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Build Web Apps with the Latest Angular Features

July 23, 2024Product Update
Wijmo now benefits from Angular 18's performance improvements and optimizations, resulting in faster and more responsive applications.

Create an RDL Report in .NET C# Code

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Use ActiveReports.NET by MESCIUS to create user-friendly, interactive RDL reports in C# with the ability to filter data based on user input.

Set a Default Focus Point for JavaScript Components

July 10, 2024Product Update
Wijmo build 5.20241.19 adds the focusFirst utility, enabling developers to set the initial focus programmatically, enhancing keyboard accessibility.

Keep Spreadsheets Responsive During Calculations

July 3, 2024Product Update
SpreadJS 17.1.0 introduces incremental computation which helps maintain spreadsheet performance during even the most complex data processing.

Enhance the Clarity of Charts in your Reports

June 24, 2024Product Update
ActiveReports.NET 18.1 adds multi-row labels and symbol size support to enrich chart customization in .NET reporting apps.

Group Chart Axis Labels for Improved Data Analysis

June 21, 2024Product Update
ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC 2024 v1 adds axis grouping to FlexChart, allowing categorization by numbers, dates, and custom categories.

Easily Display Hierarchical Data in a WPF Grid

June 20, 2024Product Update
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2024 v1 enhances FlexGrid for WPF .NET 8 with a new TreeGrid feature to support hierarchical data binding.

Deliver JavaScript Reports in a Modern Interface

June 18, 2024Product Update
ActiveReportsJS 5.0 updates the Report Designer and Report Viewer with enhanced theming capabilities and a contemporary look and feel.

View Reports and PDF Documents in Blazor Apps

June 14, 2024Product Update
ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2024 v1 adds the FlexViewer control with page navigation, search, touch support, scrolling, and file export.

Improve Readability for Wide Datasets

June 10, 2024Product Update
ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2024 v1 introduces a new Transposed View in FlexGrid for .NET 8 that allows rows and columns to be flipped.

Build Dynamic Cross-Platform Data Visualizations

June 7, 2024Product Update
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2024 v1 introduces MAUI FlexChart, a versatile charting solution for desktop, mobile, and web.

Build a Balance Sheet in an Angular Report Designer

June 4, 2024Feature Highlight
The ActiveReportsJS Angular Report Designer and Viewer makes it easy to build, modify, and view reports from any device.

Import and Export Excel XLSX Using Vue

May 29, 2024Feature Highlight
SpreadJS by MESCIUS enables you to drop a fully functioning spreadsheet into your web app, delivering a familiar Excel-like experience to users.

Programmatically Extract Text from a PDF using C#

May 20, 2024Feature Highlight
Use MESCIUS Document Solutions for PDF to automate the extraction of text from PDFs for indexing, searching, and more.

Add Data-Virtualized Paging to WinForms Datagrids

May 14, 2024Feature Highlight
ComponentOne WinForms datagrid offers paging to optimize performance for large datasets with on-demand data loading.

Enhance Your PDFs with RichMedia Annotations

May 2, 2024Product Update
Document Solutions for PDF v7.1 lets you boost user engagement by adding audio, video, and animations into PDFs.

MESCIUS Wins 14 ComponentSource Awards

April 29, 2024Publisher Award
ComponentSource has awarded MESCIUS the #2 Publisher Award and Top 5 Product Award, along with 12 further 2024 Awards.

Easily Extend Formulas with Double-Click Fill Down

April 26, 2024Product Update
Spread.NET v17.1 enhances formula efficiency with the ability to quickly apply formulas to a range by double-clicking a cell's fill handle.

Rapidly Create Excel Spreadsheets with Templates

April 19, 2024Product Update
Document Solutions for Excel v7.1 features refactored DsExcel templates to improve performance, stability, and handle a wider range of user needs.

Boost ActiveReportsJS Rendering Performance

April 16, 2024Feature Highlight
Explore five tips and tricks to ensure a responsive, performant report UI even when binding to large volumes of data.