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Enhance Teamwork with PDF Annotation Editing

November 29, 2023Product Update
IronPDF for .NET v2023.12.6 makes it easier to collaborate on documents with the ability to access and modify annotations in a PDF file.

Send Emails from .NET 7 Apps via SMTP

November 29, 2023Feature Highlight
Use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to integrate email sending capabilities into your .NET 7 applications.

How to Save Searches in Grids

November 29, 2023Feature Highlight
Use Isomorphic Software's SmartClient to save search preferences, instead of repeating the same process time after time.

Easily Script Leading AI Solutions

November 29, 2023Product Update
Smart Package Robot v3.0 adds support for scripting Cloud and offline AI products including ChatGPT, DeepL Translator, and GPT4All.

Enhance Security with SFTP File Transfers in .NET Core

November 29, 2023Feature Highlight
SFTP components offer a secure, streamlined solution for file transfers, enhancing data security and simplifying data exchange.

Elevate your Video Content with Apple ProRes Support

November 29, 2023Product Update
nablet mediaEngine v3.0 adds encoding and decoding support for the ProRes codec, guaranteeing exceptional video quality.

Target Specific Groups of Computers for Powershell Scripts

November 28, 2023Product Update
PowerShell Universal v4.2 introduces Computer Groups that let you determine which scripts, APIs or apps can be run on which computers.

Capture System Snapshots to Resolve Installation Issues

November 28, 2023Feature Highlight
Easily create a record of a system's state before and after installation.

How to Streamline Document Automation Using APIs

November 28, 2023Feature Highlight
Use MESCIUS Document Solutions APIs to manipulate and interact with documents programmatically.

Manage Projects in your Blazor App

November 28, 2023Feature Highlight
Provide users with a Gantt chart, offering a clear and concise overview of project timelines, dependencies and progress.

Build Cutting-Edge .NET 8 Applications with Syncfusion

November 28, 2023Product Update
Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2023 Volume 3 SP1 adds .NET 8 compatibility for ASP.NET Core, Blazor, MAUI, WinForms, and WPF.

Convert Extracted Content from PDF to JSON

November 27, 2023Product Update
ComPDFKit Conversion SDK v1.9.0 (available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) introduces an API that allows you to extract data from PDF files and convert it to JSON format.

Empower Users to Easily Format Text in Angular Apps

November 27, 2023Feature Highlight
Enhance your Angular apps with a rich text editor, giving users an intuitive interface to effortlessly create and edit formatted content with no coding required.

Keep Important Columns Visible in React Grids

November 27, 2023Feature Highlight
Implement column freezing functionality to ensure visibility even when users scroll horizontally through large grids.

Add Windows 11 Context Menu Items to your Packages

November 27, 2023Product Update
Master Packager Dev v1.0.7 lets you customize the Windows 11 context menu for MSI and MSIX files with no coding required.

Illustrate Data by Adding Charts to ASP.NET Core Spreadsheets

November 27, 2023Feature Highlight
Visualize your spreadsheet's data and trends with charts, improving data communication and enhancing decision making.

ComponentSource and SoftArtisans Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership

November 27, 2023Publisher Milestone
ComponentSource and SoftArtisans have worked together for the last two decades, providing file transfer, communication, and image processing components to software developers.

Connect to Popular Databases from RAD Studio 12

November 27, 2023Publisher Update
Devart adds support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens across its Data Access Components and dbExpress Driver product ranges.

Important Changes to the Telerik Product Range

November 27, 2023Publisher Update
Learn about the upcoming updates to the Progress Telerik line-up, starting December 1, 2023.

Write, Debug and Manage SQL Code More Efficiently

November 24, 2023Feature Highlight
Streamline SQL development with code completion, syntax highlighting and debugging tools.