.NET 8 Blazor News

Enhance Text Editing with Flexibility and Efficiency

July 24, 2024
Text boxes provide a clear and concise way for users to input and edit text, facilitating data entry for tasks like form filling and searching information.

Text box components, also known as text fields, are essential elements allowing users to input and edit text within a user interface. They play a crucial role in forms and dialogs by facilitating data entry, improving user experience through clear labeling and validation, and ultimately enabling users to interact and provide information to the system.

Several Blazor data editor collections offer text box components including:

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Visually Represent Stages in a Process

July 22, 2024
Use funnel charts to analyze sales pipelines, customer conversion rates, or website visitor flows, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing efficiency.

Funnel charts are a type of data visualization that depicts data in a linear process that often narrows down at each stage, resembling a funnel. They are especially useful for emphasizing steps in a process, displaying drop-off rates, and finding bottlenecks in workflows. Funnel charts are useful because they visually show the continual reduction of data throughout phases, providing clear insights into conversion rates and process efficiency. This enables engineers and business analysts to quickly find areas for improvement, optimize procedures, and create more accurate data-driven decisions.

Several .NET Blazor chart controls offer funnel charts including:

  • ComponentOne Charts for Blazor (part of ComponentOne Blazor Edition by MESCIUS) includes funnel charts to visualize sequential stages in a process such as order fulfillment.
  • Infragistics Blazor Charts (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) allows you to represent linear data processes with funnel charts, pinpointing critical areas for process improvement.
  • Syncfusion Blazor Charts (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) enables clear visualization of conversion rates using funnel charts, aiding in optimizing workflows.
  • Smart UI Blazor Chart (part of Smart UI by Smart HTML Elements) lets you effectively display funnel-shaped data progressions, providing insights into phases of a process.

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Divide Large Datasets into More Manageable Pages

July 19, 2024
By loading data in smaller chunks, paging reduces the initial load time and enhances responsiveness, especially with extensive datasets.

Grid paging is a user interface technique that divides large datasets into smaller, manageable pages within a grid or table. This significantly enhances performance by reducing the amount of data processed and displayed at once, improving load times and responsiveness, particularly when dealing with extensive datasets. Paging also enhances user experience by providing a clear structure for navigating through information, helping to prevent the user from being overwhelmed with excessive data.

Several Blazor grid controls offer paging support including:

  • DevExpress Blazor Grid (part of DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor) facilitates efficient handling of large datasets through advanced paging options.
  • Telerik UI for Blazor Grid (part of Telerik UI for Blazor) empowers developers to implement paging for large datasets, enhancing performance and user experience.
  • Infragistics Blazor Data Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) provides robust grid paging capabilities, optimizing performance and enabling users to explore extensive data.
  • Syncfusion Blazor DataGrid (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) provides flexible paging customization for tailored data presentation.

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Declutter Charts to Focus on What Matters Most

July 9, 2024
.NET Blazor charts with show/hide series functionality let users filter multi-series data for focused viewing and detailed analysis.

In chart controls, show/hide series functionality empowers developers to dynamically control the visibility of individual data sets. This allows users to focus on specific series, enhancing data comprehension and analysis. By selectively hiding irrelevant series, developers can declutter the chart, making it easier for users to identify trends and patterns within the data of interest.

Several .NET Blazor chart controls offer show/hide series support including:

  • DevExpress Blazor Chart, part of DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor, facilitates in-depth data exploration by letting you hide irrelevant series for focused analysis.
  • ComponentOne Charts for Blazor, part of ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition, enables you to dynamically control chart complexity through series visibility.
  • FusionCharts Blazor Suite XT, part of FusionCharts Suite XT, enhances user interaction with on-demand series toggling for clear data comparison.
  • NOV Chart for .NET by Nevron, offers granular control over chart content, including the ability to hide individual data series.
  • TeeChart .NET for Blazor by Steema Software, allows you to tailor chart visualizations by selectively showing or hiding specific data series.

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Customize Your Applications with Theming

July 4, 2024
Choosing a Blazor UI suite with theme support allows you to easily build consistent, visually appealing user interfaces that match your brand.

UI suites with theming support provide pre-built themes and the ability to customize them. This lets you easily change the look and feel of your application, from colors and fonts to overall design style (like Material Design or Bootstrap), ensuring a cohesive user experience that aligns with your brand identity. Theming not only improves aesthetics but also simplifies development by offering a pre-defined styling base and reducing the need for extensive custom styling.

Several Blazor UI suites offer Theming controls including:

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