About SourceAnywhere

A SQL-based replacement for Visual SourceSafe.

SourceAnywhere is a SQL-based source control/version control tool designed to be a replacement for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. SourceAnywhere stores source control/version control files and history in repositories in Microsoft SQL Server. The SourceAnywhere Server serves one SQL database and you can create any number of repositories in this database. The SourceAnywhere client is GUI application that resembles the SourceSafe Explorer user interface. Users can perform most SourceSafe operations in a similar fashion.

SourceAnywhere Features & Benefits

  • High performance back-end - With a carefully designed and engineered back-end, SourceAnywhere can operate on repositories with large number of files smoothly
  • Includes fast remote access for geographically distributed teams
  • All major Visual SourceSafe features are supported - SourceAnywhere is designed to be a replacement for Visual SourceSafe. All major features of Visual SourceSafe are supported
  • Familiar GUI - The GUI of SourceAnywhere is so similar to Visual SourceSafe/VSS that you can begin using SourceAnywhere Standalone in minutes
  • Painless data migration from Visual SourceSafe/VSS - A SourceAnywhere VSS import tool is provided to migrate data from VSS easily
  • Improved security - SourceAnywhere is a client/server application, thus there is no need to grant read/write permission of your whole DB through the file system anymore. 128-bit cryptography is used to protect the data
  • Enhanced features of Visual SourceSafe/VSS - SourceAnywhere has many enhancements of VSS operations, such as:
    • Strong label management: you can add or delete items from a label, or change the version of an item in a label
    • Strong branch management: you can branch any files or projects from any version to a new location, or branch from a label
    • Strong versioning support: you can visually view the whole project tree and any items in the tree from any version or a label
  • Wide IDE integration - SourceAnywhere supports all MSSCCI compatible IDE integrations, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET and IBM Rational
  • Enhanced robustness and scalability - Built on Microsoft SQL Server 2000, SourceAnywhere enables you to scale up and scale out to meet the needs of even the largest repository
  • Atomic commit - If an operation on the repository is interrupted in the middle, your data will not be left in an inconsistent state.
  • Strong change set support - A group of related operations can be treated as one change set and the version number of all the parent items increases by 1
  • Reduced repository storage – Using Delta Storage technology, SourceAnywhere saves only the difference of each version, so that the storage of repository is reduced significantly. Delta Storage works on both binary and text files