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Aspose.Cells for Java is an Excel Spreadsheet Processing API that allows Java developers to embed the ability to read, write and manipulate Excel spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, SpreadsheetML, CSV, ODS), HTML, MHTML, PDF and image file formats into their own Java applications without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel. It is a mature, scalable and feature rich API, offering many functions that are way beyond simple data exporting capabilities. With Aspose.Cells for Java developers can export data, format spreadsheets to the most granular level, import images, create charts, apply and calculate complex formulas, stream Excel data, save in various formats and much more.

Aspose.Cells for Java Advanced Java Excel Spreadsheet API Featuress:

  • Ability to save and open Excel files to and from streams.
  • Send output to a client browser.
  • Save and open ODS format files.
  • Import and export data from an Array, ArrayList and Recordset.
  • Import images and charts.
  • Create images and charts through the product API.
  • Import formulae from a designer spreadsheet.
  • Configure page setup through the product API.
  • Support of the CSV format.
  • Add a copy of an existing worksheet (with full...

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Latest News

Aspose.Cells for Java V17.4.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.4.0
Adds support for DBNum (custom pattern) formatting, plus numerous patch fixes.
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.3.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.3.0
Maintenance release includes several improvements and bug fixes.
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.2.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.2.0
Adds support for Microsoft Excel 2016 TreeMap and Waterfall charts.
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.1.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V17.1.0
Adds support for Gradient Fill in WordArt while converting spreadsheets to HTML.
Aspose.Cells for Java V16.12.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V16.12.0
Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.
Aspose.Cells for Java V16.11.0
Aspose.Cells for Java V16.11.0
Added support for Subtotal/Total labels in other languages.

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