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Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition - Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Edward Huang [New Zealand] 11-Jun-2014Review: 

I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very helpful support while I'm learning on utilising grid controls for my various needs. Whenever I raise a support call, Syncfusion support team always come back useful information, and quite often supplies with sample code on how to achieve what I want. Highly recommended.

Matt [United Kingdom] 29-Jan-2014Review: 

We used the SyncFusion WinRT Toolkit for a project last year with great results, so they were a natural choice when we were looking for a JavaScript control suite for our next project. The components look good, work well, and the SyncFusion support team have been fast and friendly when we've needed to resolve an issue or request a new feature. Highly recommended!

alexander.sirotkin [Russia] 16-Jan-2014Review: 

We purchased Syncfusion Essential Studio a few years ago and pretty satisfied with this decision. Our application includes all kinds of win forms controls and syncfusion controls fit our needs. However sometimes we get stuck with using syncfusion controls in some specific way or we find a bug with them. And Syncfusion technical support really helps here. They do their best - response quickly and accurate. I like their Incident/Ticket system. For now I created about 10 issues and all were successfully resolved. You never get lost - they help and even you have found a bug, it will be fixed in the nearest release, which are deployed about every month.

r.guerzoni [Italy] 16-Jan-2014Review: 

I am a customer of Syncfusion for a few months and I'm really happy we decided to purchase.
Syncfusion libraries are truly complete and outclass all my needs. I'm amazed at how complex a package so it can be used in a short time.
My favorites controls are Grid, Tree Map, and Charting.
I found into the latest release even more controls (such as Digital gauge and Linear gauge) that will allow me to improve the user interface of my applications with ease and maintaining a uniform style. The introduction of the touch functionality will be provided: inltre me to fully exploit the new hardware technologies in my applications.
I can safely recommend this product to anyone.

Andy [IA, USA] 15-Jan-2014Review: 

We purchased a license for the Essential Studio Silverlight Controls & LightSwitch Extensions in late 2013. We primarily have used the LightSwitch extensions/controls and they work well for our purposes for a line-of-business application (targeting mostly reporting). The controls are simple to use, the documentation is easy to understand, and the support has also been great. I would recommend this product specifically based on the support I received when trying to work through a few issues and reconciling a bug I found.

My only complaint is I wish the LightSwitch extensions were licensed/sold separately instead of being bundled with the Silverlight controls (which I'm not using). However, I understand that the LS controls/extensions are basically Silverlight wrappers. This is my only nit.

If you are looking to add some enhancements to your LightSwitch products/projects (for the desktop client), I highly recommend Syncfusion's product.

marcus.rumbohm [Germany] 06-Nov-2013Review: 

All of these components are intuitive and very easy to customize.
We use the whole components library of Syncfusion and our users are also fascinated.

My favorite control is the GridGrouping control. With this control you are able to create a high customizable grid experience for your customers.

Thanks Syncfusion for this great library.

marcus.rumbohm [Germany] 25-Oct-2013Review: 

All of these components are very intuitive and very easy to customize.
We use the whole components library of Syncfusion and our users are also fascinated.

My favorite control is the GridGrouping control. With this control you are able to create a high customizable grid experience for your customers.

Thanks Syncfusion for this great library.

richard [United Kingdom] 16-Jul-2013Review: 

I am using Syncfusion Enterprise Edition to draw flow charts and process documents with PDF conversions. I have all the components I need but best of all is the Incident Support system which provides me with first class and quick replies to my programming issues. A first class facility which I find invaluable in this age of ever changing complex programming environments - particularly since documentation for both operating systems and development tools becomes ever more complex and difficult to navigate around and find the answer to a question.

oliver.angermueller [Germany] 14-Mar-2013Review: 

As I wrote in my first review we use Syncfusion almost from the beginning. For years we only used the Windows Forms package. In the past year we started to make more use of the great variety of Wpf components (e.g. TreeGrid, Gauge, etc.). These components provide the same quality standards we are used from the Windows Forms components. One big advantage of using Essential Studio is that Syncfusion is able to keep pace with Microsoft. If Microsoft comes up with new features and design standards it won´t take long until these can be found in Essential Studio.

The support of Syncfusion is still outstanding. If one needs help or support one can be sure to get it as soon as possible.

So in my opinion it cannot be a mistake choosing Essential Studio.

Whit Waldo [TX, USA] 17-Jan-2013Review: 

I have only been using SyncFusion's Essential Studio for the last two months, but they are the best component supplier I've ever worked with. Their source code is well documented, their class and component documentation is detailed and easy to use and their product works very well. With regards to support, it'd be tough to match their quality seeing as I get a response within 24 hours with not only a description of where I went wrong with something, but also a fully-working Visual Studio solution demonstrating how to do whatever I asked.

augustocdias [Brazil] 16-Jan-2013Review: 

I loved the produtct. There are excelent components. And for silverlight there's some styles to redesign the entire components of the technology. Their support is excelent. They reply fast and give good solutions.

anderso17 [OH, USA] 14-Jan-2013Review: 

We have used Syncfusion for our development needs since 2002. We have used the desktop, and mvc versions of the controls and love all of the products. They are very easily to use and easily incorporated in your projects. Their technical support is absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend Syncfusion over all other control offerings out there.

hector.gabriel.romero [Mexico] 07-Jan-2013Review: 

These components are very helpful, gives you a lot of options, they are really friendly, I mean you can integrate them in your projects with just looking at the examples, which by the way are pretty simple in a good way!

One of the best things about Syncfusion is the support, it is great, the answer is fast and good, they care about their users! Other important aspect is it allowed me to reduce the development time.

I was sceptical when a coleague recommend it to me, but now I am the one who recommends it, I'm using their controls in all my Silverlight and Windows Forms applications. 5 stars with not doubt!

ronr [WA, USA] 07-Jan-2013Review: 

We are using Syncfusion Tools on many projects. The tools are well designed but more importantly the support is great. Not too long ago we had a project that required us to dynamically create a formated PDF. The guys at Syncfusion worked with us to make sure we were able to deliver on time and spec. We use several of the tools religiously like the treeview and the export to excel tools. We are just now looking into their new Orobus mobile app tools. Stay tuned. I will let you know how our testing turns out. Ron R. - Global Software Solutions

Anonymous 24-Dec-2012Review: 

We're using Essential Studio's data grid controls to deliver powerful, high performance data driven applications. We've found the components to be very easy to integrate into our solution and highly configurable to meet our specific requirements. The SyncFusion team have been great in helping us along the way and quickly respond to questions or issues we raise.

ulrich b. boddenberg [Germany] 21-Dec-2012Review: 

These components are really great.
I develop primarily with ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, but there are also lots of SharePoint projects. The ASP.NET components help a lot with delivering good looking web applications. They simply work great.
Another great thing in the Enterprise Edition are the components for modifying and coverting office-documents and PDF-documents. I use them very often - really great.

I want to mention the service:
a) When You ask for support, it's quickly answered and they really help
b) I asked for a feature, which was not implemented. The Syncfusion-support did a feature request, and, voilà, three weeks later, it was implemented

It's really five stars.

Uli Boddenberg
D-44319 Dortmund, Germany

Chris Wong [Hong Kong] 19-Dec-2012Review: 

I have used the WPF controls such as gauge and chart to build a dashboard in a project. The functions are diversified that we are still exploring it to increase the business value it can give. On the other hand, the support is awesome which is fast (within 24 hours) and helpful, I can resolve the problem I met in a day. This product also come with a plenty of samples which helps developers a lot.

jbolton [PA, USA] 18-Dec-2012Review: 

This will perhaps be a different review in that I'm using Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition with a language that many of you will not know - ASNA Visual RPG for .NET. This means that I'm a gray-haired "dinosaur" who is just getting used to object oriented programming.

I've found Essential Studio to be a welcome and valuable addition to my .NET activities. My company got started first with just the xlsIO portion of the package. I had been creating small spreadsheet creator routines and moving data via the Clipboard was creating slow running routines. The ability to directly create .xls files (and now .xslx files) was invaluable. As my skills with .NET progressed, I was asked to create a routine that would read spreadsheet data and move it onto our company's IBM iSeries (now called System i, formerly the AS/400) platform. The decision was made to upgrade to the full suite and we're glad we did. The application is up an running to the delight of several users.

I have to say that the support staff at Syncfusion has been fantastic. As a grizzly old procedural programmer, getting the hang of .NET (and in my case, having to translate C# syntax into a slightly different form for Visual RPG) has been an experience. The Syncfusion Direct-Trac system has been invaluable to me. The technical support folks usually have an example code set that they can send. These alone have increased my understanding of this new programming method.

I've only scratched the surface of what I can do with Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. It has definitely been worth what my company paid for it and I would enthusiastically recommend the product to anyone working in .NET.

eryoth [Romania] 18-Dec-2012Review: 

I have purchased the Syncfusion suite in order to use them in my Lightswitch projects.

They work great and I could also use the controls in other projects (they cover WinForms, ASP.Net and others). Whenever I had a concern or got lost in doing something their support was fast and reliable, pointing me in the right direction.

I am reccommending this suite to my friends, since it's really great!

Anonymous 17-Dec-2012Review: 

I am a pretty recent user of the Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition but I feel already the need to spread my pleasant experiences with regards to the products and the excellent support services of this company!
Being mostly a winforms developer, I come to say that the Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition has practically one control for every possible need! Their controls are very straight-forward to use and well documented. Moreover, the accompanying examples are very illustrative and even provide ideas for usage in your own application(s).
Their support is AAA class! Their response time is very short and straight to the point. Even if you ask for something that is not currently supported, they take your request in serious consideration for their future releases. They really care for the customer service and I think they excel in this field!

andre.ahlberg [Sweden] 05-Dec-2012Review: 

We use alot of syncfusion components in our products and it works great!

Been working alot with the grids and they work splendid, easy to customize for your needs! The support is great and readily answers any questions about the components and helps with any potential problems in an effective manner! Only have positive things to say!

dave [United Kingdom] 28-Nov-2012Review: 

The Syncfusion products are superb!

The support team answer any questions quickly and promptly. The documentation is excellent and the sample program examples make it easy to solve any particular problems implementing the .Net controls into our applications.

The intuitive nature of the controls make it a delight to use the Syncfusion library - it rocks!!!

hind_john [United Kingdom] 15-Nov-2012Review: 

Their support team is the best I have ever dealt with. They always respond with an example application to explain a bug fix or some sample code. The tools are easy to use and regularly updated.

wissam.chahla [Lebanon] 18-Jan-2012Review: 

Simply stop your search for tools and buy Syncfusion.
You will get all you want in one package and with a complete sample set that covers all controls.
Their support is 5 stars and remarkable.

Dieter.Grube [Germany] 09-Jan-2012Review: 

I am using Syncfusion Essential Studio now for eight years. It contains everything what is making my life easier.
The controls I used are all very good, fast and easy to use. The most outstanding thing is the support. I always got a response in one day, best time was 20 minutes! Excellent.
You make a very good job, thank you Syncfusion.

Anonymous 04-Jan-2012Review: 

The Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition is great and we are using it since 8 year.
In our C# software product we use lot of different controls from the Syncfusion framework. We can also have access to the source code of lot of controls.
The support is funtastic and we have an answer to our questions in less than 24 hours. We had online go to meeting with the support team and this was great.
We found the failure together and fixed it. The further development of the framework is very good because the further development of your software is very important too.

All in all we are very pleasend with syncfusion. Thanks for the team work in the last year and in the future :)

billgardnerdev [United Kingdom] 15-Dec-2011Review: 

I've used the WPF controls (especially the GridDataControl and DockingManager) for the last two months and am delighted with them. They work well, look attractive and save a lot of development time. I have written a Business Intelligence in a fraction of the time it would have taken with other third party controls or my own custom controls.

Support has been superb. The Syncfusion developers have written samples to show me how to accomplish tasks, incorporated new features I requested and patched minor bugs, all quickly and professionally.

peter.hansen [Germany] 15-Dec-2011Review: 

We are now using Syncfusion Essential Studio. It covers all UI and additonal products that we need to update our existing application. The use of the controls is easy and in a lot of examples well described. With using Syncfusion we will replace controls from other providers because syncfusion UI are easier to use and faster.

Aamir M [CA, USA] 08-Dec-2011Review: 

I have been using Syncfusion Essential Studio (Windows Forms version) for quite a few years now. This product has come a long way to become a stable, robust and efficient set of controls backed by a talented and super-responsive support team. I use the drawing, grid, chart, mini toolbar, supertooltip and XlsIO controls heavily in my software. They are easy to use and there is no guessing needed. Any issues or questions are handled promptly and professionally by the support team. I usually get a response back in less than 12 hrs. Infact, i have learnt a few tips and tricks from the support team that i did not know were possible.

Thank you SyncFusion. You reduced our development time by a big slice!

Jack Knox 25-Oct-2011Review: 

Extremely disappointed with the MVC version of this tool suite. Particularly since we had heard good things about Syncfusion from other developers who had used the suite for web forms and silverlight. But the MVC version is definitely not up to the standards of Syncfusion's more mature products. The problems? There are many. First of all, the script implementation is significantly slower than other tools we have looked at . We clocked the graph as loading almost twice as slow as the other tool suites. This is the real deal-breaker. Also, we found the tools unnecessarily difficult and quirky to implement. Again, we base this in comparison of other suites we explored. The documentation in general is poor. The examples and samples all use older versions of the MVC framework and it is a real pain to get them to simply run properly. Also, all 4 of the programmers in our shop who tested this suite encountered issues with inconsistent implementation between the specific tools. We couldn't figure out why the scheduling implementation was so different from the graph, and the graph from the gauges, etc. Again, we found competitor tools far more consistent in this regard. Overall, we can't recommend this product for the MVC framework.

Ashish Bahuguna 18-Oct-2011Review: 

After evaluating multiple vendor solutions, we choose to purchase Syncfusion Controls for our Development Projects. One of our main criteria selecting the vendor was After Sales Support. We were overwhelm with their support and the turnarround response time was less than 24 hours. This was far beyond our expectation and we would personally recommend Syncfusion for their Quality and Support. Our best wishes are there with their development team and would look forward for other controls.

cradoi [Germany] 17-Oct-2011Review: 

I am happy to work with this product, because it is easy to use it, brings a lot of new functionality and offers a lot of possibilities to give the customer a nice and comfortable user interface. I want also to mention, that if a problem occurs, I get always in no time an useful and professional help from the support team. Thank you, Syncfusion!

Y.J. [ASIA] 15-Oct-2011Review: 

I have used syncfusion for the 2 months and have learned diagram controls.

At this period their support team has offered sample project responsive to my issues and had offered completely answer for my question.

Their support team had made me proficiency on it soon. And greatly make me amazing with passion to resolve my quesion.

All in all ,Their support team is very great for I did saw before.

jwei [CA, USA] 30-Sep-2011Review: 

We started using Syncfusion UI controls for WPF/Silverlight a few months ago. The controls have professional look-and-feels, and they are very easy to use. Their support team is awesome! We emailed them our questions, and always receive response back within 24 hours. There are occasions that we requested product enhancement (such as additional XAML support instead of only code-behind), they created patches for us in a few weeks. I definitely recommend Syncfunsion.

Mohan_babu [India] 30-Sep-2011Review: 

I have been using this product from past 1.5 years and found that it is Very Good product and to support that they have a very good technical support team. i really liked the way they resolve the issue and also provide sample code which really help a lot.. i believe for any product to be successful support is the crucial area and this product has that...

jwei [CA, USA] 23-Sep-2011Review: 

A few months ago we started using Syncfusion controls for WPF and Silverlight. The controls are very easy to use. Their support teams are awesome! We emailed them questions, and always get a reponse back within 24 hours. I have submitted feature requests in the past (such as XAML support for certain properties) to the support teams, and they provided me with a custom patches within 2 to 3 weeks.

jimslater [CO, USA] 20-Sep-2011Review: 

We purchased Syncfusion Reporting to replace COM access to Office in an app that creates spreadsheets and docs. It seems to be about 20X faster versus using Office COM. Then we upgraded to the Enterprise Edition for use in an MVC app. The product performs wonderfully and has made a big improvement in the look and feel of our MVC app. The documentation is sometimes a little lacking, but that is in part to the vast number of features available. Not much of a problem, because all we have to do is post a message to their forum, and within 24 hours their support people provide the answer, usually accompanied by a sample project to illustrate the solution! Hands down the best support I have ever seen for a .Net product.

john fairbanks [TX, USA] 15-Sep-2011Review: 

We have used Essential Studio for the past two years under WinForms, WPF, and Silverlight and we have been amazed at the breadth of the offering. There are SO many different things in this offering, and every one we've used has been done well and thoroughly. (So far we've used the chart, grid, diagram, and Excel functionality)

No toolkit is perfect, but Syncfusion support has been extremely responsive to our issues (usually we can get a patch in 2-4 days), or if we are simply posting a question about how to do things they will send us a customized sample program within 1-2 days, although generally the samples that ship with the toolkit are sufficient. Although I have listed the typical response times we've encountered in our practical experience, this last week we encountered a problem during our product rollout and they dropped everything they were doing and worked to resolve it for us within 2 hrs - you just can't ask for better responsiveness than that. We are a small company with only a handful of licenses, but they have treated us in responsiveness as if we were a Fortune 500 company.

Another thing we really like about this toolkit is that it was designed and built with an eye for performance. In past toolkits I have hit performance walls that have killed my app, but Syncfusion appears to have made a deep commitment to performance from the design level which has prevented us from hitting unsurmountable performance walls. Any time we've run into a performance problem they have been able to show us ways to use the toolkit differently to achieve our performance goals, or in rare cases have made specific patches for us.

All in all, an amazing package and truly the one single 3rd party toolkit that can meet 95% of your needs.

compuman81 [GA, USA] 11-Sep-2011Review: 

Highly recommend purchasing the support plans that Syncfusion offers. All of the problems that I have encountered developing on the Chromium platform are promptly solved, even if what I have found is a bug in the platform. Also, the support is recommended if you need help starting to develop on the project. As I have not written many applications in .net, the support team has provided timely assistance and examples for all of the questions I have come up with. If you hate reading manuals, syncfusion support is for you.

jfennell [MA, USA] 25-Aug-2011Review: 

I have just started using the Syncfusion controls over the past few weeks, focusing primarily on the web chart controls for ASP.NET. The controls are very easy to work with, robust and powerful, and allow a developer to easily create an excellent graph of any data source. What I have been most impressed with, however, is Syncfusion's customer support. Using their online Direct-Trac system for submitting questions, I have always gotten a response within one business day, and the responses have always been thorough and well explained. The response have also always included a .ZIP file with a code sample put together by the support engineer to illustrate the suggested solution. What an excellent way to provide world-class support to customers! Providing good support to developers who use your components is as important as creating good components, in my opinion, and Syncfusion scores high.

In my working with the charts, I came across a situation that suggested an enhancement to the product needed to be made. When I submitted it through Direct-Trac, I recieved a response within one business day, as usual, letting me know they were evaluating it. Just one business day later, I received an update that the issue had been confirmed, logged as a defect, and scheduled for a fix. They even supplied me with an expected ETA for availability of the fixed version! And the fix is expected within two weeks of reporting the issue.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the Syncfusion controls and I know we have made the right choice for a suite of powerful components to improve our Web and Windows applications for years to come. I'm proud to include Syncfusion's Essential Studio Enterprise Edition in my toolkit!!

nealking [United Kingdom] 25-Aug-2011Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion's products since 2005 and I can safely say that you will not get a better suit of .NET controls and libraries. They fully support Windows Forms, ASP.NET and most importantly WPF. They are always very quick to adopt the new technologies introduced by Microsoft and they had WPF controls in the studio very early on.

Its one thing having a great product but it’s essential that your support infrastructure can deliver in a timely and accurate manner. Again, Syncfusion really excel here and the Direct Track incident reporting facility in your web login is fantastic. They always get back to you within 24 hours (normally 12 hours but depends on your time zone. I am in the UK and they are in the US) and keep you posted on progress in a very courteous way.

I would recommend that you purchase the source code edition of the studio as it is very useful if you want to make your own alterations to a build but we use it mainly for product component protection and it’s a great reference point as well.

I asked Syncfusion for a standalone PDF viewer control to be added to the suite a while back as nearly all of the viewer’s available were not native .NET and none were for WPF (without using Windows Forms Host). Syncfusion listened and in the latest release they introduced a Windows Forms and WPF PDF Viewer control which is brilliant.

If you’re looking for a .NET suite you really won’t get better that Syncfusion and the support they provide is the best around.

hill_j 16-Aug-2011Review: 

We have used the Syncfusion Essential Studio for the past 9 years and I have always been impressed with the feature set and ease of use with the controls they provide. I recently asked for an enhancement to an old version of their library for a legacy application and the support and turnaround time was superb. They implemented the new feature and got me the updated assemblies in time to be implemented and tested for a planned release.

patrick.ams [Germany] 12-Aug-2011Review: 

After trying out many tools for MVC, we finally moved to Syncfusion in May and are more than happy with the product. It is probably the most comprehensive suite of controls for MVC currently available. Besides the braod range of available controls, the most important aspect is the unmatched customer support. Any question is answered fast and most often with a small example. Besides, the support always follows up on issues. This makes Syncfusion on of the suites available and is worth the investment, especially for small companies.

abaloush [Saudi Arabia] 29-Jul-2011Review: 

I use Synfusion for seferal years and I will continue to do that for years to come. Simply it is a great .net library. The samples that are published with the software are very usefull and practical. Nearly every property or method of a component is well examplified. Poeple at Syncfusion are exccellent and promtly supportive.

akulkarni [GA, USA] 27-Jul-2011Review: 

We used SyncFusion ASP.NET MVC Gauge control and it was such a time saver and had a great impact on the visual layout of our reports. Tech support was amazing - they responded to our requests promptly and even implemented a new feature for us in record time and made it available before our own release date - absolutely amazing!

mark [LA, USA] 14-Jul-2011Review: 

We've used Syncfusion for 3+ years, and it's been a big boost to our productivity. The editor controls simplify data entry and reduce the amount of validation and checking we need to do to ensure correct information is being input into the system. And the Excel component allows us to give our users the flexibility to import/export data in a simple and quick manner. I'd highly recommend Syncfusion to anyone.

dave [United Kingdom] 14-Jul-2011Review: 

The Syncfusion suite of products are delight to use. They are intuitively easy to use but if help is required the support team is able to offer advice and solutions promptly. They should be the first choice in any .Net development.”

Alvin Yin [NY, USA] 01-Jul-2011Review: 

Our team has been using Syncfusion DataBoundGrid and GroupingGrid for 6 years. sometimes we also use some other Chart, PDF. controls. from our perspective compared with other grids, the Syncfusion grid is very easy to be developed, less code, more features is a good part. Their API is pretty complicated, so we need their support quite often and the support is very good. always solve the problems timely and in very clear explanative way. We have been Syncfusion users for six years. we have continued subscribing it this year.

joseph.stanish [NC, USA] 14-Jun-2011Review: 

This is a great tool. Powerful; effective and efficient! I love the ease-of-use and flexibility to provide advanced functionality with minimal effort.

Ramon [TX, USA] 01-Jun-2011Review: 

Outstanding technical support

oliver [TX, USA] 01-Jun-2011Review: 

I used Syncfusion WPF controls (GridDataControl, GroupBar, TreeViewAdv, etc) and they are really easy to implement. The samples that were included also helped a lot especially when using the controls for the first time or when implementing an unfamiliar feature. Best of all is the support for bug fixes, implementation problems and questions. They always respond immediately to user inquiries. Their incident tracking site is also very helpful especially for large teams where users may encounter the same issues. I highly recommend this product!

farooq.mohammed [IL, USA] 31-May-2011Review: 

We have used the syncfusion for about 3 years and have really liked it. We went through the updgrades from 6.x to 7.x to 8.x with absolutely no problems. That is one big plus. We use grid/virtual grid, grid grouping control, treeview, docking manager and many other common controls. The runtime samples and code behind it really helps in using the component. The support team is very helpful and provide solutions with sample code. I highy recommend the product.

farooq.mohammed [IL, USA] 31-May-2011Review: 

I use grid/virtual grid, grid group control , treeview, Docking Maanger and many other common controls from this product. The samples and the code really helps us to use any new controls, plus if we don't find much info there, the support team at sync fusion have been very helpful in resolving our issues/needs. Several of my teammates like the product and specially the response from support team. I highly recommend this product.

Theodore [Greece] - Skourisoft 24-May-2011Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion for about three years. The product was extremely easy to install and use.

Syncfusion provides a rich control set that greatly facilitates the creation of professional GUIs.
Apart from the visual components, XlsIo(excels), and PdfIo(pdfs) enables us to have full control over
our report creation mechanism.

Finally, we would like to note that in every case the support team was very helpful. We received detailed
answers/explanations, and in many cases code examples, for all our support incidents.

It is highly recommended

Cowboy.markbull [China] 24-May-2011Review: 

The product is good , and service is great ! i summited a question and got the answer quickly and solved it.

Cowboy.markbull [China] 23-May-2011Review: 

Our team is just begin to use Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition mainly for Plot function of our product . Although we are just beginning to use it . Their support team gave me an impressed feeling by their quick response and solution when i met an issue installing the software. Because other teams in our company strongly suggest us to use it and they thought it's a good product after using it for some time. i will go on post my further comments after spend more time on it.

srikanthk [India] 08-Apr-2011Review: 

Excellent product and superb service.
Much impressed with the product support team - always ready with sample code that helps in nailing down issues faster. Keep up the good work.


ling.zhou [TX, USA] 06-Apr-2011Review: 

Great product, excellent service! I was very impressed with Syncfusion's product support team, for providing useful sample code in a timely fashion, which helped me to meet my project schedule.

p.irmler [Germany] 06-Apr-2011Review: 

Our goal is to develop a new measurement software with Visual Studio 2010 and WPF. In support of graphic elements, we were looking for a professional tool. After we saw various products, our decision was made for Syncfusion Essential Studio. There is a wide range of controls available. We use the controls in the field of Tools, Chart, Grid, and Gauge. The diversity of options is not for the novice to easily identify all the possibilities - but is an excellent tool to clear the sample browser provided by Syncfusion. Besides the actual application, you have direct access to the underlying source code - so the solutions are shown as transparent as possible. The biggest advantage we see, is the very good and very fast support from Syncfusion. Questions are answered competently and in detail with sample code. We are very pleased with Syncfusion.

Lars Bodin [Denmark] 01-Apr-2011Review: 

I have been working on a couple of projects where we needed to write some nice reports as either PDF files or Microsoft Word documents. We have looked at several different components but decided to use Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition as this includes components for reading and writing both PDF, DOC and XLS files and also have several nice UI and Chart components. Before we decided on using Syncfusion for my project I had implemented some charts using a another chart component, but they just did not look the way I wanted even though I spend a lot of time working with it. I was surprised how easy it was to rewrite those charts using Syncfusion Essential Chart instead - and now they look just the way I wanted from the start! Writing reports as Microsoft Word documents was also very easy with Syncfusions Essential DocIO component. Syncfusion has very good customer support and continue to improve Essential Studio Enterprise Edition, so I am sure I will use these components in future projects also. :)

m.husseini [Germany] 01-Apr-2011Review: 

I use Syncfusion Essential Studio for UI development with WPF. With the provided design time utilities and samples it was quite easy to get started and to move on quickly. Other reviewers have written much about the suites functionality and I don't have much to add. The point I'd like to stress out is the great support. I got answers to my issues right on the next day, and if there was an issue that could not be solved as quickly, I got a mail telling me on what day to expect an answer (or a patch). I know so many other companies leaving you completely in the dark here, so I really appreciate Syncfusion's communication.

Darren [FL, USA] 15-Mar-2011Review: 

We previously used COM automation to build Word and Excel documents. The unreliability of this was the single biggest support issue we had. We have since switched to Syncfusion's tools (DocId and XlsIO) and have been totally impressed by these components. They are rock solid and the support team are always there to help if you have any questions. This is the future of automatically building documents and Spreadsheets.

wliu [ON, Canada] 09-Mar-2011Review: 

I am using Syncfusion Silverlight Diagram Feature, it make our development work much easier.
With Syncfusion , we can always find a better way for our solution.

And aslo the supporting team from syncfusion is very helpful.

Will Liu

M. Hagenow [Germany] 08-Mar-2011Review: 

I am using Syncfusions tools now for 7 years. After my change to AUDI AG I convinced my boss of buying the essential studio. Today I am using it to create software tools around the AUDI engine test benches.

I believe that in the .Net area Syncfusion has one of the most powerful solutions for creating software. Syncfusions Essential Suite helps me to reduce development time, to standardize software and to offer a modern and common GUI to the user for an outstanding price.

If someone is looking for a tool which can assist you in that way, I would recommend Syncfusion.

Martin Hagenow

yannick.nabrin [Hong Kong] 08-Mar-2011Review: 

I using Syncfusion's products every single days for 1 year, and I'm fully satisfied by these products. (Essential studio (windows form), XLSIO,...)

I find everything so easy, tools are very strong and stable, provided samples are covering almost every majors topics that you might met as a developper, and when that's not the case, the helpdesk if very proficient and provide you good personnalised samples within a day generally. That's great.

tech [ITALY, Italy] 24-Feb-2011Review: 

I have been using Syncfusion Enterprise Edition with full satisfaction for about 2 years. In particular, the grid for ASP.NET has solved my problems with ease on the hierarchical view of data.
The strict approach to programmatic server-side, as well as an extensive client-side programming support, greatly eased the development of my web applications. The look of the control is attractive and clean. In short, I find Syncfusion Studio Enterprise toolset complete, powerful, and reliable for every kind of development; a real platform for the development of my applications.
The technical support is offered by professional developers who act with great accuracy and precision. My problems were always resolved within a very short time.
My overall impression is that Syncfusion is a partner who follows its customers in every aspect, both in software development, and with the assistance that the customer aspects.
Again congratulations.
Maurizio Selvaggini

Daniel R. [Germany] 23-Feb-2011Review: 

We are using Syncfusion since 5 years. The installation is very simple. It can be installed with a lot of examples. It works with every Framework and Visual Studio Version together.
With each new version they add many useful features. From the first line of code to the functioning part of the program, it is usually only a few minutes. If you have any questions, the online support answers in less than 24 hours.
I can only recommend Syncfusion Essential Studio.

sofyan.awaludin [Indonesia] 17-Feb-2011Review: 

Long time ago, We build business application for our company using MSACCESS, a rapid application development tool from Microsoft office. We can make very rich user interface using it, fast development and our users were happy with it. We're always able to bring suitable applications that support business activities.
After view years our company growing very fast, new employees were recruited, double... triple .. and at the end our tailored business application begin to run heavily because of the number of new users is too big if handled by MSACCESS applications.

There was an idea to use another development tool, then We choose Visual Studio .Net. Others problem come, Controls that are provided by Visual Studio .Net is not enough, it's very hard to create a user interface that MSACCESS can do easily. Especially Grid control. You know .. when users are familiar and happy with something in old application then they will always look for that. They always ask, why can not be like this.. like that ??. Those questions really disturb me.

My boss allow me to search a third party software to make my job easier. I compare several products, download and evaluate. Until I found Syncfusion Essential Studio. After evaluating, I thought this is the control I need. The Grid control is very flexible, it can be touched until the cell level. Syncfusion also provide many good examples that we can use as learning stuffs. At that time We bought 2 license of Essential Studio Winform Binary. I was surprised once again, this time by Syncfusion support team. We have problem then asking for support, in one day the support team come with solutions..

Now We're still using Visual Studio .NET and Syncfusion Essential. We've upgraded to Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Binary because We want to upgrade our business application to Silverlight and WPF based. We have bought Syncfusion products for two times.. As You may know, the customer will not come in two times for bad products

Keep up the good work....

richard [United Kingdom] 15-Feb-2011Review: 

We've been using Syncfusion's Essential Studio Suite since 2005 and have found it to be a very comprehensive suite of controls. While our usage is restricted to the various GridControls, Charting, XlsIO and a couple of other UI controls, there are many others in the suite. Again, we're only using WinForms controls at the moment, but will be looking to use the extensive WPF controls shortly - hard to keep up as they bring out several updates each year.

Documentation has certainly improved over the years, but (like many control writers), I wouldn't say it's their strong point. Support is great as long as you can provide sufficient steps for them to be able to reproduce the issue. They are generally very knowledgeable and respond within 1 business day.

As with all suites, there are always going to be bits missing / features you'd expect, but you can't have it all. Overall, great value, great support and fantastic controls.

Swarley [South Africa] 15-Feb-2011Review: 

We have recently switched over to Syncfusions' component library and I have to say, I have never worked with a more comprehensive and user friendly package before.

They have a wide range of highly customizable and easy to use tools to suite most needs, along with excellent demonstrations and example source code. I am particularly pleased with their WPF components. I have found, being a relatively new technology, most vendors haven't been able to take full advantage of the platform. Syncfusion however, seem to be getting it spot on.

And in terms of support, you'd be hard pressed to find a better team. Their staff are helpful, friendly and above all, efficient. Their turnaround time when it comes to fixing issues is simply superb and I'd gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid set of components.

Kumar Ramdurgkar [NY, USA] 10-Feb-2011Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion Essential studio for a while now and I have been extremely happy with the amount of flexibility their controls offer.

We use the WPF Grid control in very intense financial applications that load a large number of portfolio and market positions and update the grid in real time. The performance of the grid control is exceptional and is blazingly fast with the updates.

The product support is great and I have had a very positive experience with their support staff. These guys are very technical and understand your questions well. They do at times even provide sample applications and video attachments to explain you how to do a few complex things.

The grid control is the essence of any financial application and I have stress tested many other component providers but decided to go with the Syncfusion product in the end because of better performance, less CPU load and a much smaller memory footprint.

The WPF Grid control is a unique cell based architecture that allows you to subclass the grid and take control at a cell level. I think this is worth buying just for the grid control.

Syncfusion Essential studio also offers a whole set of nice little advanced control widgets that make your life simple while making the app look sexy, this is the new definition of rapid application development.

Great job guys! kudos

apeoples [DE, USA] 09-Feb-2011Review: 


I am a senior developer at my organization and I needed tools to intergrate into a series of new websites coming online within the next two years. I evaluated several Syncfusion competitors and chose Syncfusion over all others because of the diversity of their Enterprise Studio suite and the pricing model for developer licenses. However, it turns out that the tools themselves are not the best part of their product. The technical support is. As with all third party tools these days, they don't come with books and their object models are robust. The online help can be overwhelming and it can be easy to give up on the tools.

Syncfusion's technical support is top-notch. I did not get canned responses from low-level newly hired technical staff. I got tailored responses that addressed my exact problem with examples. I provided them explicit narratives of my problem and they provided me with detailed, coded examples of solutions to my problem. I then modified their solution to so they could help me address the next-level problem. Syncfusion updated my modified solution to help me keep moving. In the end, not only was my problem solved, but the problem that I encountered after the original problem was also solved.

If I was left to my own devices to sovle this problem, I never would have gotten there. Thanks to Syncfusion's technical support, I will recommend that all 15 developers on my team look to Syncfusion for their web tool needs. I am looking forward to a long productive relationship with Syncfusion tools. I highly recommend not only the tools, but the organization to anyone.

Good luck.

fernando.enrique.nieto [Mexico] 03-Feb-2011Review: 

Hi all

We have been working for a while with Syncfusion and it has been a really nice tool and has improve our development time cause not only it offers all kind of samples with the real code in there, it allows to use the customer support which normally spends less than 1 day in a positive soloution.

Specifically we have been working with the reporting tool and the User interface tool it is really great the way the components are formatted and the quantity of options you have to design all your web pages, talking about the Reporting tool it gave us the possibility to eliminate Microsoft Office from our Web Servers because now witht he reporter all the files are loaded in real time, It is great development it offers not only in our base technology ASP .NET it also works really fine with Windows forms now we will try to do some samples on silverlight lets see how it works I am almost sure we will have the same possitive answer than the other plataforms.

Fernando Nieto
Sw Engineer Ericsson Mexico

XL-Dennis 14-Jan-2011Review: 

In my evaluation of various products for developing .NET solutions SyncFusion Enterprise Edition turned out to the best option because:
It gives me a high ROI, i.e. it pays off within a year. The more I learn about the controls the more I can leverage their facilities. In other words, to get a higher ROI requests that we put some efforts to learn how to use the controls.
The number of controls it contains cover my immediately needs today and in the nearest future.
The quality and the robustness of the controls makes sure that my clients will appreciate the professional UIs I creates with the controls.
The regular updates and the development of new controls assures that I always work with the top of the line.
The online help documentation is large, easy to navigate around and I can resolve most of my issues without the need to contact the support.
The support provides help within 24 hours and so far all my support calls have been answered. In most case I get an example solution which make it easier to add the code to my solutions.

All in all, the Enterprise Edition is highly recommended.

Kind regard,
Dennis W aka XL-Dennis

apolon [Australia] 11-Jan-2011Review: 

I've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise since 2003 in all its versions as its evolved. Its moved from a purely a Windows Forms library to supporting ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight plus a bunch of non-visual components such as DocIO and XlsIO. These are really useful as you can create and interact with Word/Excel documents without the version hassles and bloat of needing MS Office necessarily installed. This is particularly important for ASP.NET apps.. Its great having a one stop shop for a bunch of functionality that keeps recurring as a need in "Line of Business" development. Developing this level of functionality in component libraries is incredibly expensive. It just makes sense to source this level of functionality externally and Syncfusion provides a heap of the functionality in a nice neat bundle. The infrastructure that comes with the components is also extremely useful. There's an assembly manager and a build manager. It makes it easy to work with multiple .NET framework versions - removing and installing different versions as required. The libraries optionally come with source code. The beauty of their build manager is that you can easily choose a Component suite version, build in debug mode and install as the default assemblies. You can then flip back to the default release mode assemblies when needed. This level of control just makes it easier to develop and test with - and step it into their code if needed. Highly recommended.

rkashden [CT, USA] 30-Dec-2010Review: 

We looked at several different diagram packages but ultimately went with Syncfusion. Their object library is very straight-forward and their help files are terrific. Highly recommended.

lormerod [New Zealand] 20-Dec-2010Review: 

We recently purchased Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and all I can say is WOW! We originally purchased the toolset with the intention of using mainly the BI tools and Reporting, but the bundling of the user interface components made purchasing the full package a no brainer. It seems that for every development problem we've hit lately, theres been a solution to be found somewhere in the Essential Studio. Quite frankly its the most complete and thorough package of its type that I've seen, and if that wasn't enough, their support and service is top-class too. Incredibly responsive and knowledgable, they get top marks all round!

jean.morin [Canada] 17-Dec-2010Review: 

We've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio suite for 3 years now. We started with the Reporting suite and then upgraded to the full suite. Beside the reporting tools, we are now using the controls, the wpf controls and soon the Silverlight controls. The support team is doing an excellent job. We're contacting them for some features we don't find or for features we would like to get and they are answering very quickly. They always provide a quick resolution and for new features or defects, they provide a delivery date they always respect.

Anonymous 14-Dec-2010Review: 

We recently purchased Syncfusion to provide Word, RTF and PDF exporting within a new .NET application. The product was extremely easy to install and use. A problem was noticed with French characters for the RTF export functionality. I notified Syncfusion who confirmed the issue and promised the fix on a certain day. Incredibly I received an e-mail on the promised day stating that the fix was ready. A quick install and all was good. Fantastic service.

michael.ahrendsen [IA, USA] 08-Dec-2010Review: 

We use the Syncfusion Essential Studio suite of components to create our Windows Form based applications. There extended control set gives application developers the flexibility to create more appealing user interfaces. The controls are easily integrated into new or legacy systems. If you do run into problems, the Syncfusion support website is well designed, easy to use and monitored regularly by a very capable and helpful staff.

efim.mett [Germany] 02-Dec-2010Review: 

We in our company use this product since 2 years, essentially Tools, Diagrams, Grids and Charts for WPF. It is outstanding support what we are very impressed by. The product has very rich feature palette, but we especially appreciate rediness to implement new features in order to make a client happy. A bit more quality assuarence is desirable though as sometimes quick solutions are not nesessirily good ones;)

kriss.stoj [WA, USA] 01-Dec-2010Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion Essential Studio product for about 8 years. It allows us to offer our customer better UI experiance. This product is very rich in functionality and it is easy to use. The components we are using offer us much richer set of properties than the "native" componets. We are very pleased with what we can achive on our UI while using the Syncfusion Esssential Studio components. In addtiona to all that the support we get from the Syncfusion Customer Support team is really spot on. They always were able to solve the problems we run into and offer great suggestion on how to use their product to achive the better results. Iwould greatly recommand Syncfusion Essentailo Studio for any Ui developer and any UI rich software product.

kriss.stoj [WA, USA] 01-Dec-2010Review: 

We use a Syncfusion Essential Studio for about 8 years now. It is a great addition to our UI development. We are using quit a few components in our product to enhance the UI experiance. Syncfusion components are very rich in the functionality and allows to develop faster. more relliably and with richer fueter set than the "native" UI components.
Besides that the support from syncfusion is always top notch and we have very good success rate at resolving any type of issues with them. Thanks: The Syncfusion Essential Studio is a great product.

faraz.sharafi [CA, USA] 01-Dec-2010Review: 

Very rapidly growing and enhancing libraries, I'm impressed with the new additions to the library as well as the improvements. Best WPF Diagramming tools out there as well as many other cool UI controls.

One thing that is very important with 3rd party UI controls is the Customer Support and Syncfusion has one of the best, you get a response in maximum a day and they do their best to fix things or make your wishes granted.

cvardin [ON, Canada] 11-Nov-2010Review: 

Great products, and support. The main focus for us was Syncfusion's grid controls, which are very powerful and feature rich, meeting the widest array of needs. Learning curve is a little steep, but the little extra investment is well worth it. Syncfusion's support and Direct-Trac solution for reporting and tracking support issues are first rate. The entire suite of controls has been instrumental in our products, as they have many nice features and extensions, not included in the Visual Studio standard controls, that vastly simplify and speed up development, and also bring a lot of extra value to our users. I highly recommend Syncfusion's products.

chuck.mullenweg [TX, USA] 10-Nov-2010Review: 

I have used Syncfusion products for several years and have always found their products to be extraordinary. On the few occasions I've required help with one of their products, the service has been quite knowledgeable and helpful, in spite of my often obscure queries pushing the envelope of functionality. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a quality toolset for their endeavors.

tanveer.ansari [IL, USA] 05-Nov-2010Review: 

We decided to switch to Syncfusion components at my firm after doing a comparison of WPF datagrids offered by four different vendors. What we were looking for is high performance and a visually appealing UI. The synfucsion grid offered performance far superior to the third party grid we were then using.

I have also used the WPF chart components and am currently working on using the BI component in conjunction with the chart.

What sets Synfusion apart from vendors we tried in the past is the technical competence of their support staff and the speed with which they resolve our queries.

Alan [United Kingdom] 26-Oct-2010Review: 

I initially bought Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition for some very specific functionality that wasn't available from other component vendors. The reason I'd by from them again - even for features that other vendor offer -, is not just the fact that the product delivered the capability I was looking for, but the fact that the support was way beyond my expectation. It saved me weeks of development as they were intimately aware of how to get the best performance for my specific needs. Top marks!

bhublein [MI, USA] 26-Oct-2010Review: 

I use the Syncfusion Windows.Forms controls on all my projects.They have greatly reduced development time and give very possessional results. The support has been outstanding usually returning with a solution in less then a day. They are the best Windows controls and I would recommend them to anyone doing Windows development.

Eric [KS, USA] 07-Oct-2010Review: 

We purchased Syncfusion full suite of products 4 years ago as part of a commercial product we offer nationwide. We have been with them every year since. We can verifiably say their products are clearly written for the developer and they are continuously looking for opportunities to improve on them. We primarily use the grid and reporting components, and for us they provide the flexibility, speed, and effectiveness to handle the most demanding of user interface requirements. Their calc engine is exceptional and very flexible. We can't say they are perfect, but if you are developer who needs a race horse to perform without a lot of overhead, we would strongly recommend you consider Syncfusion controls, they are among the very best and were the perfect choice for us.

murali.natukula [Andhrapradesh, India] 07-Oct-2010Review: 

I've been using syncfusion essential studio since 2008. The product and the way syncusion gives solutions is extremly appriciable. We extensively use Syncfusion essential studio products like Essential Grid, Essential Grid Grouping Control, Essential Grid Data Bound Grid and PDF Export. Syncfusion reduces the development time at least by 50%.

My journey towards syncfusion started like this. When my project manager came to me and said that we are going to design an Editor he asked me to do review of various grids which are aviable in market which supports all of our functional requirements. Then i started my journey and i downloaded syncfusion evaluation version and verified whether it has all the capabilities to meet our requirements and it is perfect. During the evaluation time i never forget the support given Chris Vester to make our product successful.

Thank you very much Syncfusion you made our life simple and smart.

Thanks & Regards,
N.Murali Krishna.

David [NY, USA] 06-Oct-2010Review: 

syncfusion support team is great, and response very fast. sharp to solve problem. always polite to users with patience and professional attitude. be happy with it.

simon [NJ, USA] 04-Oct-2010Review: 

I have been using syncfusion for a few years now. I really like the product, and especially the support that usually gets back the answer /solution within 24 hours! Good product, excellent support!

Paw [Denmark] 23-Sep-2010Review: 

The range of UI controls and utilities found in the full Syncfusion package is wide and certainly enough for our use, in addition to this they also update and release update quite often.
The support received from Syncfusion is better than anything else we have ever experienced, solutions come quick and if you should stumble upon a bug they will fix it and send you are new version within 1-2 days in my experience, that is something really important for us.
We can highly recommend this package.

rbergman [MI, USA] 22-Sep-2010Review: 

I have been using Syncfusion tools for about 10 years now with 3 different companies. I would have to say what I appreciate the most is the responsiveness of Syncfusion's customer service and tech support. Without fail I always recieve some type of response the same day as my issue is reported. While they have not been able to solve the problem that day everytime, they at least let me know someone is looking into it! They are serious about always improving their product offerings also. I recently reported an issue but then was unable to reproduce it & it was decided within my organization that the problem happening rarely enough to not be a priority for us right now. I informed syncfusion tech support about our decision to not move forward with resolving the issue and tried to close the incident. They asked me if they could keep it open because they would like to look into anyway! I was really pleased by this I think it demonstrates Syncfusion's commitment to quality even when they don't have a customer hounding them!

Anonymous 22-Sep-2010Review: 

I needed a grid that was very flexible but could work in unbound mode. I looked a long time and tried at least 5 different grid tools before settling on Syncfusion's GridControl. I wasn't even sure that it could meet my unique needs but it has and even exceeded my expectations. It is very powerful, extensible, and flexible resulting in my application having impressive capabilities. Along the way Syncfusion's support did a good job of getting me past sticking points. I currently own other compenents from other companies as well. And while they each have their strengths, I am very satified in the price/performance of each of the Synfusion components I use. And I can say with certainty that if you want a grid control to work in unbound mode, you won't find a better one that the grid control from Syncfusion!

cap [USA] 25-Aug-2010Review: 

Syncfusions' Essential Studio Enterprise Edition provides a fantastic set of user interface controls and utility libraries that enable rapid development of sophisticated .NET applications. Custom business application development represents a substantial investment and I spent considerable time evaluating products offered by various vendors. After working with several toolsets, I decided upon Syncfusion for two main reasons. Firstly, because their suite of tools enables me to produce richer and more robust applications more quickly and cheaply than I could otherwise and secondly and most importantly, because of the incredible support that Syncfusion provides. Syncfusion's technical support team is the best I've ever experienced. Their expertise and knowledge is first-rate. They are thorough, gracious and responsive and have always quickly solved any problem or answered any question I might have. I could not be more impressed and pleased with the quality of technical support at Syncfusion. The suite provides remarkably useful and rich tools and Syncfusion's support makes it possible to leverage these tools rapidly.
I would also add that the sales representatives are extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well. Sales provided great assistance with both the pre-purchase evaluation and the purchase.

cathy.hemsley [United Kingdom] 25-Aug-2010Review: 

We are using Essential Chart to display real time data in a very complex and flexible new application, using C#, WPF and .NET to create and destroy graphs on the fly. We have found that the Essential Chart does everything we require (so far): dynamically adding annotations, strip lines, legends, good performance, grid, zoom, interactive cursors, different data types. The support has been very helpful and fast: I have had responses back to queries within two or three days. I was impressed that they made changes and extended the product in response to our needs. The samples that come with it are also extremely useful: although I am finding that a lot of the time I am relying on the response from the support team in order to get some of our more tricky issues resolved.

developer [Spain] 24-Aug-2010Review: 

Syncfusion is one of the best suite I've use to develop applications.
I work in Silverlight and this is one of the more complete and powerful suite of controls that I know.
The best of all, they have the Best Support Service that I've received ever.

dgarvin [USA] 21-Aug-2010Review: 

Great tools. I use the data gound grid extensively, along with many of the windows forms components. Top quality and very flexible. The documentation and samples shipped with the product are first class and very useful. The user forum is current and provides many answers without going to tech support. But, whenever I've gone to tech support with specific issues and questions, they have been extremely responsive and competent. They're always willing to help and do their best to solve the problem to my satisfaction. None of this "works on my machine" mentality. I highly recommend Syncfusion and all of their products.

JLGarcia (Spain) 20-Aug-2010Review: 

After reviewing and test some of the best libraries for Silverlight I've decided to buy Synfucion.
Best in class controls with one of the best Support Team that I've found in the market.
Congrats Syncfusion team for a very good work!!!

jirish [United Kingdom] 19-Aug-2010Review: 

Syncfusion Essential Studio is a great suite of tools, each tool being easy to use for the beginner and also extensible for the more advanced programmer. A great set of documentation and samples allows a quick development and integration process. Their customer support is excellent always answering my questions within two business days (and given the time difference that's not bad.) While I can't personally vouch for the BI and Silverlight components we've used the WinForms and ASP.Net components in many of applications with great success.

office [Romania] 17-Aug-2010Review: 

Syncfusion it's all you need and 50% more.
Excellent tools and outstanding support.

richieaj [USA] 16-Aug-2010Review: 

When we began to create our Test Management Desktop application over 5 years ago, Syncfusion was the only company that had a rich set of ready to use components that fit with what we needed. Over time they have consistently delivered new components, keeping up to date as new technologies come along. We have looked at other component products but none have come close to what Syncfusion is able to do for us.

Their support is superb, always getting back to you quickly with a solution that works.

You'll be able to create professional GUIs quickly with great support if needed.

dmhendricks [USA] 15-Aug-2010Review: 

I've used Syncfusion for several years now and I find that their support is quick and responsive. I think they do a great job of covering everything from the UI to back-end tools in one product and there isn't very much I find lacking. Great product; great support. It works.

owain [Canada] 11-Aug-2010Review: 

We use Syncfusion controls both in Windows applications as well as web application and are very happy with the ease in which we can add feature rich content to these applications.

These tools are great for developers as there are many samples with source code and a responsive helpful support team to back them up.

jitul [Singapore] 10-Aug-2010Review: 

We have amazed with prompt response from their support team even with the 12 hours geographical time differences. We have revamped Aesthetic side of our application using their Grid control and Tree view within Dropdown list.

ryan_zhou713 [China] 02-Aug-2010Review: 

In order to optimize the performance of our products, we consider to use Syncfusion. Untill now, my team and I use Syncfusion more than 1 year, I think it really enhanced the user experience on our products, and saves more times in our developing process.

The support team is very professional, every question I asked will be gave an full answer.

toesik [Hong Kong] 23-Jul-2010Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion for over 5 years. It really enhanced the user experience on our products. Rich features aside; the best part about using Syncfusion is having a great support team to back you up.

Honestly, there are numerous component products on the market with various features. But the sole reason that we still stick with Syncfusion, is its great support.

oliver.angermueller [Germany] 21-Jul-2010Review: 

We use Syncfusion since 2003 and are more than satisfied with Essential Studio.
Syncfusion offers many useful and sophisticated components for creating good looking
and user-friendly applications. The large range of good components increases more with
each release.

The support system of Syncfusion is the best I know so far. Bugs are fixed very
quickly and patches are also provided for older versions. Feature requests are
considered if useful and implemented often in the next release. If one has
problems using a component Syncfusion offers immediate help and useful samples.

From our experience we only can recommend Syncfusion Essential Studio.

dinathy [Canada] 15-Jul-2010Review: 

I've been using Syncfusion's products extensively over the last several months; their products have been immensely helpful. However, it goes beyond their product. Syncfusion's Direct-Trac Support System is an example of a spectacular display of customer service. Each question is answered very professionally, within a business day, and with a working example. They are even willing to add features on request.

dean [USA] 14-Jul-2010Review: 

I've been using Syncfusion products for about 6 years now and the quality of their components is amongst the best I've seen and used. My experience has been with their Essential Grid and Essential Chart products. Essential Grid is the best, and I've qualified many grids from many software company's to find the best. The Essential Chart WinForms product is one of the best also and has years of development knowledge embedded into it and is great on performance. I gave this review a 4 because of the current performance of the WPF version of Essential Chart is not up to my standards as well as not up to the performance of other Chart controls, including Syncfusion's WinForm version of Essential Chart. Syncfusion has the most responsive and knowledgeable support staff that will bend over backwards to help resolve any issues that you have with any of their components. I would highly recommend Syncfusion to anyone. I have also been assured by Syncfusion that performance issues are always being worked on and I will be pleased with future releases. My datasets for Charts range in the 20000 points to 6.5 Mega points on a chart, so please take that into consideration when I say that performance is not up to my standards. For smaller datasets, the performance of Syncfusion's WPF Chart component is as fast as other Chart components from other vendors.

Anonymous 09-Jul-2010Review: 

Syncfusion really lives up to their claim of having a world-class customer support. They answered all our inquiries within one business day. And best of all: the customer support staff takes time to provide working Visual Studio solutions which is a lot more helpful than just receiving a few lines of code taken out of context.

wspencer [USA] 07-Jul-2010Review: 

As an independent commercial Silverlight applications developer, we always search for ways to improve the competitiveness of our products. Since early 2008, the Syncfusion Enterprise Edition components have given us such an advantage. Release after release they have provided advanced data visualization, advanced user interface functionality and advanced spreadsheet, PDF, and .doc processing that has greatly enhanced the user experience afforded by our products. In particular, we have been able to incorporate a modern office-2007-style ribbon (with advanced functionality over the traditional ribbon) for user commands (Ribbon) and a very flexible visual-studio-like system of panels (Dockmanager) without needing to spend long hours redoing Silverlight templates.

And, they keep on improving. Syncfusion has kept pace with Silverlight’s rapid release schedule and added new functionality with each version release of its component packages to stay one step ahead of other component suppliers. At the same time they have greatly improved their user documentation and added to the array of working example applications.

What may be even more important is the excellent technical support we have received. Not only has Syncfusion been incredibly responsive in providing fixes and help with issues, we have also found that they listen to us and are willing to incorporate new functionality into their components based on our suggestions! It’s like having a virtual development partner.

cyberblak [Canada] 07-Jul-2010Review: 

Syncfusion's Essential Studio Entreprise Edition enables us to develop applications with stunning UI's quickly and efficiently. The wide array of high quality controls available in this suite makes it a product of great value. This is even more true than the controls are available for several major platforms like WPF, Silverlight,, etc.
Syncfusion's team stands behind their product by offering a level of support rarely seen in this business. They answer quickly to our support requests and the answers are to the point.

Great product, great company!

dave.tasker [USA] 30-Jun-2010Review: 

Syncfusion Essential Studio provides the Microsoft Office look, feel and sophistication in a component form that makes it easy to give your applications the Office appearance and behavior that users are familiar with.
I have used Essential Diagram extensively to replace the Visio behavior in a convenient component form. This was so much more convenient than creating a Visio addon. I was amazed by just how much Visio behavior Essential Diagram replicates. Having real C# classes to implement shapes was so much easier than using the Visio Shapesheet.
I've also used their spreadsheet functions to provide my users with an Excel like spreadsheet look and feel embedded in my application. The formula engine is just like Excel and you can easily add your own custom functions.
Probably more amazing was the level of tech support provided. I send a question at 5pm PST and awake to find a response in my Inbox the next morning. The response is always polite and where applicable contained some example code to illustrate the solution. Even more amazing than the support is that you can actually buy the source code at a very reasonable price.
So I guess I would describe Syncfusion Essential Studio as just amazing value in terms of features, support and price. No other software company even comes close to providing this much value.

elmers [Germany] 30-Jun-2010Review: 

I use the Syncfusion Enterprise Edition for our internal software based on ASP.NET MVC2 and WinForms with Excel export functionality. The components are easy to integrate and many samples are provided by Syncfusion. The support is amazing if you find bugs or have questions about samples or functionality you get it with patches for bugs and samples how to use it. It's an excellent component pack and with the source option you don't buy a black box where you cannot see how it works if you run into problems.

praveen_shekhar [USA] 29-Jun-2010Review: 

SyncFusion products are outstanding!

After trying various other component products, decided that SyncFusion Reporting Edition offered the most feature rich and easy to use experience of the lot. The Essential PDF for example is extremely versatile and their object implementation is generally very easy to traverse with everything logically located.

The best part, though, is the extensive support, with open forums/Knowledge Base, with many answered questions, often where SyncFusion will provide a sample project with the solution in it, or extremely relevant code snippets that seriously cut down development time.

Finally, their API is generally very well documented and they appear to have a very aggressive bug fixing/release schedule that provides a lot of comfort to those of us who like to explore the edges of possibilities of their products!

The support and samples are excellent and Thank you SyncFusion for making such a great product!

I look forward to SyncFusion's future products.

james [United Kingdom] 28-Jun-2010Review: 

In a word "support". Not only do Syncfusion offer great .Net components at very good value, just as importantly they have knowledgeable support staff. Via their website it is easy to submit and track queries to the support team and they will respond to your questions promptly. Answers are detailed and where necessary they usually provide code snippets or sample projects that answer the query. All in all they offer a very high level of service.

justin.pauley [USA] 24-Jun-2010Review: 

I have used many third party controls as a .NET developer over the last 6 years and the main problem with the majority of them is complexity. You end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out their nonsensical namespaces, reading dated and useless documentation, and often they lack the feature you were looking for to being with., The reason I like Syncfusion is if I need to whip up an application that reads in data from excel sheets, displays it to the user on a grid that allows filtering and sorting, and then lets that used export data back to an excel sheet I can do it in only a few lines of code. Best of all, since it doesn't use the Excel application to do it, you don't end up hijacking the user's excel process or having to deal with strange environmental issues.

Here is an example of actual code from an application I wrote this afternoon:

sheet[1, 1, 1, sheet.UsedRange.LastColumn].CellStyle.Font.Bold = true;
sheet.AutoFilters.FilterRange = sheet[1, 1, 1, sheet.UsedRange.LastColumn];


It makes sense even without comments.

Their grid grouping control is very simple to use and very powerful, right out of the package you have sorting, filtering, drill down, etc...

Rudy Musheyev, development manager, SJ Levinson 18-Jun-2010Review: 

We use Syncfusion WPF controls, and plan to soon start using it for Silverlight applications. Syncfusion provides an incredible amount of support through its Direct-Trac technical support system. Most of my questions that I know other vendors would treat as new functionality requests receive attention overnight. Incredible!

Pros: customer support, industrial strength for speed and volume, well designed to support customized look and behavior, lots of new stuff being added with each new release

Cons: date time edit control, 3D charts are not available as of this writing (June, 2010), a lot of good WPF samples coded in XAML. Though Syncfusion always provides coded samples if you ask support, It’d be good if same samples were done in C#

ronr [USA] 04-Jan-2010Review: 

We have been using Syncfusion tools for three years. There are several things we look for when selecting third party controls. They have to be light weight, work well with update panels, and they must have a great support program. We have found Syncfusion to have all of these traits.

I recommend Syncfusion tools to anyone.

James Burns [UK] 24-Aug-2009Review: 

We've been using the SyncFusion controls, Essential Studio Enterprise, for many years (since 2004) and we've found them extremely useful - in fact we'll go so far as to say they're Essential! The suite includes controls for Windows Forms, ASP.Net, WPF, Silverlight and other controls that allow you to create native PDF files, Word & Excel Documents and so much more - in fact, it's one of the few suites that gives you all this functionality at such a great price - source code is also available should you need it as well.

We've primarily used the Windows Form controls along with their BackOffice controls which allow us to create a variety of Office compatible documents on the fly. Their charting controls have enabled us to display data in various ways and it's very easy to print these off or export them to a variety of formats including images, PDF's and SyncFusion's document package (DocIO). We're about to start along the ASP.Net track and we'll be using their ASP controls and we'll let you know how we get on.

There's a 30 day evaluation available so give it a try and you won't look back!

kks [Denmark] 26-Aug-2008Review: 

Excellent product – there’s no two ways about that! Have used it since 2002 and only have positive things to say. Besides the high quality of the product itself, the support is also terrific and Syncfusion’s feedback system works great and provides fast replies. If you find a bug, it’s often possible to get a service pack with a fix, without having to wait for the next release!

dtanabe [USA] 20-Aug-2008Review: 

Very thorough code samples and fairly complete class-level documentation. It's ridiculously easy to get started with SyncFusion components, and the learning curve is fairly shallow when you consider the full provided feature set. I've used the grid and editor components with great success and was able to build a very good performing application with highly dynamic data using Syncfusion components to power it all.

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