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Redgate Software

Redgate Software counts Microsoft, HP, Sage, Bank of America, AT&T, the US Treasury and over 9,000 other leading organizations as customers of its software development tools. There are over 100,000 Microsoft technology DBAs, developers and testers currently using Redgate products. The company believes that by producing simple tools that solve the technical problems of Microsoft technology professionals it will continue to add value to the software development community. Therefore, it does...

Every developer needs this tool. It lets you build better applications, and provides insight into undocumented APIs.

Daniel Larson, Software Architect, NewsGator Technologies

Latest News

SQL Test v3.0
SQL Test v3.0
Adds SQLCover code coverage.
SQL Source Control v6.1.8
SQL Source Control v6.1.8
Database source control within SSMS. Latest maintenance release.
SQL Data Compare Pro v13.3
SQL Data Compare Pro v13.3
Adds option to include "generated always columns" in the comparison.
SQL Compare Pro v13.3
SQL Compare Pro v13.3
Improves support for Microsoft Azure.
.NET Reflector VSPro v10.0
.NET Reflector VSPro v10.0
Adds .NET Core and full C# 7.0 support.

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