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Plot Diverse Data on a Single Multi-Axis Chart

July 17, 2024Product Update
The DevExpress VCL Subscription 24.1 chart control adds support for secondary axes, eliminating the need for cluttered visuals on a single scale.

Enhance Readability when Creating Spreadsheets

July 10, 2024Product Update
DevExpress Office File API 24.1 broadens spreadsheet text formatting options with the addition of justified and distributed text alignment.

Deliver High Performance Native React Reports

July 8, 2024Product Update
DevExpress Reporting 24.1 adds a native React Report Viewer component for improved user experience with no JavaScript wrapper limitations.

Visualize Hierarchical Data with a MAUI TreeView

July 4, 2024Product Update
DevExpress .NET MAUI 24.1 introduces the DXTreeView control for displaying hierarchical data in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

Dictate Your Coding Questions and Commands

June 28, 2024Product Update
CodeRush Ultimate 24.1 introduces voice support for interacting with the GitHub Copilot Chat AI tool, saving time when you need assistance.

Cascading Parameters Refine Dashboard Exploration

June 25, 2024Product Update
DevExpress BI Dashboard 24.1 streamlines user interaction by dynamically filtering dependent parameters based on parent selections.

Craft Compelling Formatted Content with Ease

June 20, 2024Product Update
DevExpress Blazor 24.1 adds a new HTML Editor that allows users to format textual and visual content and store it as HTML or Markdown.

Independently Arrange Sections of Your App's UI

June 19, 2024Product Update
The new DevExtreme Complete 24.1 Splitter control lets users effortlessly segment pages or sections into fully customizable panes.

Boost Security with PDF Signature Validation

June 18, 2024Product Update
The DevExpress WPF 24.1 PDF Viewer enhances document security by offering real-time analysis and validation of PDF signatures.

Edit Merged Data Grid Cells with Ease

June 14, 2024Product Update
DevExpress WinForms 24.1 lets users edit entire merged ranges enabling faster updates for multiple values and streamlining data workflows.

Add Material Design 3 to Your .NET MAUI App

May 31, 2024Feature Highlight
Create visually captivating user interfaces using DevExpress .NET MAUI's 10 built-in Material Design 3 themes, available in both dark and light variants.

Enhance Office Document Accessibility with AI

May 8, 2024Feature Highlight
Use the DevExpress Office File API along with OpenAI to automatically generate alternative text for graphical content.

DevExpress Wins #1 Publisher and Product Awards

April 29, 2024Publisher Award
ComponentSource has awarded DevExpress the Top Publisher and Top Product Awards, along with eight further 2024 Awards.

Edit HTML Content in your MAUI Apps

April 23, 2024Feature Highlight
Learn how to incorporate powerful HTML editing functionality into your mobile solution with the DevExpress .NET MAUI Edit Control.

Boost Testing with Native Chromium Automation

March 22, 2024Product Update
TestCafé Studio 2.0.0 leverages the Chrome DevTools Protocol to directly control Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge.

Use Your Voice to Write Code Faster

March 15, 2024Product Update
CodeRush Ultimate 23.2.5 boosts developer accessibility and coding efficiency with new Voice to Code functionality.

Supercharge Your Data Grid with Easy CRUD Actions

February 19, 2024Feature Highlight
Leverage the new DevExpress Blazor Grid toolbar section for intuitive Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality.

Add Tooltips to Your VCL Charts

January 16, 2024Product Update
DevExpress VCL Subscription 23.2 adds the ability to display a caption or value when a user hovers over a series or data point.

Easily Traverse Complex Code with Quick Navigation Providers

January 15, 2024Product Update
CodeRush Ultimate 23.2 boosts coding efficiency with fast navigation to method calls, variable reads, MEF exports, and type definitions.

Display PDF Files on Mobile Devices

January 12, 2024Product Update
DevExpress .NET MAUI 23.2 adds a new PDF viewer control that allows you to display PDF files in your MAUI apps.