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Our Strengths

ComponentSource is the world's largest distributor of software components and developer tools.


Official Distributor

As official distributors, our direct worldwide agreements with each publisher, ensure a prompt and accurate delivery of quotes and orders through our fast-track service.


Global Agreements

Our direct worldwide agreements allow us to license your customers in any export compliant country.


Specialist Focus

We specialize in software components and developer tools only. With over 25 years' experience, we now serve 1.2 million registered users globally. Our knowledge is our strength.


Complex Licensing

We handle complex licensing needs including license co-term, assignment and transfer.


License Verification

We verify your customers entitlement for upgrades, subscription renewals and volume discounts to guarantee accurate pricing.


Legacy Licenses

We are authorized to license previous versions, critical for maintaining applications already in service.

Your Benefits

As a reseller, you also gain access to:-


Dedicated Support

We believe in building relationships. Upon registration, we will assign a licensing manager who speaks your language and specializes in your primary software needs.


Reseller Discount

We offer great discounts tailored for each order, ensuring you remain competitive.


Easy Payment

Flexible payment options to suit your needs with minimal delay to the purchase process.



Email and phone reminders for product releases, subscriptions or maintenance renewals.

Need advice?
Talk to the specialists.

Can’t find the right license? Need a quote for a specific number of developers? Want to co-term a new subscription with your existing renewal date?

Our Licensing Specialists are always happy to help. We’re available 24 hours a day via Live Chat or Toll-free phone call.

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