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Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF

by Syncfusion - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / ASP.NET MVC / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF / Silverlight / 100% Managed Code / jQuery

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Add ribbons, docking, editors, menus, MDI, and much more to your WPF applications. Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF is a collection user interface components for the WPF framework, including docking managers, ribbons, tree views, editors, tab controls, group bars, wizards, skin managers, and much more. You can easily create robust and user-friendly application interfaces that emulate Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Office. Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF also extends full support to XAML and offers extensive customization options for templates.

Please note: Syncfusion Essential Tools includes Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET components.

What's new in Essential Tools 2012 Vol 4?

  • HTML and JavaScript Controls - Added 15 HTML and JavaScript controls to Essential Tools for Mobile MVC. These controls run solely on the client side to improve performance and maintain lightness.
  • Toolbar Control for Windows Phone - The Toolbar control hosts application functions in an easy-to-access strip. It is similar to the native toolbar found in Windows Phone. It supports text, images, four built-in skins, templates, and data binding. When items in the toolbar are selected, they become highlighted. One added feature is that the toolbar can be displayed in gray but not operational.
  • Button Control for Windows Phone - Similar in appearance to the native button found in Windows Phone, the Button control will change backgrounds when clicked, and can be disabled, appearing in gray.
  • ListBox Control - The ListBox control presents selectable items in a list. Once an item is selected, an action is preformed or another page or list is displayed. This list box has been implemented for Windows Phone and adheres to the Windows Phone style.
  • Header Control for Windows Phone - The Header control is used to display text in the default style of Windows Phone.
  • Windows Phone Dialog Box - The Dialog control displays an alert or confirmation message. It has been molded to the Windows Phone style, and allows the following dialog elements to be modified: title, theme, display position, and dimension. It also prevents access to the page until the dialog is closed.
  • Menu Control - The Menu control provides two types of menus: a context menu and an options menu. The options menu expands from the bottom of the screen to reveal items that can be selected from a list. The context menu opens anywhere on the screen to reveal items.
  • Toggle Button - The toggle button switches between two states either by sliding or clicking the button. The default state of the control can be set, and the panel color can be specified.
  • Tab Control - The Tab control allows you to access multiple pages from a single page. These pages can be grouped under categorized tabs, and page content can be displayed by tapping on a tab or swiping to scroll through page content. Swiping past the last tab takes you back to the first tab.
  • AutoComplete - The AutoCompleteTextBox control helps users complete a word or phrase as it is being typed in a text box. With each keystroke, the control searches for a matching sequence of letters and returns a list of suggestions. Two modes are available: server and JSON.

What’s new in Essential Tools 2012 Volume 1?

  • Calendar Navigation for ASP.NET - The Calendar control has a navigation pane that makes browsing by day, week, month, year, and even decade easier. This JavaScript implementation is fast and gives users a fluid experience.
  • Rotator Control Improvements for ASP.NET - An auto-play button can be added to the Rotator control to allow users to automatically scroll a list up or down, and left or right, with one simple click. While in this button mode, the rotator control retains all its other features.
  • AutoComplete Control Enhancements for ASP.NET MVC - The AutoComplete control, used to suggest entries as users type in a text box, has been enhanced with client-side data fetching to increase performance, highlighting for searched text, customizable list positioning, and support for left-to-right text alignment.
  • Captcha Control Refresh for ASP.NET MVC - The Captcha control has a refresh button that allows you to regenerate an image of the code that has to be entered in the verification text box.
  • Dragging and Dropping Tree Nodes for ASP.NET MVC - With drag and drop support, tree nodes can be repositioned at different levels in the same tree or dropped into a different tree, even if the other tree has different characteristics. For example, when dragging a node that doesn’t have a check box to a tree where nodes do have check boxes, the dragged node will automatically take on a check box.
  • Splitter Control for ASP.NET MVC - The Splitter control can be used to create separate panes in a work area that can be resized or collapsed by dragging or clicking. Any number of panes and split bars can be created. Features include horizontal or vertical orientation, pane resizing, content template support and collapsible panes.
  • TimePicker Control for ASP.NET MVC - When you need to set a time, the TimePicker control makes time selection easy by giving users a grid of values that can be selected just by clicking. Four primary fields can be set: hours, minutes, seconds, and a.m. or p.m. Also, by just hovering over a value, the display will be updated instantly—a live update. Minimum and maximum values are also supported.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Docking Manager
The Docking Manager is an advanced container control that automatically lays out its children within docked panels, just as seen in Visual Studio .NET. This element can be used in XAML, just as easily as it is used in grid or canvas elements. The attached properties can be used to specify the dock state and position of the child elements. End-users can then fully customize the user interface by dragging the dock panels to different locations within the container, floating and arranging them within tabs in the dock panel, or hiding the dock panel. The dock panels can also operate in AutoHide mode.

  • Animation Type and Speed
  • AutoHide Animation
  • Context Menu
  • Custom AutoHide-Tab Items
  • Custom Buttons
  • Custom Dock-Window Header
  • Custom Drag-Provider
  • Custom ToolTip
  • Docking Modes
  • Customizing the Modes
  • Dock Ability
  • Dock Fill
  • Dragging Cues
  • State Persistence
  • Appearance
  • SizetoContent for FloatWindow
  • Disable the Drag and Drop of TDI Items
  • Tab Preview in DockingManager

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Document Container
The Document Container framework supports both multiple document interfaces (MDIs) and tabbed document interfaces (TDIs). Though MDI is not supported in the 3.5 framework, the document container has the ability to develop MDI applications in WPF. It can load any type of content, such as flow documents and any UI elements. It also ships with sophisticated default window switching styles such as Vista Flip and Visual Studio.

  • Layout
  • Modes
  • State Persistence
  • Appearance
  • Window Switchers
  • MDI Resize for an Individual Child
  • API to Create Tab Groups
  • Full Screen in DocumentContainer
  • SizeToContent for MDI Window

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Editors
Create professional, user-friendly data editing forms using several of the advanced editors available in Essential Tools. These editors are a comprehensive collection of controls that can be used in creating data-entry forms. All editor controls have been architected to provide a simple and powerful means for capturing data input, as well as validating and displaying data input with the appropriate formatting. They also ship with support for data binding, templates, and styles, to change the appearance of the control.

  • AutoComplete
  • AutoComplete Custom Source
  • AutoComplete Filtration
  • Calendar Edit
  • Clock Control
  • Color Picker
  • Date-Time Edit
  • Double Text Box
  • FontListBox and FontListComboBox
  • Integer Text Box
  • Masked Text Box
  • Up-Down
  • Percent Text Box
  • Text Selection on Focus
  • Text Mask Format

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Taskbar
The TaskBar control is similar to the group bar control in that it can host a collection of grouped command items. The look and feel, however, is closer to the Windows taskbar. Besides command items, any custom control can be placed inside the taskbar. Just like the group bar, taskbar boxes can be expanded and collapsed.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Tab Control
TabControlExt is a control that can define multiple pages for the same area of a window. It contains the TabItemExt control, which is used to define tab items with different visual styles such as One Note Type, Visual Studio and Office. When a tab-item header is selected, the corresponding tab item’s data will be displayed.

  • Context Menu
  • Customization
  • Tab-Strip Placement
  • Appearance
  • Tab Item Validation

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Vector Images
Vector images are collections of many scalable individual objects; rather than using pixels, these objects use mathematical relationships and equations between connecting points and paths to describe an image. This is why they always render at the highest quality.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Range Slider
Range Slider is a slider control with two thumbs that show a selected range. It lets users input two values, typically an upper and a lower bound for two thumbs, thus providing enhanced feature support for the standard slider control.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Check List Box
The Check List Box control implements a classic list box with added check boxes, allowing multiple items to be selected.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Ribbon
A ribbon is a collection of controls and behaviors that together implement the latest Office-style menus and toolbars in an application. It is designed to make commands more accessible. Commands can be easily organized into logical groups, which are rendered under tabs. Some tabs can also be displayed on a need-only basis.

  • Application Menu
  • Designer Support
  • Gallery Control
  • Key Tips
  • Mini-Toolbar
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Ribbon Bars
  • Ribbon Buttons
  • Ribbon Glass Support
  • Ribbon Tabs
  • Visual Styles
  • XBAP Support
  • Ribbon Split Buttons
  • Ribbon Button Line Breaks
  • Launcher Button Command
  • ScreenTip Placement
  • ScreenTip Help Text Option
  • Ribbon Context Menu
  • Split Menu Button Key Tip
  • Data Binding Support
  • Dynamic Resizing of Ribbon Controls

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Tree View
The TreeViewAdv control implements a tree UI with advanced customization capabilities. Advanced features such as drag-and-drop, multi-node selection, and inline editing support are also available. It also has a feature for adding images, and it contains the built-in ability to perform item sorting on a tree view.

  • Expand-Collapse Animation
  • Fake Drag Indicator
  • Image Settings
  • In-Line Editing
  • Item Sorting
  • Multicolumn Tree View
  • Multiple Selection
  • Rootlines
  • Sort Item
  • Drag and Drop

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Groupbar
The GroupBar control is a user interface element that groups a collection of commands within categories and displays those commands within collapsible panels. It lets you recreate the popular Microsoft Outlook bar interface in your application. Each panel in a group bar can host a number of commands or any other control, such as a calendar.

  • Designer Support
  • Navigation Pane with Customized Width
  • Orientation
  • Right-to-Left Support
  • Text Alignment
  • Visual Modes
  • Customization
  • Items Source Support
  • Drag And Drop Support

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Gallery
A gallery is a useful control for displaying categorized collections of objects as thumbnail views. It also comes with built-in animation when laying out child items.

  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Dynamic Support
  • Gallery
  • Multi-Select
  • Templates
  • Visual Mode

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Tab Splitter
The Tab Splitter control is similar to the Visual Studio-style split view for tabbed groups.

  • Flow Direction
  • Collapsed Panel
  • Splitter Position
  • Swap Pane

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Notify Icon
The Notify Icon control supports different animations and shapes. It allows an icon to be added in the notification tray of a system with different animation and shape formats.

Syncfusion Essential Tools for WPF Tile View
The Tile View control for WPF is capable of hosting tile view items. The main feature of these items is their capacity to host any kind of content. Also, they are draggable, so they can be rearranged.

  • Minimized Item Orientation
  • Minimized Area Percentage
  • TileViewItem State
  • MinMaxButton Style

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