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DevExpress ASP.NET includes 110+ UI controls for ASP.NET (including Reporting), server-side MVC extensions or client-side controls with everything you need to build Office-inspired applications, over 70 high-performance ASP.NET Core UI controls, ASP.NET Bootstrap Controls for Office-inspired and Data Visualization apps, Blazor Components (including a Data Grid and Pivot Grid) so you can design rich user experiences for both server-side (Razor Components) and client-side (Blazor) platforms and a JavaScript component suite for responsive web development.

I like to think of DevExpress as a business partner that helps me to stay focused on the development tasks that actually add value to my applications, while they take care of everything else!

Andres Hernandez Reyes, CTO Lexis S.A.

DevExpress ASP.NET includes all ASP.NET components engineered by Developer Express. This subscription type does not include source code nor priority support.

ASP.NET Controls

  • Office-Inspired - ASP.NET Grids, Spreadsheets, Ribbons and more. With DevExpress web controls, you can build a bridge to the future on the platform you know and love. The 110+ controls that ship inside the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription have been engineered so you can deliver functional, elegant and interactive experiences...

Latest News

DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1.5
DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1.5
Improves Diagram, PivotGrid and Chart controls.
DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1.4
DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1.4
Improves Spreadsheet, Rich Text Editor and DataGrid controls.
DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1
DevExpress ASP.NET 21.1
Adds new Rich Text Editor, Masked Input and Report Viewer Blazor components.
DevExpress ASP.NET 20.2.7
DevExpress ASP.NET 20.2.7
Improves GridView, Diagram and Gantt controls.
DevExpress Blazor UI Components 20.2.6
DevExpress Blazor UI Components 20.2.6
Improves Blazor Data Grid, Scheduler and Chart controls.
DevExpress ASP.NET 20.2.6
DevExpress ASP.NET 20.2.6
Improves Grid, Charts and Diagram controls.

Prices from: $ 959.99

One software license is required per developer. You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license. This allows you to install it on your work, home...

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Component Type
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Controls
  • ASP.NET MVC Extensions
  • ASP.NET MVC Client-Side Controls
  • ASP.NET Core Controls
  • ASP.NET Core Office Controls
  • ASP.NET Bootstrap Controls
  • JavaScript - jQuery, Angular, React, Vue
  • Blazor UI Components

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Name Withheld Korea, Republic Of5 star

I was initially surprised by the tremendous amount of controls contained in the package. I immediately started using it in an ASP.NET project.

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Anonymous3 star
I was initially flabbergasted at the massive quantity of controls included in the package and was very excited to begin using them in my Windows Forms and ASP.NET projects. However, once I had made my... Read more