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ComponentOne WPF Edition is a collection of easy-to-use WPF components, including advanced grids, charts, reporting, and scheduling controls for .NET applications. ComponentOne WPF controls are built with XAML to promote collaboration in your team and fully compatible with the XBAP deployment capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation. ComponentOne Platinum Support Subscriptions provides a full year of telephone and online technical support.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF is a complete set of enterprise quality components and offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grid, scheduler, charts, reports, and many more to come.

ComponentOne WPF Main Features

Fast and Powerful .NET Data Grids
Industry-standard, lightning-fast FlexGrid and DataGrid components maximize customization in a .NET grid.

Flexible UI Controls for Complete WPF Apps
Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature...

Latest News

ComponentOne Products Now Support .NET 8
ComponentOne Products Now Support .NET 8
December 7, 2023Publisher Update
MESCIUS adds .NET 8 support to ComponentOne ASP.NET Core, Blazor, MAUI, WinForms, WinUI, and WPF product ranges.
GrapeCity is now MESCIUS!
GrapeCity is now MESCIUS!
November 1, 2023Publisher Update
The rebranding is driven by the company’s aim to provide the developer community with an even better experience and to encompass its growing vision for the future.
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2023 v2
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2023 v2
August 8, 2023New Version
Adds validation and error styles to FlexGrid to improve user input at runtime.
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2023 v1
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2023 v1
March 31, 2023New Version
Includes FlexGrid performance and selection enhancements plus new WPF Gauges for .NET 6.
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2022 v3
ComponentOne Studio WPF 2022 v3
December 8, 2022New Version
Adds .NET 7 support plus new Material Light and Dark themes.
GrapeCity Blog - How to Load a Billion Rows in a WPF Datagrid
GrapeCity Blog - How to Load a Billion Rows in a WPF Datagrid
September 13, 2022News Alert
Give your WPF applications support for huge datasets.

Prices from: $ 980.08

One software license is required per-developer. A developer may install their license on up to three machines. Developer Licenses are perpetual and include 1 year Subscription which provides 1 year of...

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