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SQL Compare is a tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database structures. It is used by over 150,000 database administrators, developers and testers. SQL Compare automates the process of distributing database changes made on a local database to testing, staging or live databases on remote servers. SQL Compare Pro contains a command-line interface and you can compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas and automate tasks.

SQL Compare Pro - for simpler automation, versioning and source control integration:

  • Compare and synch with a set of script files.
  • Object Level Restore from a backup file.
  • Includes SQL Changeset for integrated checkin/edit/checkout.
  • Accesses command-line interface.

SQL Compare compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas.

  • Automate database comparisons
  • Synchronize your databases
  • Work with SQL scripts, snapshots, backups or live databases
  • Save hours of tedious work and eliminate manual...

Latest News

SQL Compare Pro v13.1.x
SQL Compare Pro v13.1.x
Improves HTML report generation.
SQL Compare Pro v13.0.x
SQL Compare Pro v13.0.x
Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2017 support.
SQL Compare Pro 12.4
SQL Compare Pro 12.4
Added support for the comparison and deployment of temporal tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
SQL Compare Pro 12.2
SQL Compare Pro 12.2
Added support for the comparison and deployment of temporal tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
SQL Compare Pro 12.0
SQL Compare Pro 12.0
Includes brand new user interfaces, support for SQL Server 2016, and over 200 bug fixes and improvements.
SQL Compare Pro 11.6
SQL Compare Pro 11.6
Adds support for SQL Server 2016.

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