Metalama is a modern Roslyn-based meta-programming framework for C# teams and solo developers. It empowers you to reduce bolerplate, verify code, and provide coding assistance to team members. With Metalama you can reduce boilerplate by generating it dynamically during compilation. Your source code remains crystal clear. Verify code in real time against architecture, patterns, and conventions. No need to wait for code reviews. Provide coding assistance to your team with customized feedback and suggestions. Set your own rules, automate your own implementation patterns and architecture guidelines. Deliver clean code without boilerplate, strictly adhering to architecture.

Meta-programming is the practice of creating code that generates, modifies or validates other code, streamlining repetitive tasks and making code review more efficient.

With a focus on simplicity and safety, we have reimaginated aspect-oriented programming (AOP) for modern .NET applications.

Aspects and fabrics are special C# classes that execute inside the compiler or the IDE and:

  • Generate repetitive code at compile-time — your source code remaining crystal clear.
  • Verify source code against...

Dernières nouvelles

Metalama 2023.2
Metalama 2023.2
Ajoute des API au modèle de code pour que les collections soient filtrables par types génériques non liés.
Metalama 2023.1
Metalama 2023.1
Prend en charge Visual Studio 17.6, Roslyn 4.6 et .NET SDK 7.0.300.
Metalama maintenant disponible
Metalama maintenant disponible
Améliorez votre productivité et la qualité de votre code.

Prix à partir de : $ 110.74

Business Licenses are floating, concurrent-user licenses and are commercially available to companies and organizations. All individuals who modify and build code that includes aspects need a license...

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