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Enhance Text Editing with Flexibility and Efficiency

July 24, 2024
Text boxes provide a clear and concise way for users to input and edit text, facilitating data entry for tasks like form filling and searching information.

Text box components, also known as text fields, are essential elements allowing users to input and edit text within a user interface. They play a crucial role in forms and dialogs by facilitating data entry, improving user experience through clear labeling and validation, and ultimately enabling users to interact and provide information to the system.

Several Blazor data editor collections offer text box components including:

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Easily Manage Tag and Token Selection

July 16, 2024
Token box data editors allow users to easily input, delete, and manage multiple items or tokens within a single text input field.

Token boxes, also known as token input controls, are user interface elements designed to streamline data entry for multiple values. They allow users to input, manage, and manipulate discrete pieces of data (tokens) within a single form field. This enhances user experience by facilitating tagging, categorization, and selection of multiple items, while providing developers with a robust tool for intuitive interfaces. The benefits include improved clarity through visual separation of values, efficient data handling, and ease of use in applications like search filters, email address inputs, and tagging systems.

Many React data editor collections contain token box / input controls including:

  • DevExtreme Complete Data Editors (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) offers filtering suggestions as you type in your multi-select dropdown.
  • Wijmo Input and Editors (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) lets you pick and manage multiple choices from a searchable list.
  • KendoReact Data Editors (part of KendoReact by Telerik) facilitates building user-friendly interfaces for selecting multiple options.

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Let Users Easily Input Extended Multi-line Text

July 9, 2024
Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC 2024 Volume 2 adds a new TextArea enhancing UX with features like floating labels and validation.

Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC, available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise, is a comprehensive suite of web UI controls that empowers developers to craft rich, interactive ASP.NET MVC applications. Backed by the lightweight and modular Essential JS 2 library, it offers over 80 components ranging from data grids and charts to schedulers and pivot grids, while ensuring a seamless integration with the MVC framework for an efficient development experience.

The Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC 2024 Volume 2 (26.1.35) release introduces the production-ready TextArea component. This enhanced control streamlines user input for multi-line text, perfect for capturing comments, messages, or any lengthy content. Beyond core functionality, the Syncfusion TextArea offers a rich feature set including intuitive icons, clear floating labels, flexible sizing options, and visual validation cues to empower a more user-friendly and informative data collection experience.

To see a full list of what's new in 2024 Volume 2 (26.1.35), see our release notes.

Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC is available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise which is licensed per developer starting with a Team License of up to five developers. It is available as a 12 Month Timed Subscription License which includes support and maintenance. See our Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise licensing page for full details.

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Visually Enhance Data Selection in ASP.NET Core

July 3, 2024
Enhance ASP.NET Core applications with image comboboxes, seamlessly integrating dropdown menus with the visual clarity of iconography.

An image combobox is a custom UI component that combines a traditional dropdown menu with the ability to display an image alongside each item. Image comboboxes can enhance user experience by providing a more intuitive way to identify and select options, especially for items that benefit from visual representation. This approach can be particularly useful for non-text-based data or for catering to users who prefer visual cues. Image comboboxes are valuable for tasks like selecting product variations based on color or choosing countries with a flag icons.

Several ASP.NET Core data editor controls support image combobox functionality, including:

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Effortlessly Collect User Ratings via the Web

June 26, 2024
React data editor collections that include rating controls provide an intuitive, user-friendly way to collect and submit evaluation data.

Rating controls for React are user interface components designed to allow users to input and edit rating values, typically represented by stars, numeric values, or other graphical symbols. These controls are essential in applications where user feedback or rating is required, such as e-commerce sites, review platforms, and survey forms. They provide an intuitive, interactive way for users to submit ratings, ensuring that the data is captured accurately and efficiently. These controls often come with customization options to fit the application's design and can handle various events and validations to enhance the user experience and data integrity.

Several React data editor collections offer Rating controls including:

  • KendoReact Data Editors (part of KendoReact by Telerik) allows you to implement a customizable rating control in React applications, ensuring smooth user interactions.
  • jQWidgets Data Editors (part of iQWidgets) lets you integrate a versatile rating control in React projects, offering flexible configuration options and responsive performance.
  • Smart HTML Elements Data Editors (part of Smart HTML Elements) allows you to add intuitive rating controls to React applications and provides advanced customization.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) offers a user-friendly rating control in React that offers reliable data handling.

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