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Gridmetric Lib-V is a .NET 2.0 compatible library component written in C#, which makes it possible for you to incorporate reading and/or writing capabilities of Microsoft App-V's package files into any .NET based application. With Gridmetric Lib-V, you will be able to decode, process, update and re-encode existing App-V packages as well as create completely new packages from scratch - with the exact content you want and control of the virtualization parameters. Lib-V is capable of supporting all known App-V package versions released in the past 10 years. Create, read and write packages both for the classic, or "legacy", App-V versions (up until 4.6) or brand new App-V 5.0 packages.

Add true App-V support for your own products
While some of the files in both old and new App-V packages are plain-text XML files, the most crucial main package file (.SFT file in legacy App-V, .APPV in the new one) is in the binary format that has a complicated structure to parse and encode. Implementing a complete and reliable support for both reading and writing this file format involves a lot of development effort using lacking, scarce and non-existent documentation. And without the main...

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Gridmetric Lib-V v6.11.0
Gridmetric Lib-V v6.11.0
Adds full support for Windows 10 1809 based App-V packages.
Gridmetric Lib-V V6.10
Gridmetric Lib-V V6.10
Adds full support for Windows 10 1803 based App-V packages.
Gridmetric Lib-V V6.8.0
Gridmetric Lib-V V6.8.0
Adds support for reading in external AppxManifest.xml file when loading an APPV package.
Gridmetric Lib-V released
Gridmetric Lib-V released
Powerful App-V Package SDK for your own applications.

Prices from: $ 5,664.40

One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Includes 1 Year Maintenance providing email support and product updates for 12 months. Maintenance is renewable on an annual...

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