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Syncfusion Essential XlsIO for ASP.NET - Opiniones

de Syncfusion - Tipo de producto: Componente / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET MVC / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF / Silverlight / 100% Managed Code

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This product is now only available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition

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agorsky [CA, USA] 21-Sep-2010Opinión: 

 *  We used this product on a project which required tight Excel integration with our ASP.NET application. This project has been running reliably for almost 2 years. Users download data which is dynamically inserted into an Excel workbook and downloaded to their machine all in-memory. Users can also upload data in XLSX format for processing. This tool has exceeded our expectations. Not only is it a good product but SyncFusion has proven to be a company that we can rely on. The support that we have received is definitely 5 stars. I recently contacted the support team with a question about how to execute some specific functionality. Not only did my question get answered the same day but I was also provided with runnable sample code! I highly recommend XlsIO as well as Syncfusion to any company.

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