ActiveReports.NET helps you deliver beautiful reports with intuitive Visual Studio integrated report designers and rich controls. ActiveReports provides code-based cross-platform reporting, easy-to-use designers, and a flexible API. Available for desktop (WinForms, WPF, .NET) and web (JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC). Design and deliver powerful reports with intuitive, reliable, and user-friendly report designers and controls for .NET 5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, and WPF.

ActiveReports.NET Overview

  • High performance reporting engine streamlined for optimal memory consumption.
  • Customize and maintain control with the extensive API and advanced feature library.
  • Pixel-perfect rendering, printing, and exporting every time.
  • Three designers: Visual Studio Designer, End-user report designers for web and desktop applications* and a standalone designer app*.
  • Multiple report types to fit reporting needs in C# or VB.NET.

ActiveReports.NET Features

  • .NET Report Designers...

Latest News

GrapeCity Webinar for ActiveReports.NET
GrapeCity Webinar for ActiveReports.NET
A Developer's Guide to Reporting, Cloud Computing, and Azure with ActiveReports.NET 15.2.
ActiveReports.NET 15.2
ActiveReports.NET 15.2
Improves End-User Report Designer customization.
ActiveReports.NET - How to create an RDL report
ActiveReports.NET - How to create an RDL report
Blog Post - Learn the steps to create an RDL report in .NET C# code.
ActiveReports.NET - Custom WYSIWYG Table
ActiveReports.NET - Custom WYSIWYG Table
Blog Post - How to add a custom WYSIWYG table to a .NET report application.
GrapeCity Webinar for ActiveReports - What's new in ActiveReports 15.1
GrapeCity Webinar for ActiveReports - What's new in ActiveReports 15.1
Join GrapeCity for a deep dive into the new features in ActiveReports 15.1.
ActiveReports.NET 15.1 - Special Offer
ActiveReports.NET 15.1 - Special Offer
Get ActiveReports.NET before 15-May-2021 and receive One Year Maintenance Subscription FREE.

Prices from: $ 836.27

1 License is required per Developer - The SOFTWARE is licensed to you on a Developer Seat License basis. Developer Seat License basis means that you may perform an installation of the SOFTWARE for use...

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Carlos Rodriguez Argentina5 star

I have been using this tool for many years, and have always been able to resolve all reporting requirements.

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