Altova is a software company specializing in tools that assist developers with data management, software and application development, mobile development, and data integration. The creator of XMLSpy and other award-winning products like: Authentic, DatabaseSpy, DiffDog, MapForce, SchemaAgent, StyleVision & UModel - offered together as a product suite called MissionKit, Altova is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in XML solution development tools.

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Rudolfsplatz 13a/9
A-1010 Wien


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News Headlines

Altova MissionKit adds Support for SQLite Databases
Convert between XML and SQLite relational database structures.
Altova MobileTogether 1.5 released
Build and deploy multi-platform, mobile, app solutions for enterprises of all sizes.
RaptorXML improves Python API
Enable data in XML, XML Schema, XBRL instance and XBRL taxonomy documents to be accessed via Python.
Altova MapForce adds String Processing
Classify any text file component (XML, JSON, EDI, CSV, FLF or FlexText components) as a string rather than a file.
XMLSpy supports XBRL Extensible Enumerations
XML Schema's xs:enumeration feature allows enumerated types to be defined.
MissionKit improves XPath and XQuery Support
New version increases the processing speed of XPath and XQuery statements.