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by O2 Solutions - Product Type: Component / .NET Class / .NET Compact Framework / 100% Managed Code

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andyb90 [USA] 14-Apr-2009Review: 

We use this product in our commerical product. Easy to use, very dependable, support is very responsive. Highly recommended!

joey.kanner [USA] 03-Sep-2008Review: 

I chose PDF4NET because of the broad features and the simplicity of their sample code. I have found the product to be extremely easy to use and it has lived up to my expectations.

Their support team has also been responsive and effective. I highly recommend PDF4NET.

rkamp [CA, USA] 26-Sep-2010Review: 

The is most relaible and dependable PDF viewer I have found. The support has been great, but the update support is pretty expensive.
It has met my needs for all my applications.

i.stanek [Slovak Republic] 14-May-2005Review: 

This component is very good and support of O2 Solutions is great and promt! I can only recommend it!

morgenweckw [USA] 25-Mar-2005Review: 

Be extremely careful. IMHO they have one of the worst upgrade policies in the industry. Minor upgrades (2.5 to 2.6) and fixes cost money after 90 days. So if you find a bug after that good luck.

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