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.NET Reflector saves time and simplifies development by letting you see and debug into the source of all the .NET code you work with. Follow bugs through your own code, third-party components, and any compiled .NET code you work with. You can see third-party code in Visual Studio, and debug into it just like your own. See how data flows through a library or component, and watch locals change as you debug. Track down the exact location of bugs in your own code or third-party libraries and find dependencies, diff assemblies, and understand how code works. Replace poor or missing documentation by seeing how the code works in context. Find unexposed and undocumented functionality and get more out of the APIs and technologies you’re using. Drill into how .NET languages and frameworks are implemented, and learn how to use them. .NET Reflector VSPro provides the following functionality: Dynamic decompilation inside Visual Studio, set breakpoints in code (F9), even if you don’t have the source. Step into decompiled code (F11), run it with the Visual Studio debugger and Go To Definition (F12) for any code. VSPro edition includes the standalone application, and the Reflector Object Browser in Visual Studio, to navigate decompiled code.

It is simply amazing how well I can step through the decompiled source code. It feels like I’m debugging my own code.

Adam Driscoll, Quest Software

Find and fix bugs, fast
With .NET Reflector you can decompile, understand, and fix any .NET code, even if you don't have the source

Look inside any .NET code

  • Debugging your application - Follow bugs through your application to see where your problems lie – whether it's in your own code, third-party libraries, or components used by your application.
  • Understand how applications work - Inherited applications with little or no documentation or comments are hard to develop. Use .NET Reflector to...

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.NET Reflector 9 Improves Compatibility
.NET Reflector 9 Improves Compatibility
Adds support for C#6 and .NET 4.6.
.NET Reflector supports Visual Studio 2013
.NET Reflector supports Visual Studio 2013
.NET Reflector improves Searching and Filtering
.NET Reflector improves Searching and Filtering
Filter your treeview and focus on items of interest.
.NET Reflector Pro supports XAP files
.NET Reflector Pro supports XAP files
Version 7.0 Integrates with Windows Explorer and Visual Studio via Add-in.
.NET Reflector Pro supports .NET 4.0
.NET Reflector Pro supports .NET 4.0
Version 6.5 adds .NET 4.0 assemblies and support for the C# 4.0 and VB 10 language enhancements.
.NET Reflector Pro patched
.NET Reflector Pro patched

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