [AU] 26-May-2004Review: 

This product is absolutely excellent! Thanks :)

dwking [USA] 26-May-2004Review: 

Pretty incredible deal for .NET developers. You get the web forms controls as well as the windows controls. The web grid does expand/collapse and group by almost as seamlessly as the windows grid. One word of caution regarding the web grid control - if you enable view state on any dataset that has more than a few rows the view state will be HUGE. This causes sluggish response whenever you do a postback (group-by operation, etc.). So I turned off view state and had much quicker response getting the data from the database on every postback. However you will loose the ability to do some things such as group-by if you disable view state.

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