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Seamlessly Manipulate SVG Files in Python

July 11, 2024Product Update
Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET offers a comprehensive SVG toolkit for creation, editing, optimization, and conversion to various formats.

Integrate PDF Functionality into Your Node.js Apps

July 1, 2024Product Update
Aspose.PDF for Node.js via C++ grants Node.js environments the ability to manipulate PDF documents directly on the web server.

Integrate OCR Functionality into Your Node.js Apps

June 25, 2024Product Update
Aspose.OCR for Node.js via C++ lets you build document processing apps and extract text from scanned documents and photos for web services.

Integrate Font Manipulation into Your Web Apps

June 3, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Font for JavaScript via C++ lets you process fonts directly within the browser environment, eliminating the need for server-side dependencies.

Add Lzip Archive Support to Your Java Apps

May 28, 2024Product Update
Aspose.ZIP for Java 24.5 adds support for Lzip format, offering powerful error detection and minimizing data corruption when compressing files.

Flatten PDFs for Seamless Sharing and Printing

May 17, 2024Product Update
Aspose.PDF for .NET 24.5 adds the ability to flatten a layered PDF file ensuring consistent presentation and prevents unintended modifications.

Recognise Text in a Wider Range of Languages

May 16, 2024Product Update
The latest Aspose.OCR releases unlock Persian (Farsi), Urdu, and Uyghur recognition, empowering businesses to process multilingual documents.

Convert OFX Files for Seamless Analysis in Excel

May 15, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Finance 24.4 now lets you generate human-readable Excel or CSV files directly from Open Financial Exchange output.

Reduce Document File Size with WEBP Support

May 13, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Words 24.4 adds WEBP image format support, allowing developers to optimize document size while maintaining image quality.

Share Presentations from Your App with XML Export

May 10, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Slides 24.4 enhances data accessibility by enabling PPTX export to XML, streamlining the process of extracting presentation content.

Streamline Document Processing in Python Apps

May 9, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Page for Python via .NET enables XPS, EPS, and PostScript document manipulation and conversion within Python environments.

Manipulate PSD Files in Your Python Apps

May 8, 2024Product Update
Aspose.PSD for Python via .NET allows developers to create, edit, and convert Photoshop and Illustrator image formats directly within their code.

Integrate Apple Numbers Charts into Excel

May 7, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Cells 24.4 allows you to export charts created in Apple Numbers to Excel XLSX, improving cross-platform compatibility for developers.

Manipulate Presentations from Your Node.js Apps

May 7, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Slides for Node.js via .NET lets you create, edit, convert, and render presentations in various formats without relying on PowerPoint.

Streamline OFX Reporting in Your Python Apps

May 3, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Finance for Python via .NET 24.3 now lets you generate human-readable PDF reports directly from OFX request and response data.

Automate TeX Workflows in Python Applications

May 2, 2024Product Update
Aspose.TeX for Python via .NET lets Python developers integrate TeX typesetting for professional-looking PDFs, XPS, and more.

Enhance Your Python App with Presentation Tools

May 1, 2024Product Update
Aspose.Slides for Python via Java lets developers create, edit, convert, and render presentations independently of PowerPoint or other external apps.

Aspose Wins 10 ComponentSource Awards

April 29, 2024Publisher Award
ComponentSource has awarded Aspose a Top 5 Publisher Award and Top 5 Product Award, along with eight further 2024 Awards.

Create Smaller Archives Faster with Zstandard

April 24, 2024Product Update
Aspose.ZIP 24.3 allows developers to easily integrate Zstandard compression and decompression to their applications.

Export Microsoft Publisher Files to Popular Formats

April 23, 2024Product Update
Aspose.PUB 24.3 can now export PUB documents to more formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, SVG, and more.