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Publisher Services

Are you asking yourself: "How do I sell my software globally?"
ComponentSource offers software product distribution, reseller and marketing services to help you sell products globally or sell software internationally.

  • Sell Software InternationallyOur Publisher Program
    Our product marketing program is designed to allow small, medium and large publishers to reach our global audience.
  • Existing Publishers
    Our current software component and development tool partners.
  • Awards - See our latest 2012-2013 Award Winners
    Our award winning bestselling publishers and products based on worldwide sales.
  • Value Added Services
    We offer additional Electronic Software Download (ESD), Pricing Advice, Source Code Escrow & Translation services to our publishers to help boost software product sales internationally.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Additional Web, email, paper catalog and magazine advertising opportunities are available to differentiate your product.
  • Online Reporting
    Online access 24/7 to your sales order data, customer information and security functions to control user access to your account.
  • Product Publication
    A guide to submitting your products and an overview of how we test your products before we publish them on our Web site.
  • FAQs
    A list of frequently asked questions from other publishers, with our answers, that you may find useful to read.
  • Resources
    We have created White Papers and other resources to help you create more component based products.