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Freeze Columns for Enhanced Data Grid Readability

July 22, 2024
Empower users with WinForms grids that lock important data in view, simplifying complex data analysis and making navigation easier.

Freezing columns allows specific grid columns to remain visible on the screen while the user scrolls horizontally across the rest of the data. This functionality is beneficial for software developers because it improves user experience by ensuring important reference information, like row identifiers or column headers, stays constantly in view regardless of the data set's width. This can significantly aid in data comprehension and navigation for users working with large datasets.

Several WinForms grid components allow you to freeze columns, including:

  • DevExpress WinForms Data Grid (part of DevExpress WinForms) provides developers with robust column freezing for clear data context during horizontal scrolling.
  • FlexGrid for WinForms (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms by MESCIUS) offers column locking to keep essential data in view while navigating wide datasets.
  • Telerik UI for WinForms GridView (part of Telerik UI for WinForms) includes column freezing functionality, boosting data comprehension when scrolling horizontally.
  • Infragistics WinDataGrid (part of Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms) enhances UX with column pinning, ensuring reference columns remain visible at all times.

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Divide Large Datasets into More Manageable Pages

July 19, 2024
By loading data in smaller chunks, paging reduces the initial load time and enhances responsiveness, especially with extensive datasets.

Grid paging is a user interface technique that divides large datasets into smaller, manageable pages within a grid or table. This significantly enhances performance by reducing the amount of data processed and displayed at once, improving load times and responsiveness, particularly when dealing with extensive datasets. Paging also enhances user experience by providing a clear structure for navigating through information, helping to prevent the user from being overwhelmed with excessive data.

Several Blazor grid controls offer paging support including:

  • DevExpress Blazor Grid (part of DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor) facilitates efficient handling of large datasets through advanced paging options.
  • Telerik UI for Blazor Grid (part of Telerik UI for Blazor) empowers developers to implement paging for large datasets, enhancing performance and user experience.
  • Infragistics Blazor Data Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) provides robust grid paging capabilities, optimizing performance and enabling users to explore extensive data.
  • Syncfusion Blazor DataGrid (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) provides flexible paging customization for tailored data presentation.

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Equip React Grid Apps with PDF Export Functionality

July 15, 2024
Easily distribute and view grid data by exporting it to a PDF directly from your React application, whilst retaining its original layout and formatting.

Exporting a data grid to PDF captures the grid layout, including columns, rows, and formatting, and transforms it into a universally accessible and easily shareable document. The export creates a static file, retaining the original grid layout and formatting, that can be easily distributed and viewed consistently across different platforms and on any device with a PDF reader. Additionally, PDFs provide a secure format for preserving data integrity and can be protected against unauthorized editing, making them ideal for official documentation and archiving purposes. This functionality enhances collaboration and data dissemination efficiency by simplifying the sharing and printing processes while maintaining the original data structure and presentation.

Several React grid components allow you to export to PDF, including:

  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) enables users to export data grids to PDF in React, preserving layout and formatting.
  • KendoReact Data Grid (part of KendoReact by Telerik) offers React applications seamless PDF export functionality, retaining the structure and design for easy distribution.
  • BestReactGrid facilitates grid data export to PDF format in React applications, maintaining the original layout and style for professional data presentation and collaboration.
  • Ignite UI React Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) streamlines the export of data grids to PDF, ensuring consistent representation of data for secure and accessible sharing.

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Ensure Grid Layout Consistency via State Persistence

June 28, 2024
Augment your .NET application with a datagrid that can restore a user's customized viewing state, saving time and providing UI consistency.

In .NET development, a grid control with state persistence empowers applications with datagrid functionality while enabling users to personalize their experience. These components remember user-applied settings like sorting, filtering, and column resizing, automatically restoring them upon subsequent grid loads. This continuity eliminates the need for repeated configuration, boosting productivity and user satisfaction, especially in data-intensive applications where users frequently interact with complex datasets.

Several .NET grid components support state persistence, including:

  • DevExpress WinForms Data Grid (part of DevExpress WinForms) is a powerful grid component that facilitates saving and restoring grid layouts to maintain a customized view.
  • Wisej.NET DataGridView (part of Wisej.NET) includes a large set of complex and advanced features for building modern HTML5 apps with a state-persistent grid via .NET.
  • Xceed DataGrid for WPF by Xceed Software provides a customizable data grid that allows developers to persist a variety of user settings such as grouping and sorting.
  • Syncfusion ASP.NET Core DataGrid (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) includes a state management feature so it can retain the grid's configuration and data.

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Empower Users with Interactive Data Exploration

June 24, 2024
UI Suites that include pivot grids offer a powerful and flexible way for users to analyze and visualize complex data sets within your React application.

A pivot grid is a data visualization tool that allows users to interactively explore and summarize multidimensional data. By dragging and dropping fields between rows, columns, and filters, developers can empower users to dynamically create custom views of their data, facilitating data analysis and informed decision-making without writing complex queries.

Several React UI suites feature a pivot grid control including:

  • DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress empowers developers with a customizable pivot grid for interactive data exploration.
  • KendoReact by Telerik offers a pivot grid component with drag-and-drop functionality for user-driven data analysis.
  • Wijmo by MESCIUS facilitates data manipulation through a pivot grid with built-in filtering and aggregation.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise allows you to integrate an interactive pivot grid for intuitive data summarization within your applications.

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