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Let Users Evaluate Your Application Using Trialware

July 22, 2024Feature Highlight
Creating a trial version of your application enables potential users to assess whether it is suitable for their needs before making a purchase.

Visually Represent Stages in a Process

July 22, 2024Feature Highlight
Use funnel charts to analyze sales pipelines, customer conversion rates, or website visitor flows, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing efficiency.

Freeze Columns for Enhanced Data Grid Readability

July 22, 2024Feature Highlight
Empower users with WinForms grids that lock important data in view, simplifying complex data analysis and making navigation easier.

Convert RTF Files to PDF Format in .NET 8

July 22, 2024Feature Highlight
Equip your PDF processing applications with the ability to convert Rich Text Format documents into Portable Document Format.

Celebrating 3 Years Working with AprelTech

July 22, 2024Publisher Milestone
ComponentSource and AprelTech mark a three year milestone, delivering server management and application deployment tools worldwide.

Easily Edit Multiple Files with Authoring Workspace

July 19, 2024Product Update
Oxygen Content Fusion V7.0 lets users make changes across multiple files simultaneously and commit them to the project's default branch.

Utilize Pre-Built Structures for Arranging Content

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Layout components allow WPF developers to maintain a cohesive and professional look across their application.

Divide Large Datasets into More Manageable Pages

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
By loading data in smaller chunks, paging reduces the initial load time and enhances responsiveness, especially with extensive datasets.

Control Data With Effortless Sorting in WPF Reports

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Uncover hidden insights and streamline analysis with intuitive report sorting for a more efficient and insightful exploration of your data.

Visualize Complex Data with Engaging 3D Charts

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Unlock new perspectives on data by enabling users to analyze trends and correlations with enriching 3D data visualizations.

Create an RDL Report in .NET C# Code

July 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Use ActiveReports.NET by MESCIUS to create user-friendly, interactive RDL reports in C# with the ability to filter data based on user input.

Access Powerful Development Machines Remotely

July 18, 2024Feature Highlight
Remote development allows users to utilize remote machines to handle resource-intensive tasks, improving performance on their local machines.

Connect .NET Apps to Exchange Online Using EWS

July 18, 2024Feature Highlight
.NET communications components with Exchange Web Services support empower applications with email and collaboration functionalities.

Streamline Workflows with In-App PDF Printing

July 18, 2024Feature Highlight
Empower users to print PDFs directly within your Angular applications with a PDF viewer component, eliminating the need for additional software.

Improve Development Workflows and Code Quality

July 17, 2024Feature Highlight
Structured document tools can automate the creation of boilerplate and repetitive code reducing the potential for human error.

Manage XLSM Files with Embedded VBA Code

July 17, 2024Feature Highlight
Maintain Microsoft Excel macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code in your .NET spreadsheet applications without the need for Excel.

Plot Diverse Data on a Single Multi-Axis Chart

July 17, 2024Product Update
The DevExpress VCL Subscription 24.1 chart control adds support for secondary axes, eliminating the need for cluttered visuals on a single scale.

Enable Rich Content Creation in Your Vue.js Apps

July 17, 2024Feature Highlight
Rich text editor controls let you seamlessly integrate WYSIWYG editing capabilities and empower intuitive authoring in your web applications.

Easily Manage Tag and Token Selection

July 16, 2024Feature Highlight
Token box data editors allow users to easily input, delete, and manage multiple items or tokens within a single text input field.

Package your Apps to Deploy on the Microsoft Store

July 16, 2024Feature Highlight
Leveraging installation tools, developers can package applications as MSIX/APPX for streamlined deployment to the Microsoft Store.