SourceAnywhere is a SQL-based source control/version control tool designed to be a replacement for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. SourceAnywhere stores source control/version control files and history in repositories in Microsoft SQL Server. The SourceAnywhere Server serves one SQL database and you can create any number of repositories in this database. The SourceAnywhere client is GUI application that resembles the SourceSafe Explorer user interface. Users can perform most SourceSafe operations in a similar fashion.

SourceAnywhere Features & Benefits

  • High performance back-end - With a carefully designed and engineered back-end, SourceAnywhere can operate on repositories with large number of files smoothly
  • Includes fast remote access for geographically distributed teams
  • All major Visual SourceSafe features are supported - SourceAnywhere is designed to be a replacement for Visual SourceSafe. All major features of Visual SourceSafe are supported
  • Familiar GUI - The GUI of SourceAnywhere is so similar to...

Latest News

SourceAnywhere V6.5
SourceAnywhere V6.5
January 8, 2019New Version
Export file version history differences to .csv or .txt.
SourceAnywhere V6.4
SourceAnywhere V6.4
December 19, 2017New Version
Improves the Find in Files feature to support searching special characters.
SourceAnywhere V6.3
SourceAnywhere V6.3
December 6, 2016New Version
Greatly improves the performance when branching a large project via the Windows GUI Client.
SourceAnywhere V6.1 released
SourceAnywhere V6.1 released
September 17, 2014Feature Release
New version improves folder level Branch and Merge.
SourceAnywhere adds folder-level Branch and Merge
SourceAnywhere adds folder-level Branch and Merge
July 30, 2014Feature Release
Branched folder and file items can be easily combined into one location.
SourceAnywhere updated
SourceAnywhere updated
March 20, 2014Patch Release

Prices from: $ 366.52

Please note: SourceAnywhere is a retired product and is no longer maintained. The product is sold "as is" to existing customers only. SourceAnywhere is licensed on a per user basis (not by concurrent...

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