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Dynamsoft Corporation is a software publisher whose emphasis is to provide software solutions that are well thought-out, carefully implemented, heavily tested and well documented. Dynamsoft strives to make the life of software developers more enjoyable. Its purpose is to help software development companies meet challenges in today’s competitive world. It pays extensive attention to details to ensure that you can focus on what's important - your business.

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1027 Davie Street
Suite 602
Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2


News Headlines

Barcode Reader V4.0 released
Adds support for reading PDF417 and DataMatrix barcodes.
Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.1 released
HTML5 edition supports scanning documents in Microsoft Edge.
Barcode Reader V3.0 released
New version adds QR Code barcode scanning.
Dynamic Web TWAIN V11 released
Improves support for HTML5 browsers on Mac and Windows.
Barcode Reader V2.1 released
New version adds GIF image support.
Barcode Reader released
Rapidly implement barcode recognition into your apps.